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How to Connect to GTA 5 Online With PureVPN?

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You can connect to GTA 5 online with PureVPN by installing the PureVPN app on your PC and connecting to one of its servers.

However, PureVPN doesn’t have a VPN app for consoles. To tackle this, you can install PureVPN on your router and play GTA 5 securely on your PlayStation or Xbox.

How to Play GTA 5 Online With PureVPN on a PC?

Connecting to GTA 5 online with PureVPN is simple on a PC. This is how to do it:

  1. Purchase a PureVPN subscription.
  2. Go to PureVPN’s dashboard and click “Downloads.” It’ll automatically detect your computer. Click “Download Application” to download for your PC.
download purevpn for mac
  1. Launch the PureVPN app and click “Log in.”
  1. Enter your login credentials and click “Submit.”
purevpn log in form
  1. Click “Preferences.”
purevpn preferences
  1. Select the “Protocols” tab.
  2. Deselect “Automatic Protocol Select.”
purevpn protocol settings
  1. Expand the “Select-Protocol” drop-down menu, and select the “WireGuard” protocol.
purevpn wiregaurd protocol
  1. Close the preferences window and click “Locations” on the left-side menu.
purevpn locations tab
  1. Select a server that’s close to your location.
purevpn connected to london server location
  1. Allow a few seconds for the VPN connection to be established.
  2. Open GTA 5 Online and play it on your chosen server.
access gta 5 over purevpn

How to Open Ports With PureVPN on GTA 5?

Although PureVPN is stable with no connection drops, forwarding ports will improve your GTA 5 gameplay.

Port forwarding with PureVPN is a matter of “plug-and-play.”

  1. Open PureVPN’s dashboard.
  2. Click “Subscription” on the left side menu.
  1. Under “VPN add-ons,” click “Get this Add-on” next to “Add-on: Port Forwarding.”
purevpn add-ons
  1. In the confirmation window, click on “Get this Add-on” again.
get purevpn port forwarding add-on
  1. Make the payment with the preferred payment method.
  2. Once Port Forwarding is activated on your plan, open PureVPN.
  3. Click “Locations” on the left side menu.
purevpn locations menu
  1. On the right side window, click “Filter by:” and click “Filter by P2P.”
purevpn p2p server locations
  1. Select a server that you want to connect to.
purevpn p2p servers

To change or set a new port to forward to, follow these steps:

  1. Open PureVPN’s dashboard.
  2. On the left-side menu, click “Port forwarding.”
purevpn port forwarding settings
  1. In “Enable specific ports,” enter your port number and click “Apply settings.”
add port number to port forwarding settings

Depending on the device, here are some ports to forward to:

Console UDP TCP
Windows 6672, 61455-61458 -
Xbox 360 88, 3074, 6672, 61455-61458 3074
PS3: 3074, 3478-3479, 3658, 6672, 61455-61458 3478-3480, 5223, 8080
Xbox One 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500, 6672, 61455-61458   3074
PS4/PS5 3074, 3478-3479, 6672, 61455-61458 1935, 3478-3480

How to Play GTA 5 Online With PureVPN on a Console?

PureVPN does not have a VPN app for the PlayStation or Xbox. Rather, you can install PureVPN on your router and secure your gaming consoles with PureVPN.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a PureVPN subscription and a compatible router.
  2. Open your router’s settings and configuration window on your browser. For this demonstration, I’ll use my Asus router.
  3. On the left-side menu, find and click on a section called “VPN.”
router vpn tab
  1. Now, click “VPN client” and select “Add profile.”
create new vpn client profile
  1. Open PureVPN’s dashboard on your browser by entering the login credentials.
purevpn web log in
  1. Click “Manual Configuration” on the left-side menu.
purevpn manual configuration
  1. Select a location, click the down-arrow icon, and click “Download.”
download purevpn configuration file
  1. Under “Download configuration,” click the drop-down, select the protocol “IPSEC,” and click “Generate.”
purevpn configuration file protocol
  1. Copy the server code.
purevpn ipsec server address
  1. Give the server a name in the “Description” and paste the server information under “VPN Server.”
router pptp form
  1. Go back to PureVPN’s dashboard and click “Subscription.”
  2. Copy-paste the username and the password.
purevpn subscriptions
  1. Paste the username and password in the router’s settings menu and click “OK.”
add username and password to router pptp form
  1. Click “Activate” to activate the VPN.

