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Is PrivateVPN Good for Gaming?

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PrivateVPN is a good VPN to bypass ISP throttling and prevent DDoS attacks while playing titles like Lost Ark, League of Legends, Dota 2, GTA 5, Minecraft, etc.

It offers exciting gaming features, multiple gaming device support, and dedicated IP addresses to prevent DDoS attacks, bypass VPN detection and improve your overall online security.

Although I had a mixed experience with PrivateVPN’s server speeds while gaming, it impressed me on the security front.

So, follow through as I share its pros & cons and installation guides for mobile, PC, and gaming consoles.

And if PrivateVPN doesn’t deliver, I’ll also discuss compelling alternatives to PrivateVPN for gaming.

How to Enjoy Safe Online Gaming With PrivateVPN? (Step-By-Step Guide)

First, you need to buy a PrivateVPN subscription, then proceed with these tutorials.

How to Set Up PrivateVPN for Mobile Gaming on Smartphones?

If you want to spoof your mobile location for games like Pokémon Go or access geo-blocked titles like PUBG in India via PrivateVPN, do these:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install the PrivateVPN app. I’ll use an Android device for this guide, but the steps are similar on iOS.
  1. Open the app and log in with your credentials.
  1. Approve connection requests when prompted. For iOS users, allow the app to add VPN configurations.
  1. Connect to a VPN server and launch your desired mobile game to enjoy location spoofing.

How to Set Up PrivateVPN for Gaming on Windows?

play valorant over privatevpn
Valorant with PrivateVPN connection.

To test PrivateVPN’s capabilities, I played Valorant with its Australian server, which ran satisfactorily. However, there were a few latency drops here and there.

Follow these steps to use PrivateVPN for PC gaming:

  1. Download the PrivateVPN Windows app (here).
download privatevpn app for windows
  1. Install the app via its installation wizard.
  2. Launch the PrivateVPN app and log in with your credentials.
privatevpn app login
  1. Choose your preferred location and toggle the VPN button to connect to that server.
privatevpn app not connected to server
  1. Enjoy safe gaming with PrivateVPN enabled.

How to Set Up PrivateVPN on PS5/PS4 or Xbox Consoles?

PrivateVPN doesn’t offer SmartDNS, but you can still use it on gaming consoles by installing the VPN on your router or creating a virtual router on your PC/Mac.

I’ll illustrate both methods below.

Install PrivateVPN on a Physical Router

All devices connected to a Wi-Fi network from a router with PrivateVPN installed will benefit from the VPN’s encryption.

I’m using an Asus router to install PrivateVPN via the L2TP protocol for the following demonstration:

  1. Login to your Asus router’s admin panel. (In most cases, it’s URL is
  2. Select the VPN option under “Advanced Settings” in the left menu.
  3. Click “VPN Client,” then “Add Profile.”
add new vpn client profile to router
  1. Choose L2TP from the protocol options and enter these details:
  1. Description: Give a random name
  2. VPN server: se-sto.pvdata.host
    Find the entire server list here.
  3. Username and password: Your PrivateVPN credentials
asus router openvpn settings
  1. Press OK to save the VPN profile, and click “Activate.”
  2. Your router will take some time to reboot, and then you can connect your Playstation or Xbox console through Wi-Fi to encrypt your gaming traffic.

Set up a Virtual Router on Windows

If the router installation seems too tricky, or you don’t have a compatible router, you can create a virtual router via a mobile hotspot on your PC. Then, transmit that connection to your gaming console.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Network & Internet settings from the network settings.
windows os network and internet settings
  1. Select “Mobile hotspot.”
enable mobile hotspot on windows os
  1. Activate the mobile hotspot and select Wi-Fi from the “Share my internet connection from” menu.
edit mobile hotspot details on windows os
  1. Go to the “Sharing tab” under Network Properties and check the “Allow other network users to connect through the computer’s connection” box.
change connection settings on windows os
  1. Pick the PrivateVPN network from the “Home network connection” menu and click “OK.”
windows os home network connection properties
  1. Open the Private VPN app and connect to a VPN server.
  2. Connect your gaming console to this virtual server you created using Wi-Fi connection settings.

Set up a Virtual Router on Mac

  1. Go to “Sharing” from General settings.
macos general settings
  1. Turn on “Internet sharing” and click the “i” beside it.
enable internet sharing on macos
  1. In the “Share your connection from” dropdown, select PrivateVPN.
  2. Tick the Wi-Fi option in the “To computer using” menu.
tick to computer using wifi option
  1. Launch the PrivateVPN app on your Mac and connect to any preferred server.
privatevpn connected to hong kong server
  1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your PS4/PS5 or Xbox console and connect to this virtual server to play games freely.

Why Is PrivateVPN Great for Online Gaming?

privatevpn features

Let’s get to the good things in PrivateVPN that’ll benefit gamers.

