How to Use MEGA With Surfshark?

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To use MEGA with Surfshark, connect to a Surfshark server before opening the download platform. Luckily, Surfshark has 3200+ servers to bypass MEGA’s 5GB limit.

Moreover, Surfshark’s unlimited bandwidth, speed, and simultaneous device connections ensure quick MEGA transfers on all your devices.

I’ll share how to boost MEGA speeds with Surfshark and avoid download caps.

How to Set Up and Use MEGA With Surfshark?

Use these steps to download or upload MEGA files with Surfshark:

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark if you need a plan. Here are its best offers.
  2. Download Surfshark to your PC/mobile, install, launch, and sign in.
  3. Activate the kill switch for the entire download duration. This prevents IP leaks that may lead to quota-limit messages. Click Settings > VPN Settings > Kill Switch.
enable kill switch on surfshark
  1. Connect to a server.
surfshark us servers
  1. Open MEGA and access or upload files.

Can I Bypass MEGA's Download Limit With Surfshark?

mega download limit with surfshark on south africa server

You can bypass MEGA’s download limit with Surfshark by switching servers.

I tested Surfshark protocols with a small file (245.1 MB) to find the fastest option before attempting to surpass the limit. The table below summarizes download durations:

Protocol Trial One (Seconds) Trial Two (Seconds) Trial Three (Seconds) Average (Seconds)
WireGuard 64 73 62 66.3
OpenVPN UDP 77 62 74 71
OpenVPN TCP 75 76 82 77.7

Once connected to WireGuard (the fastest protocol for MEGA), I downloaded a 7.2GB folder in 62 minutes using the following steps:

  1. Close MEGA in your browser.
  2. Switch Surfshark servers.
  3. Open your MEGA link (while logged out) in private browsing or incognito mode. This ensures MEGA won’t identify you using cookies and block further downloads.
surfshark connected to us server
  1. Resume your downloads and close MEGA again as you near the limit.
  2. Connect to another Surfshark server, open MEGA, and proceed.
If you download less than 5GB before getting notified that you can’t download any further, someone used your current IP address on MEGA within the day.

How Fast Does Surfshark Upload Files to MEGA?

Surfshark uploads files to MEGA as quickly as 2.76MB/second on a 7.24 Mbps WireGuard connection.

Here’s a summary of how long it took to upload a 283.8MB file:

Protocol Upload One (Seconds) Upload Two (Seconds) Upload Three (Seconds) Average (Seconds)
WireGuard 103 134 122 119.67
OpenVPN UDP 146 153 144 147.67
OpenVPN TCP 167 181 142 163.33
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Beat MEGA’s Download Caps With Surfshark

Surfshark’s quick uploads and faster download speeds make it an excellent VPN for MEGA.

Not to mention, the provider supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

Hence, you can slice transfer times significantly by uploading or downloading files and folders on as many devices as desired.

And you also save time by bypassing MEGA’s limit with Surfshark!

So, get Surfshark now, and spend more time learning free courses, enjoying movies, etc., and less transferring.

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