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Does PureVPN Work With Virgin Media?

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PureVPN works with Virgin Media to bypass speed throttling, hide your online activities, and bypass the ISP’s strict geo-restriction policies.

In addition to the VPN’s 5800+ servers in 70+ countries to access geo-blocked international streaming platforms (Netflix US, Peacock TV, Amazon Prime US), PureVPN also offers the lightning-fast WireGuard protocol for HD streaming and lag-free gaming on the network.

The best part is that setting up PureVPN on your devices is a simple process, as demonstrated below.

How to Set Up PureVPN on Mobile/PC for Virgin Media?

PureVPN works on PCs and smartphones for a fast, secure, and lag-free Virgin Media experience.

Follow these steps to set up:

  1. Purchase a PureVPN plan (enjoy savings).
purevpn pricing
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  1. Download the PureVPN app for your device. I’ll download the PureVPN Windows app for this guide.
purevpn pc apps
  1. Log in to the PureVPN Windows app with your credentials (email/username, password).
purevpn log in
  1. Activate the PureVPN kill switch so that Virgin Media doesn’t track your real IP address and location or snoop on your P2P online activities if the VPN connection randomly drops. Go through Settings > General > Enable IKS.
purevpn internet kill switch
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol for fast and secure content streaming and gaming activities on Virgin Media. Go through Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
purevpn wireguard protocol
  1.  Choose and connect to a suitable PureVPN server. Click the Globe icon > Recommended Location for the fastest/closest PureVPN server, or click the Globe icon > All to access the complete list of PureVPN servers.
purevpn server locations
  1. Ensure that your PureVPN connection is secure by checking for leaks on www.ipleak.net. Your assigned PureVPN IP address should match that on the test site.
purevpn ipleak test on australia server
  1. That’s it! Enjoy fast-paced R6S matches or exciting Netflix US, Crave TV, and Sling TV content from anywhere, free of disconnection issues or speed throttling.
streaming netflix with purevpn on new jersey server

How to Set Up PureVPN on a Gaming Console/Smart TV for Virgin Media?

Enjoy lag-free P2P gaming and large-screen content unblocking by setting up PureVPN for Virgin Media on gaming consoles or smart TVs using the Windows VPN hotspot or physical router method.

Method #1: Virtual Router Set Up

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Grab a PureVPN subscription. Enjoy savings on long-term plans with these PureVPN deals.
  2. Download the PureVPN Windows app, the only one that works for this setup.
  3. Log in to the PureVPN Windows app with your email/username and password.
  4. Turn your PC into a VPN hotspot by following the steps in the video below.
  1. Connect to an appropriate PureVPN server location on your Windows PC.
  2. Connect your smart TV or gaming console to the VPN hotspot you created in step 4 above.
  3. Voila! You can stream Netflix US shows and enjoy fast-paced COD Warzone missions using the Virgin Media network from anywhere on your smart TV or gaming console, free of speed drops or disconnection issues.

Method #2: Router Set Up

You can set up PureVPN on your home/work router and share the encrypted network with your smart TVs and gaming consoles for DDoS-free gaming or effective content unblocking over Virgin Media.

Before kicking off this process, ensure that your router is compatible with PureVPN (check on this page).

Next, grab a PureVPN subscription (enjoy discounts) and follow the steps in this PureVPN router set up tutorial to share the VPN connection to your compatible devices.

Method #3: TV Micro Consoles

You can also set up PureVPN on smart and non-android TVs that use micro-consoles like Amazon Firestick or NVIDIA Shield.

Follow these steps:

  1. Grab a PureVPN subscription (get savings).
  2. Set up your TV micro-console. I’ll use the Amazon Firestick for this guide.
  3. Download PureVPN on Amazon Firestick. The video below shows how to download apps on your Fire TV.
  1. Log in and launch Amazon Firestick.
  2. Connect to an appropriate PureVPN server.
  3. You’re done! Enjoy lag-free viewing of international streaming channels (HBO, Amazon Prime US) free of speed drops, disconnection issues, or geo-restrictions over the Virgin Media network.

PureVPN Not Working With Virgin Media? (Troubleshooting Guide)

Although Virgin Media is an excellent ISP, using it, especially outside the UK and on a VPN, is no mean feat.

Virgin Media aggressively employs sophisticated anti-VPN policies, including Deep Packet Inspection, which may cause severe PureVPN-Virgin Media issues.

Common issues that you may experience while using PureVPN on Virgin Media include proxy error messages, slow connection speeds, automatic disconnection, access denied, non-loading, temporary bans, and inconsistent server connections.

Here are some quick fixes you can employ to solve PureVPN-Virgin Media connection issues:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Use the most up-to-date PureVPN app.
  • Switch PureVPN servers.
  • Clear browser caches and cookies.
  • Disable IPv6 address.
  • Try different browsers.
  • Modify Virgin Media firewall settings: Access the Virgin Media router control panel, click Advanced settings > Firewall, select IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP pass-through and save.
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Virgin Media sometimes blocks access to the PureVPN website and plugins in the UK. If this happens, check Virgin Media Web Safe settings and ensure they don’t block access to PureVPN or VPN websites. Likewise, changing your device’s DNS settings to Google or Cloudflare may also solve Virgin Media connection issues in the UK.

Get the Best of Virgin Media

Virgin Media is an excellent ISP, although it’s known to throttle internet speeds and collect user data. Plus, being in the UK means it can’t access US-exclusive and other geo-blocked content.

That’s why you should use PureVPN, with its extensive server spread (5800+ servers in 70+ countries), to unblock international streaming platforms (Crave TV, HRK, Peacock TV). It also offers robust AES 256-bit military-grade encryption to secure your online privacy on the network.

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