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25+ Pandora Radio Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Pandora radio is among the world’s most recognized music streaming services.

In its 20+ years of existence, including four years as part of Sirius XM Holdings, the music streaming service has made remarkable records by bringing personalized and unique music listening experiences.

But what makes Pandora Radio stand out for music lovers?

This article highlights some interesting statistics, facts, and trends about Pandora’s user base, demographics, revenues, and market share.

7 Key Pandora Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • 45.44% of Pandora’s social traffic came from Facebook as of February 2023.
  • Pandora’s monthly US active users declined to 47.64 million in Q4 2022.
  • Pandora had around 6.2 million subscribers in 2022.
  • Pandora had 26,986 employees globally in 2022.
  • Pandora generated $1.576 billion from advertising in 2022.
  • It takes about 752 streams for an artist to earn $1 on Pandora.
  • Pandora was acquired by SiriusXM in 2018.


top 7 pandora statistics
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Pandora Radio Statistics by Market Share

1. Most of Pandora's website traffic (22.02%) between December 2022 and February 2023 came from the United States.

The United Kingdom followed closely (17.4%), while Italy came third (13%).

Top 10 Countries Traffic Share
United States 22.02%
United Kingdom 17.4%
Italy 13%
Germany 7.62%
France 6.63%
Poland 5.83%
Spain 4.67%
Australia 4.22%
Canada 3.26%
Netherlands 1.43%

2. Most of Pandora's social traffic (45.44%) came from Facebook as of February 2023.

As measured from December 2022, YouTube (23.25%), Pinterest (8.61%), Twitter (5.54%), and Instagram (5.14%) also supplied significant social traffic shares to the music streaming service.

3. Mobile devices generated most of Pandora's website traffic (86.74%) between December 2022 and February 2023.

Desktops accounted for 13.26% of traffic to the platform at that time.

Pandora Radio User/Usage Statistics

4. Pandora’s monthly US active users declined to 47.64 million in Q4 2022.

The online music streaming service experienced a gradual decline in its user base in the previous years, as shown in the table below:

Period/Year Monthly Active Users
Q1 2021 55,870,000
Q2 2021 55,140,000
Q3 2021 52,620,000
Q4 2021 52,280,000
Q1 2022 50,550,000
Q2 2022 50,480,000
Q3 2022 48,770,000
Q4 2022 47,640,000

5. As of 2023, Pandora lost 2-3 million active users yearly.

In contrast, Spotify is expected to hit over 100 million users by 2025, climbing more than 20 million from its 2020 numbers.

6. Pandora had around 6.2 million subscribers in 2022.

The company lost about 100K subscribers compared to 2021.

7. Pandora recorded 10.9 billion annual listening hours in 2022.

This was a decline from 11.5 billion listening hours in 2021.

listening hours in pandora
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8. Pandora.com was among the world's top 25 most-visited music websites as of March 2023.

Pandora.com was in the 24th position, with an average visit duration of 3 minutes and 26 seconds per visit. In first place was Spotify, averaging 7 minutes and 4 seconds per visit.

Pandora Radio Demographic Statistics

9. As of January 2021, 83% of US teens knew about Pandora.

Pandora had the highest brand awareness among US teens, and the table below shows how other music streaming services fared:

Music/Podcast Streaming Brand Brand Awareness
Pandora 83%
Spotify 76%
Apple Music 72%
iHeartRadio 72%
Amazon Music 70%
Google Play Music/YouTube 68%
SoundCloud 46%
NPR One 25%
Radio.com 16%
TuneIn 16%
Tidal 12%
LiveXLive 8%
AccuRadio 5%

10. There were more male Pandora website visitors than females in February 2023.

Male users accounted for 53.95% of Pandora’s total traffic, while females accounted for 46.05%.

11. People aged 25-34 were the largest age group (23.08%) among Pandora’s website audience in February 2023.

Pandora users aged 35-44 followed (18.41%), while users aged 45-54 accounted for 17.13% of the platform’s traffic.

Furthermore, users aged 18-24 were 16.74%, followed by 55-64 years old (13.63%) and those aged 65+ (10.29%).

12. Pandora had 26,986 employees globally in 2022.

This represented a significant increase compared to its 2021 numbers (22,441 employees).

13. 72% of Pandora’s employees, as of February 2023, were female.