  • Spoof your location to play in multiple lobbies: 200+ servers in 63 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, means you can switch to any of these servers to play games unavailable in your region or join bot lobbies to raise your rank.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: The VPN provider lets users enjoy limitless bandwidth to download heavy games while avoiding any restrictions from the ISP.
  • Prevents cyber attacks: PrivateVPN has solid security with AES-256 encryption and DNS/IP leak protection for defense against any DDoS attacks. Just in case your VPN connection drops, it has a kill switch.
  • Dedicated IP addresses: PrivateVPN’s users get dedicated IP addresses for no additional cost. Other providers like NordVPN sell these as add-ons, but the distinction is that PrivateVPN’s dedicated IP servers change in every session (good for privacy). In contrast, NordVPN’s dedicated IP addresses remain static.
  • Supports all platforms: PrivateVPN has native apps for all gaming platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can also set it up on your router to unblock and play games on your Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming consoles.
  • A low-cost gaming VPN: PrivateVPN comes at a fairly low cost if you get this limited-time deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Downsides to Gaming With PrivateVPN

It’s not all rosy when playing games with PrivateVPN. For example, here are some of the drawbacks I faced with this VPN provider:

No Smart DNS

It doesn’t have the SmartDNS feature, so it’s impossible to set up PrivateVPN on PS4/PS5 or Xbox using the console’s DNS settings.

Small Server Network

PrivateVPN’s minuscule server can easily get overcrowdedPureVPN comes at the same cost with 32X more servers.

Live Chat Not Available 24/7

The live chat service isn’t operational 24/7. So, you’ll need to submit a support ticket for queries in most cases and wait while the PrivateVPN support team gets back to you.

Inconsistent Server Speeds

The speeds were quite unstable due to the lack of the WireGuard protocol.

When I connected to the nearest server, it did score well occasionally, but in most tests, it gave me an average of 59.44 Mbps download speed over my 100 Mbps network.

You can check some of my speed test results below.

My speed without PrivateVPN:

internet base speed
Speed test with PrivateVPN disabled.

My speed with PrivateVPN, connected to the nearest server:

privatevpn internet speed when connected to nearest server
Speed test with PrivateVPN connected to the nearest server.

My speed with PrivateVPN, connected to a distant server:

privatevpn internet speed when connected to distant server
Speed test with PrivateVPN connected to a distant server.

If PrivateVPN doesn’t meet your needs, check out our list of the 8 best VPNs for gaming to find a faster and more reliable option.

Best VPN Alternatives to PrivateVPN for Online Gaming

If you’re not pleased with PrivateVPN’s average speed performance, small server count, and lack of SmartDNS, consider these alternative VPN services.

NordVPN - Lightning-Fast Speeds With SmartDNS

nordvpn internet speed
NordVPN's speed test on a 100 Mbps connection.

NordVPN enjoys considerably faster speeds than PrivateVPN, but that’s not all it holds over PrivateVPN:

  • A bigger server catalog with 5200+ locations in 59 countries to bypass extensive geo-restrictions and connect to gaming peers in more locations.
  • NordVPN includes SmartDNS to activate the VPN connection directly on your PS4/PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo gaming consoles.
  • It lets you obtain static dedicated IP addresses to avoid bans in gaming lobbies.
  • NordVPN proposes splendid speeds using its proprietary “NordLynx” protocol. It delivered a remarkable 98.72 Mbps download and 75.21 Mbps upload speed during my tests.

It’s also available at a reasonable cost. Claim this one-time discount on NordVPN to get a superb deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark - Budget-Friendly VPN With Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

surfshark internet speed
Surfshark's speed test on a 100 Mbps connection.

Surfshark is an affordable VPN service with features like

  • 3200+ servers to play regional titles and get unavailable DLCs.
  • Traffic encryption allows restrictionless gaming on all devices (infinite simultaneous connections).
  • SmartDNS for quick VPN connection setup on gaming consoles.
  • Zero latency drops. It impressed me with 94.99 Mbps download, and 46.95 Mbps upload speed.

Get a stellar deal on Surfshark with exclusive discounts and a 30-day risk-free refund policy.

PureVPN - Extensive Server Library With Port Forwarding

purevpn internet speed
PureVPN's speed test on a 100 Mbps connection.

PureVPN is another great PrivateVPN alternative for secure gaming because of these features:

  • Unlimited server switching on a massive network of 6500+ server locations in 78+ countries.
  • Dedicated IP addresses for gaming privacy, security, and exclusivity.
  • A port forwarding add-on to eliminate restrictions in multiplayer gaming. Likewise, this feature allows you to host private game parties with your friends.
  • The speeds aren’t as sturdy as the other two alternatives, yet it delivered me an 86.77 Mbps download and 17.35 Mbps upload speed.

Seize this fantastic deal on PureVPN and get a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Interesting Reads:


No, you won’t get banned for using PrivateVPN to play games securely.

However, online stores like Epic Games and Steam forbid users to utilize a VPN for buying games or DLCs to enforce regional prices.

The PrivateVPN servers closest to your location are the best for playing games. However, you may have to connect to PrivateVPN servers in other locations farther from you to unblock DLCs, connect to other gaming peers and join foreign lobbies.


I was disheartened largely by PrivateVPN’s unstable speeds. So, if you want to play fast-paced games like Warzone or Fortnite, where every second matters and a single latency drop can result in a lost match, I advise you to go with NordVPN.

But if you need an affordable, security-focused solution to play lightweight online games, spoof locations for server hopping, or get dynamic dedicated IP addresses for free, PrivateVPN is a good option.

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