You’ve installed PureVPN on your router, which means your consoles and other devices connected to your router now have encrypted internet connections

Launch GTA 5 Online on your console and start playing it.

What Makes PureVPN the Best Choice for GTA 5 Online?

Four things make PureVPN the best choice for GTA 5 Online:

  • Port Forwarding
  • Protection from online bullying
  • Bypass in-game feature restrictions
  • Experience a reliable internet connection

Let me show you how they help your gaming session.

Port Forwarding (Add-On Feature)

By port forwarding in GTA 5, your connection speeds are increased, eliminating unexpected disconnections due to unstable internet. It also reduces latency, so you can enjoy Prison Break with your friends.

Protect Yourself From Online Bullying

There’s a flaw in GTA 5 Online that modders exploit and bully users by attacking with DDoS, SQL injection, and swatting.

online bullying tweet

Some players lost their lives due to this online bullying. PureVPN encrypts your internet with banking-level encryption (AES 256-bit encryption), keeping your IP details and other information safe while enjoying playing GTA 5 Online.

Bypass Restrictions (Diamond Casino)

The GTA 5 Diamond Casino is banned in some countries.

bypass geo-blocking with vpn reddit post

You can bypass this block by connecting to one of PureVPN’s servers in countries where the casino isn’t banned, such as the USA and the UK.

Reliable Internet Connection

I put PureVPN to the test and connected to Hong Kong, Australia, and Malaysia’s server, which is closer to my location, and launched GTA 5. Most of the connection speeds were fast and stable, and I didn’t experience latency issues either.

I later connected to the servers on the other side of the world from my location, which is the US and the UK. I experienced a little higher latency, which was expected, but it wasn’t significant enough to make my gameplay unplayable.

Overall, PureVPN provided solid connection speeds for playing GTA 5 Online.

PureVPN Alternatives for GTA 5 Online

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs for GTA 5 Online. But if you want to explore your options, here are other top alternatives:


ExpressVPN has a large server network in 94 countries. This means if the Diamond Casino is prohibited in your country, you can connect to a server where it’s not banned to enjoy in-game gambling.

ExpressVPN also offers fast speeds with low latency, which is great for RAM-intensive games like GTA 5. Additionally, ExpressVPN has DDoS protection, so the GTA 5 modders don’t get your IP or launch botnet attacks.

And just like PureVPN, you can install ExpressVPN on a router to connect your gaming consoles. Best of all, ExpressVPN is unique since it has a native router app instead of requiring manual configuration.

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NordVPN, like ExpressVPN, offers DDoS protection to keep your IP address from getting leaked to prevent botnet attacks or swatting.

Plus, if you’re in a country where GTA 5 features are banned, like the Diamond Casino, NordVPN’s extensive server network means you can easily bypass the ban.

NordVPN’s connection speeds are also reliable, with stable ping and low latency.

Additionally, NordVPN can be installed on a router to connect your consoles to the VPN. And if your router doesn’t support the installation of a VPN, you can use the SmartDNS feature.

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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access has servers in 84 different countries. This means if the Diamond Casino or other features are banned in your region, you have a large list of servers to connect to and circumvent the restrictions.

Similarly, it provides DDoS protection and IP masking to protect you from hackers discovering your IP address or launching botnet attacks while playing GTA 5 Online.

PIA also offers Smart DNS to connect your console to one of PIA’s servers, or you can even install PIA on your router if it supports it.

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Surfshark has over 3,200 servers across 100 countries to bypass content restrictions in GTA 5, such as the Diamond Casino. Because Surfshark is available in so many countries, you can connect to a server in another country and bypass content restrictions if a GTA 5 feature is banned in your country.

Surfshark’s connection speeds are also fast for GTA, and I never faced slow speeds or latency on most servers I used to test Surfshark.

It also offers Smart DNS to connect your consoles if your router doesn’t support VPN installation.

Surfshark also offers DDoS protection to save your IP address from modders when playing GTA 5. It also offers split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and loads of other features at an affordable price.

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Rockstar won’t ban you for using PureVPN. Instead, PureVPN can help you bypass an IP ban if Rockstar blacklisted your actual IP address in the past. Also, if you’re in a country where Diamond Casino is banned, you can unblock it using PureVPN.

GTA, Casino, Security!

GTA 5 is more secure than ever with PureVPN. It has over 6500+ servers, it’s affordable, protects you from all online attacks, and bypasses region-locked features such as gambling in Diamond Casino.

If you don’t already have a PureVPN subscription for GTA 5 online, get one today!

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