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How to Send an Anonymous Email Without Being Traced?

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Sending anonymous emails is a great way to protect your online privacy.

It’s also a great way to get back at someone without them knowing it was you.

That said, cybercrime is on the rise, and using an anonymous email will go a long way in maintaining and safeguarding your online privacy.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best methods for sending anonymous emails and how to protect your identity online.

How to Send Untraceable Anonymous Emails?

email address sign

Using an anonymous email service is a great way to protect your privacy online.

It can also be used for nefarious purposes, such as sending threatening emails or hiding your identity while committing a crime.

The reasons aside, how exactly do you send an anonymous email without being traced?

Here are some tips:

Use Proxy Servers/Anonymizing Software

proxy server

When you send an email, your IP address is attached to it.

This can be used to track you, especially if you’re sending something sensitive or incriminating.

However, if you use a proxy server or anonymizing software, your IP address will be hidden, so the recipient can’t trace the email back to you.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between you and the website you’re visiting. It hides IP addresses and makes it difficult for anyone to track your activity online. Anonymizing software also works in a similar way, by hiding your IP address and encrypting your data so that third parties can’t read it.

There are a number of proxy servers and anonymizing software programs available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some popular options include Tor, JonDonym, and Hushmail.

Use a Disposable Email Address

mailinator site

If you don’t want the recipient to have your real email address, you can use a disposable or burner email account instead.

This is a temporary email address that you can create specifically for the purpose of sending one email.

When you’re done, you can just delete the address, and it will be gone forever.

When you create a disposable email address, you won’t be using your regular email address.

This means the recipient of your email can’t trace the email back to you.

There are many websites that offer disposable email addresses.

One popular website is Mailinator.

Mailinator allows you to create a temporary email address for free.

All you need to do is enter the website’s domain name into your web browser’s address bar.

Another popular website is 10minuteemail.

This website allows you to create a temporary email address for free, with the email address expiring after 10 minutes.

Therefore, If you want to send an anonymous email without the originating IP address being traced, a burner email address is clean and fast.

Use a Fake Name and Email Address

gmail logo

Creating a fake email address using fake names and other credentials isn’t hard.

It’s an effective way of sending untraceable emails.

To get this done, follow these tips:

  • Create a new email account with a fake name and use it as your primary account for all future emails that you want to remain anonymous.
  • If you’re creating one using Gmail, ensure you don’t use your real name. For verification, use a burner phone number service like Hushed.
  • Write down every password required for any other sites or services you need to use while in your anonymous persona.
  • Use TOR to browse the internet anonymously. This will keep your IP address hidden and make it harder for anyone to track your online activity.
  • NEVER use your real name or email address when signing up for anything online. Instead, use the fake email address.

Use a VPN to Hide Your IP Address

proton vpn

One way to avoid being tracked, even by your internet service provider, is to use a virtual private network (VPN).

A VPN hides your IP address so that the person you’re sending the email to can’t track it back to you.

There are a number of different VPNs available, and you can choose one that best fits your needs.

Some VPNs are free, while others charge a fee.

Before choosing a VPN, read the reviews to know what to expect.

One VPN best suited for sending anonymous emails is ProtonVPN. It’s cheap, easy to use, and compatible with mobile devices.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, download it to your preferred device, launch it, and connect to a server.

You can then send your anonymous emails as you would regular ones.

The person you’re sending the email to will only be able to see the IP address of the VPN server, not your actual IP address.

This will help keep you anonymous and protect your privacy.

Get Rid of Metadata From Files

When sending an email using free online services, it’s vital to ensure the recipient can’t track where it came from.

This is especially important if you’re sending confidential information or trying to stay anonymous.

One way to do this is by getting rid of metadata from your files.

Metadata is data embedded in a file that describes how, when, and where the file was created.

It can include the name of the person who created the file, the type of software used to create it, and even the computer’s IP address from which it was sent.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of metadata from your files. One easy way is to use a program like Document Inspector.

This program can delete a variety of metadata from your files, including the name of the creator, the software used to create it, and the IP address.

Another way to get rid of metadata is to use a steganography program.

Steganography is the practice of hiding data within other data.

There are a number of different steganography programs out there.

Some programs will hide data within an image or audio file, while others will encrypt it so it can’t be read without a special key.

Whichever method you choose, test it on a few files before sending any important information.

That way, you can be sure your files are properly anonymized.

