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How Many Devices Does PureVPN Allow?

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PureVPN supports up to ten connections at once. This means you can protect the online activities of your entire household or small office using a single PureVPN subscription.

This may not be as generous as VPN providers offering unlimited connections, but it’s not the worst offer!

Just think, ten of your devices will benefit from military-grade VPN encryption, unlimited bandwidth, an automatic kill switch, and access to 6,500+ servers across 78+ countries.

Continue reading to find out more about PureVPN’s device compatibility.

Which Devices Can You Use PureVPN On?

You can enable PureVPN on the following devices, with a maximum of 10 connections at a time:

Platform OS PureVPN Compatibility
Desktop/Laptop Computers Windows Dedicated app
macOS Dedicated app
Linux Dedicated app
Mobile Phones Android Dedicated app
iPhone Dedicated app
Huawei Dedicated app
Blackberry Manual configuration
Tablets iPad Dedicated app
Android tablet (e.g. Samsung) Dedicated app
TVs & Media Boxes Apple TV Manual configuration
Samsung TV Manual configuration
Kodi Dedicated app
Amazon Fire TV Dedicated app
Roku Manual configuration
Gaming Consoles PlayStation Manual configuration
Xbox Manual configuration
Routers DD-WRT Router Applet
D-Link Router Manual configuration
Asus Router Manual configuration
Other Kindle Dedicated app

Use up to 10 of these devices to browse, stream, game, torrent, and work on a secured PureVPN connection.

How to Install PureVPN on Your Device?

PureVPN’s apps are easy to install, and the steps are similar for most devices.

To create a private and safe network using PureVPN, you must

  1. Purchase a PureVPN subscription. Grab a discounted deal to make the first step pleasurable!
purevpn pricing
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  1. Log in to your web account using your credentials.
  2. Download the app for the device/s you’re using.
download purevpn for windows
  1. Read the app’s Terms & Conditions. Click “Next” if you agree.
purevpn install terms and conditions
  1. Sit back and relax while the installation completes!
purevpn app installing

Once the app’s installed, you can launch it and connect to a PureVPN server.

How to Connect Unlimited Devices to PureVPN With a Wi-Fi Router?

While PureVPN’s stingy with its “no more than ten devices” rule, it offers a workaround solution that can protect more devices, barring they’re in the vicinity of your router.

Here’s how to do a manual configuration on a Netgear router:

  1. Ensure PureVPN supports your router. I suggest using the provider’s Live Chat feature to ask if your router’s compatible.
  2. Subscribe to a PureVPN plan.
  3. Log in to your PureVPN web account and click “Account & Billing.” Make a note of your username.
purevpn account info
  1. Access your Netgear router control panel.
  2. Select “VPN Client.”
  3. Enable the VPN Client checkbox.
  4. Click on the VPN Server dropdown menu and select PureVPN.
  5. Select your desired protocol under “VPN Protocol.”
  6. Select your country under “Location.”
  7. Select your city under “City.”
  8. Enter your PureVPN username and password.
  9. Click “Connect.”
purevpn router settings

You’re all set! Now, all devices connected to this Wi-Fi router (be it 10 or 20) will be protected by PureVPN’s encryption.

Alternative VPNs That Allow Unlimted Simultaneous Connections

If you’re not keen on PureVPN’s router setup and need to stretch your VPN coverage to more than 10 devices, you might prefer a VPN with unlimited multi-logins.

The good news is that these VPNs exist!

I’ll share my favorites with you:

  • Surfshark. This VPN is generous with its devices and is one of the most affordable. You can hook your family, mates, and co-workers up with a VPN connection without forgoing an arm or leg!
  • AtlasVPN. As another cheap VPN, AtlasVPN will cater to your online security needs while allowing you to use one account for any number of devices. Plus, you’ll benefit from features like MultiHop.
  • IPVanish. Connect to as many devices as you like when you subscribe to IPVanish. From unmetered connections to a verified no-logs policy, this is another excellent VPN that will protect your digital life.

Use these VPNs and enjoy the freedom of connecting every Tom, Dick, and Harry to a safeguarded network!

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That’s a Wrap!

PureVPN’s a really good VPN, and compared to several other VPNs, its offer of 10 multi-logins isn’t a bad deal.

If you don’t need a VPN for infinity and beyond, you can nab PureVPN now, and I’ll throw in an exclusive discount.

If you don’t think PureVPN will meet your VPN expectations, I’ll push you in the direction of the following article: Best VPNs for Multiple Devices & Connections.

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