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How to Watch NBA League Pass With NordVPN?

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You can watch NBA League Pass with NordVPN via a UK server if you live in the United States and Canada, where live game blackouts are common due to broadcasting rights.

You can even use a Dedicated IP offered by NordVPN for easier access since NBA League Pass blocks shared IP addresses.

Ready to revisit classic Shaq and Kobe games or catch 24/7 coverage of the upcoming NBA season? Then let’s roll!

How to Unblock NBA League Pass Blackouts With NordVPN?

International audiences can catch playoff games on NBA League Pass as they happen.

But if you’re in North America, here’s how you can access the same:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN using our exclusive deals.
  2. Install NordVPN on your preferred device. I used my MacBook for the clear retina display (perfect for live NBA games).
download nordvpn app for mac
  1. Connect to a server outside the United States or Canada. You can do this by tapping on any country on the left panel of your screen. I chose a UK server.
nordvpn uk server
  1. Open NBA League Pass, choose a live game, and start streaming without interruptions on your TV, PC, or mobile phone.
access nba league pass with nordvpn

What Are the Best NordVPN Servers for Bypassing NBA League Pass Blackouts?

You can use countless servers outside the United States and Canada to bypass NBA League Pass blackouts and watch basketball games live.

I recommend locations with multiple servers to minimize landing on an overcrowded server, which can raise suspicion.

For example, use the UK, which currently has over 550 servers. 

Other options include Germany (210+), France (250+), The Netherlands (170+), and Australia (170+).

But to narrow it down, I streamed a recap of the Denver Nuggets vs. Heat final using three servers from the UK, France, and Germany. My results were mixed.

The French server opened NBA League Pass without issues, but significant buffering forced me to switch from 4K to 1080p to attain smooth streaming.

streaming nba games over nordvpn

The German server did a better job, but it wasn’t as good as the UK server, handling 4K streaming without a single frame freeze.

On average, I clocked speeds of over 50Mbps with the UK server, thanks to the fast NordLynx protocol. Thus, I recommend NordVPN’s UK server and NordLynx for the best NBA League Pass experience.

bypass nba league pass blackouts with nordvpn connected to uk server

NBA League Pass Not Working With NordVPN? Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes, NordVPN may not work with NBA League Pass. But before you take drastic measures like changing the VPN provider, try these quick fixes.

Use a Dedicated IP

NBA League Pass blocks shared VPN addresses that exhibit suspicious activity, like having too many users simultaneously.

A Dedicated IP works around this by giving you a unique, exclusive address (at an extra charge) that you can use anytime to stream NBA games. Always connect to your Dedicated IP before opening or closing NBA League Pass.

Switch Servers

If you can’t afford the Dedicated IP add-on, you can switch to another regular VPN server with fewer people.

Fortunately, NordVPN has an extensive network of servers outside the US and Canada. Plus, switching to a faster protocol like NordLynx will also help.

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