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How to Watch NBA League Pass With Surfshark?

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You can use Surfshark to connect to server locations where broadcasting restrictions don’t apply to bypass NBA League Pass blackouts in the U.S. and Canada.

So, you always enjoy the thrill of watching live games from the comfort of your home.

You can also get the NBA League Pass cheaper with Surfshark. 

That way, the savings can be put into getting a bigger internet plan for streaming or the League Pass purchase for next season.

Let’s discover how Surfshark can grant you access to blacked-out games and the locations that unlock lower League Pass prices.

How to Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts With Surfshark?

Are you based in the U.S. or Canada and facing a blackout due to a home team’s game in your region?

Here are the steps to bypass the blackouts with Surfshark:

  1. Click on this Surfshark deals link, then click “Get the Best VPN.”
get surfshark vpn
  1. Select a plan. I recommend the 24-month plan as it offers the most savings and an additional 2 months free.
  1. Fill in your email address and payment information to create your account. Complete the payment.
surfshark checkout page
  1. Download Surfshark onto your preferred devices. For this tutorial, I’m using Surfshark on a Windows PC.
download surfshark vpn app
  1. Open Surfshark and connect to a server outside your state where the game isn’t blacked out. For example, if you’re watching a Lakers game, you can connect to a closer server location like Las Vegas or Phoenix for the best speeds.
surfshark connected to phoenix server
  1. Go to the NBA League Pass website.
  2. Login with credentials to bypass the blackouts and watch your favorite teams play live with Surfshark.
streaming nba with surfshark connected to phoenix server

How to Buy the NBA League Pass Cheaper With Surfshark?

If you want to completely rule out blackouts you’ll face in North America, you can opt for an international subscription to the NBA League Pass

The good news is you can use Surfshark to get a cheaper League Pass by connecting to regions with lower subscription fees.

For context, the U.S. NBA League Pass currently charges $19.99 monthly for League Pass Premium and $14.99 monthly for the regular League Pass.

nba league pass subscription plans

To get the best savings, I recommend creating a new NBA ID with entirely different credentials to your existing account (if you already have one) to reduce the risk of your account being detected or suspended.

The best country to get the league pass for a cheaper rate is India, where both league pass types are available, AND the prices drop to a glorious $2.63 per month for the League Pass, and $3.60 per month for the League Pass Premium.

nba league pass plans in india over surfshark vpn

However, as Surfshark’s Indian server is virtual and routed through Europe, it might sometimes misbehave when you sign up, leading to the Indian IP address switching to an EU IP address and the price being reflected in euros.

If you encounter this issue, you can either wait and try your luck with the India server location again later OR connect to another country with cheap fees.

surfshark user review on twitter

Apart from India, here are some other regions offering cheaper subscription rates with the NBA League Pass:

Surfshark Server Location League Pass (Per Month) League Pass Premium (Per Month)
Argentina (Virtual) $2.00 N/A
Vietnam (Virtual) $9.24 $12.47
Brazil (Sao Paulo) $10.26 $13.28
Mexico (Virtual) $12.31 $15.83
Taiwan (Taichung City) $12.20 $15.96

Remember that you might encounter the same challenge as the Indian server with other virtual server locations like Argentina, Vietnam, and Mexico. 

However, it’s definitely worth a try for these amazing prices that would make even Shaq weep.

I also recommend choosing an international server location closest to your base location for better performance speeds.

For example, my base speed is 103.72 Mbps.

Here are the speed test results for the international servers, starting with the ones I’m physically closest to:

Surfshark Server Location Physical Distance Download Speed
India (Virtual) 1,012 km 81.65 Mbps
Vietnam (Virtual) 2,956 km 75.53 Mbps
Taiwan (Taichung City) 3,700 km 70.11 Mbps
Mexico (Virtual) 14,177 km 58.86 Mbps
Brazil (Sao Paulo) 15,088 km 57.81 Mbps
Argentina (Virtual) 16,829 km 42.35 Mbps
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Is NBA League Pass With Surfshark Worth It?

Bypassing blackouts and getting access to cheaper subscriptions for NBA League Pass is worth a try with Surfshark.

The VPN allows you to rewatch highlights of your favorite Knicks’ moments or stream the Charlotte Hornets going up against the Chicago Bulls without interruptions.

Sign up for Surfshark through this steal of a deal and kick off your NBA enjoyment today!

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