Use a Public Computer

set of public computers

Using a public computer is another trick you can use to send untraceable emails.

This is because public computers typically do not have any of your personal information stored on them, such as your address book or contact list.

In addition, public computers are often used by a large number of people, which makes it difficult for anyone to track down the sender of an anonymous email.

There are a few things you can do to increase the anonymity of your email when sending it from a public computer:

  • Clear your browser’s history and cache before sending the email. This will delete any information that could potentially be used to track you down.
  • Don’t use any of your personal information when setting up your email account on a public computer. This includes your name, address, and phone number.
  • Use a proxy server when sending your email to eliminate any possibility of being tracked by someone hell-bent on finding you or the sender’s address.

Use a TOR Browser

ToR browser main

When you want to send an email anonymously, the Tor browser can be a very useful tool.

Tor is a browser that allows you to browse the internet anonymously.

It does this by routing your traffic through a number of different servers before it reaches its destination.

This makes it difficult for someone to track your activity.

Choosing the Best Anonymous Email Provider

When sending anonymous and untraceable emails, ensure you’re using the best possible service.

There are many different options available, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

The following pointers should help you find the right one.


When choosing an anonymous email provider, the first thing to consider is security.

The provider should use robust encryption methods to prevent interception or tracing of your emails or receiving unwanted spam emails.

It’s also important to make sure the provider doesn’t keep any logs of your activities, so your identity remains hidden.

Two-Factor Authentication is another great feature that a reliable provider must provide.


Another thing to consider is convenience. The provider should offer a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

It should also be available on a variety of devices, so you can access it from anywhere.

Anonymous emails are a quick thing, so setting up an account or sending an email shouldn’t be complicated, as that defeats the purpose.


Price is another important consideration.

Most providers offer a free plan, but there are some that charge a fee for their services.

Make sure you select a provider that offers the features you need and is within your budget.

The Reputation of the Provider

Finally, you should consider the reputation of the provider.

Do research to make sure theyre reliable and have a good track record.

Using a provider associated with privacy issues, for instance, may not be a good idea, as that puts you at risk of being exposed.

Top 13 Anonymous Email Providers


proton mail screenshot
End-to-End encryption
Ability to send encrypted messages to people who don't use ProtonMail
A built-in VPN
self-destructing messages

ProtonMail is a great example of an anonymous email provider.

It uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data and doesn’t store any logs of your activity.

This makes it difficult for anyone to track your email activity or read your messages.

ProtonMail also has a number of other features, including the ability to send encrypted messages to people who don’t use ProtonMail, self-destructing messages, and a built-in VPN.

The only downside is that ProtonMail isn’t as widely used as other providers, so you may have trouble sending messages to people who don’t use it.




sec mail screenshot
It can send and receive encrypted emails
It can create encrypted email addresses
It can receive emails from any email address
A secure, password-protected inbox
Has a print option for encrypted emails

One of the most popular secure email providers is SecMail.

It’s a web-based service that allows you to send and receive encrypted emails using any web browser.

To use Secure Email, you need to create an account before sending and receiving encrypted emails using an anonymous email account.

SecMail is free to use for personal emails, but there’s a fee for businesses.

The fee is based on the number of email addresses you want to encrypt.

There’s also a limit of 1,000 messages per day.

One of the biggest drawbacks of SecMail is that it can be difficult to use for people who aren’t familiar with encryption technology.

The other downside is the mentioned limit on the number of messages that can be sent per day, and you need to set up a premium Business account to enjoy the full benefits of this service.




Password-based encryption
1 GB of storage
Anonymous email addresses

Tutanota is a German email service that provides anonymous email addresses.

It works by encrypting all emails with a password shared between the sender and recipient.

This means that only the intended recipient can read the email.

It’s impossible for Tutanota itself to access the content of the email.

Furthermore, this secure email provider uses AES and RSA encryptions instead of PGP.

It goes the extra mile by adding another layer of security that makes use of both asymmetric and symmetric keys.

This makes Tutanota a great option for anyone looking for an anonymous and secure email service.

You’ll, however, run into challenges in setting Tutanota up as it has a steep learning curve.

Another drawback is the 1GB storage limit on free accounts.



Guerilla Mail

guerilla mail screenshot
Anonymous email addresses that can be used once or multiple times
A wide range of templates available for creating emails
The ability to attach files up to 25MB in size

Guerilla Mail is another great, free option for an anonymous email.

