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Does PrivateVPN Work With YouTube TV? (+ Unblocking Steps)

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PrivateVPN works with YouTube TV!

It can give you access to premium content on YouTube TV and stream your favorite shows without lag. And setting it up is easy! Simply install PrivateVPN on your device, connect to a US server, and enjoy Wayne worldwide.

PrivateVPN also has dynamic, dedicated IPs in the US, allowing you to find an unused high-speed server easily.

In this piece, I’ll guide you on how to watch YouTube TV from abroad with PrivateVPN and avoid error messages.

How to Watch YouTube TV With PrivateVPN on PC?

Watching YouTube TV with PrivateVPN on your PC is pretty straightforward.

Just follow the steps below.

  1. Buy your preferred PrivateVPN subscription plan and download the app on your YouTube TV device.
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Accept all terms and install the app.
  2. Log in and connect to a US server. (You can check the areas with the program(s) you’d like to stream and connect to a server in that location.)
available us servers on privatevpn
  1. Open YouTube TV, sign up, and start streaming.
youtube tv website
youtube tv plans

How to Watch YouTube TV With PrivateVPN on Mobile?

Watching YouTube TV with PrivateVPN on your mobile phone is as easy as watching it on your PC. Here’s how.

Let’s get into it!

  1. Go to the store on your mobile device, install PrivateVPN, and choose a subscription.
  1. Open the app and connect to a US server.
  1. Go to YouTube TV and sign up with your preferred plan.
  1.  Start streaming Impulse immediately!

How to Watch YouTube TV With PrivateVPN on Apple TV?

Watching YouTube TV with PrivateVPN on Apple TV isn’t as easy as on other devices since Apple TV doesn’t support VPN software. You’ll have to install PrivateVPN on your WiFi router.

Here goes:

  1. Download and install PrivateVPN on your WiFi router.
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Open App Store on your Apple TV.
  4. Search for YouTube TV.
  5. Download and install the app.
  6. Start streaming your favorite shows.

You can also enjoy YouTube TV using a virtual router or hotspot on your Apple TV with PrivateVPN.

Is PrivateVPN Fast Enough for YouTube TV?

PrivateVPN is fast enough for YouTube TV – but don’t just take my word for it.

I ran a speed test to show you the download speed of PrivateVPN when using YouTube TV.

In my screenshots, you’ll see the difference between my base speed and PrivateVPN’s speed isn’t that large. That means you can enjoy streaming YouTube TV without serious lags or buffering.

I recommend the Washington DC – US server, as it was the fastest.

My base speed test:

baseline speed test

PrivateVPN speed test:

privatevpn speed test

What to Do if PrivateVPN Isn’t Working With YouTube TV?

If PrivateVPN isn’t working with YouTube TV, it means YouTube can tell you’re outside the US. It could be so for multiple reasons, like

  • YouTube has a tracking cookie on your device that tells them you’re outside the US.
  • The server you’re using isn’t compatible with YouTube TV.
  • Your PrivateVPN app isn’t up-to-date.

Thus, try these solutions to fix the problem:

  1. Clear all cookies, history, and cache on your browser. This will clear any cookies that YouTube TV is tracking to prevent you from using the app.
  2. Change your server location on your PrivateVPN app. You may have chosen a server location restricted by YouTube TV. PrivateVPN has multiple US server locations that you can choose from.
  3. Sign out and sign in from your PrivateVPN app and try loading YouTube TV again.
  4. Update your PrivateVPN app. The problem could be as simple as having an outdated app that needs an update.
  5. Restart your computer and the PrivateVPN app, and reload the YouTube TV page.

If you try all these options, but YouTube TV isn’t loading, contact PrivateVPN’s customer support service for help.

If it still doesn’t work after contacting customer service, NordVPN is a good alternative.

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PrivateVPN gives you access to all YouTube TV content as long as you paid for the subscription. However, you will need to connect to a US server to enjoy this since YouTube TV is restricted to the US.

Wrapping Up

If you’re outside the US and want to watch YouTube TV seamlessly, a VPN is your best bet, and PrivateVPN is one of the best. With it, you can easily binge-watch your favorite American shows.

Ready to start streaming your favorite shows?

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