It’s one of the most popular services and allows users to send and receive emails without revealing their identities.

Guerilla Mail is also very easy to use – all you need is a valid email address to sign up.

It has a streamlined user interface that’s easy on the eyes, with all the commands well displayed for easy navigation, even for a newbie.

A unique feature of this service is that the emails you send and receive self-destruct after an hour, making it a good and secure option for sending untraceable emails.

One downside of Guerilla Mail is that it doesn’t offer encryption.

This means your emails aren’t as secure as they could be since anyone can access your inbox if they get a hold of your device.

Additionally, there have been reports of spamming on the platform.




mailfence site
End-to-End encryption
Password-protected emails
Self-destructing messages

Mailfence is a secure, anonymous email provider that offers several features to ensure your email communications are safe and confidential.

Mailfence operates on the principle of security through obscurity, meaning that the company does not advertise the specifics of its security measures.

However, some of the features include end-to-end encryption, password-protected emails, and a self-destructing messages feature.

Mailfence is based in Belgium, a nation with strong privacy laws.

This means your emails are protected by Belgian law, even if they’re sent to recipients outside of Belgium.

Additionally, Mailfence is open source, which means the code is publicly available for anyone to inspect.

This provides an extra level of security, as it allows experts to verify that the software is functioning properly and that there are no backdoors or vulnerabilities.

However, Mailfence isn’t widely used as other email providers such as Gmail or Outlook.

This makes access to features like self-destructing messages hard.

Additionally, Mailfence isn’t a free service and charges a subscription fee.




anonaddy main page screenshot
Free to use
No registration is required
Deletes messages after 24 hours

AnonAddy is a web service that allows users to send and receive anonymous emails.

The service is free to use and doesn’t require registration.

However, most servers reject mail from AnonAddy, so your message may not be delivered most times.

To send an anonymous email using AnonAddy, follow these steps:

  1. Open the AnonAddy website.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” field.
  3. Navigate to the “Subject” field, and enter any text you like.
  4. Type your message in the “Message” field and click the “Send” button.
  5. AnonAddy will automatically generate a random email address for you. This means the recipient won’t be able to reply to your message.
  6. The email address gets deleted after 24 hours.



10 Minute Mail

10 minute mail
Sends and receive emails
Inbox capacity is about 1000 messages
Creates multiple addresses
Forwards messages to your personal email address

10 Minute Mail is another amazing email provider that allows users to send and receive emails without providing their personal information.

It works by creating a temporary email address that forwards messages to your personal email address.

This is a great option for those who want to keep their personal information private or who need to provide an email address for a one-time purpose.

On the flip side, a 10 Minute Mail email address expires within an hour, and that’s too fast to handle bulk email needs.

Another limitation is that you can only use this service for 10 minutes at a time.




Encrypts emails with a password that only you know
Deletes messages after they have been read
Protects your privacy

PrivateMail is another reliable anonymous email provider that lets you send and receive emails without revealing your identity.

It works by encrypting your emails with a password that only you know.

The only other person who can decrypt the message and read them is the recipient.

PrivateMail also protects your privacy by deleting all of your messages after reading.

Using PrivateMail isn’t as easy as most of the other alternatives.

You need a good grasp of encryption processes to make use of it.




lavabit main page
Two-Factor Authentication
Advanced security and privacy
End-to-End encryption

Next up is Lavabit, a great alternative for those who want to send emails without being tracked.

It offers a high level of security and privacy and works by encrypting all your emails with a password that’s only known to the sender.

This means even Lavabit can’t read your emails, as they’re encrypted with a key that only you hold.

Lavabit also offers a number of other security features, such as the ability to set up two-factor authentication.

This means you can require two forms of identification (e.g., password and a code sent to your phone) in order to log in to your account.

Lavabit is also a good choice for privacy-conscious users, as it does not keep any logs of user activity.

This means your activities can’t be tracked or monitored by Lavabit or any other third party.

However, there’s no free version for Lavabit. Setting it up is also a challenge, especially for new users.

Furthermore, If you plan to send anonymous bulk email marketing campaigns, you’ll find Lavabit to be less than ideal.



Temp Mail

temp mail main
A temporary, disposable, and anonymous email address
The ability to send and receive emails
Protection from spam and malware

Temp Mail is one of many anonymous email providers available on the internet.

It works by creating a temporary, disposable email address that can be used to send and receive emails without revealing your real identity.

This is an excellent option for people who want to keep their personal information private or use an alias for work purposes.

One thing you have to be on the lookout for is that the address expires pretty fast.

If you don’t use it within 2 hours, you’ll be forced to create a new one.

Another downside to Temp Mail is that you can’t send attachments.




trash mail
It sends and receives emails anonymously
It can create multiple email addresses
It can forward messages to multiple recipients
It can track messages sent through the service

Trashmail is a web-based email service that allows users to send and receive emails anonymously.

It also works like 10 Minute Mail by creating a temporary email address that forwards all messages to your real email address without linking anything to you.

Users can also forward messages to many people at once and even track them to see if they’re delivered.

This makes it a great option for those who want to keep their email addresses private without having to go the whole length of creating a new one from scratch.

In a nutshell, If you’re looking for a way to send and receive emails anonymously, Trashmail is a great option.

It’s easy to use and has the necessary features.

However, it’s important to note that messages sent through Trashmail aren’t encrypted, so they could be intercepted and read by someone who has the ability to intercept them.

You also need a browser to use Trashmail, as it’s web-based.




anonemail main
Anonymous email addresses
Encrypted messages
Password protection

AnonEmail is yet another untraceable email service provider that you can use to send and receive emails without revealing your identity.

Just like most options we have outlined here, it works by encrypting your messages with a password so that only the intended recipient can use it.

AnonEmail is easy to use and a great choice for people who want to keep their email communications confidential, like operating a burner account that can’t be traced.

The service is easy to use and provides a high level of security and privacy.

However, it’s important to note that messages are only encrypted with a password, so they could be intercepted if the recipient’s computer is compromised.

Customer support is also dismal, and the fact that it’s not widely used limits how you can use it effectively.




startmail main
Encrypted email
10GB of storage
It has a mobile app

StartMail is a Dutch company that provides secure, encrypted email services.

It works by encrypting all messages with AES-256 bit encryption.

This means that only the sender and receiver can decrypt the message.

It also offers a unique feature called ‘SecureDrop’ that allows whistleblowers to upload documents and files to a designated website anonymously.

This is an important feature, as it helps protect whistleblowers’ identity.

Overall, StartMail is a good option for those looking for a secure, anonymous email provider.

It has a number of features that make it stand out from the competition, and while it has its downsides, like unreliable customer support, it gets the job done.



Interesting Reads:


Gmail isn’t anonymous.

However, you can maintain some form of privacy by using a fake name since Gmail doesn’t require users to provide their real names or other personal information.

This can be helpful for people who want to keep their email activity private.

However, Gmail tracks user activity and stores data about users’ emails.

This means even if you use an alias or fake name when creating your account, your activities can still be tracked by Google.

Gmail doesn’t expose your IP address or location, but it shows the Google IP.

When you send an email from your Gmail account, your IP address isn’t included in the header information.

Gmail strips out this information before it’s sent to the recipient.

Outlook doesn’t include your IP address in the header information when you send an email.

This means your IP address isn’t visible to the recipient.

However, Outlook doesn’t strip out this information before it’s sent.

Therefore, everything can be traced back to you easily.

Not all email services are secure in their privacy department.

There are a number of email providers that offer anonymous email services.

This means the sender’s IP address is hidden from the recipient.

Some of the most popular anonymous email providers include ProtonMail, Tutanota, and StartMail.

Tracing an anonymous email sent using the proper channels is hard.

But that doesn’t rule out traceability.

While there are a number of reliable providers, including ProtonMail and Tutanota, many are capable of being tracked by law enforcement if necessary.

While the emails are sent through an anonymous server, they still pass through the provider’s system, which keeps logs of all activity.

There are many anonymous disposable email providers available.

Some of the best include ProtonMail, StartMail, Tutanota, and 10 Minute Mail.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to research before deciding which one is right for you.


Online privacy is a big deal, and using anonymous emails is one of the most efficient ways to safeguard yourself when using the internet.

You can also use VPNs that have been proven to work with high success rates outside of using anonymous email accounts.

They can be used for a myriad of roles, like aiding the sending of anonymous emails.

For more detailed information on VPNs and how you can use them for your online privacy tasks like sending untraceable emails, check out our website and comb through the hundreds of resources

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