While the males were 28%.

14. Most Pandora employees (63%) were aged 20-30 as of February 2023.

In second place were 21% of the employees aged 18-20 years, while 10% were aged 30-40.

Another 3% were over 40 years old, and only 2% were below 18.

age among employees at pandora
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15. As of February 2023, the majority of Pandora employees were White.

57.7% of the Pandora employees were White, followed by Hispanic/Latino (20%), Black/African Americans (10.9%), and Asians (7.8%). The remaining 3.6% were of unknown ethnicity.

Pandora Radio Revenue and Finance Statistics

16. Pandora generated $1.576 billion from advertising in 2022.

This rose from $1.542 billion in 2021.

Conversely, Pandora’s revenue from subscription services slightly decreased to $522 million in 2022 from $530 million in the previous year.

17. Pandora generated $538 million in Q3 2022 revenue.

Its highest quarterly revenue ($575 million) was in Q4 of 2021, and its lowest ($194.32 million) was in Q1 of 2014.

Period/Year Total Annual Revenue
Q1 2021 $442,000,000
Q2 2021 $516,000,000
Q3 2021 $538,000,000
Q4 2021 $575,000,000
Q1 2022 $534,000,000
Q2 2022 $467,000,000
Q3 2022 $538,0000,000

18. The United States generated the largest share (30%) of Pandora’s revenue in 2022.

The United Kingdom followed at 14%, while Italy completed the top three (10%).

Other notable regions were Germany (5%), Australia (5%), France (4%), and China (3%). The rest of Pandora’s revenue (29%) came from other countries.

19. Pandora was the leading music and audio app by revenue on Google Play Store, generating over $6.45 million by September 2022.

Apple Music took the second spot with $645,972 gross income, followed by iHeart ($626,630).

Other Google Play Store top-ranked music and audio apps by gross income are tabled below:

Google Play Store App Gross Income
Pandora $6,456,653
Apple Music $645,972
iHeart $626,630
Deezer $611,165
StarMarket $490,573
Ultimate Guitar $374,096
Smule $372,242
FL Studio Moblie $8,983
Set List Maker $273
Michael $112

Pandora Radio Fun Facts

20. Pandora started as “Savage Beat Technologies” in 2000.

It was not until 2005 that Pandora was officially launched by purchasing its primary domain, “Pandora.com.”

21. Pandora employees once worked for two years without pay.

At the end of 2001, around 50 to 55 employees were unpaid due to a lack of funds.

22. Pandora was acquired by SiriusXM in 2018.

SiriusXM holding acquired Pandora in a $3.5 billion deal that took years to complete.

23. As of March 2023, Pandora has three subscription plans.

These are Pandora Plus ($4.99 per month), Pandora Premium ($9.99 per month), and Pandora Premium Family ($14.99 per month).

There is also a Free Pandora plan which is an ad-supported service.

24. It takes about 752 streams for an artist to earn $1 on Pandora.

This represents about $0.00133 per stream.

streams for artist to earn in pandora
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25. "Favorite song" by Toosii was the most thumbed-up track on Pandora as of March 17, 2023.

The second most thumbed-up song on Pandora was “5 Leaf Clover by Luke Combs, while “TQG by Karol G & Shakira secured the third spot.

Top 10 Most Thumbed-Up Songs Artist/Artists
Favorite Song Toosii
5 Leaf Clover Luke Combs
TQG Karol G & Shakira
Skeletons   Pop Evil
What It Is (Block Boy) (feat. Kodak Black)   Doechii, Kodak Black
Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST)   Morgan Wallen, ERNEST  
Red Ruby Da Sleeze   Nicki Minaj
Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)   Morgan Wallen, Eric Church  
Coco Chanel   Eladio Carrion & Bad Bunny
Me + All Your Reasons   Morgan Wallen

Pandora or Other Music Streaming Services?

These Pandora Radio statistics reveal that the platform is in stiff competition with other music streaming giants in the industry.

Unfortunately, since its acquisition by Sirius XM Holdings in 2019, its progress has taken a negative user base growth trajectory, affecting its annual revenue.

But despite the challenges, Pandora remains focused on creating impressive and unique user experiences.

And if you are in a region where Pandora is blocked, get one of these VPNs for Pandora Radio to access your favorite music playlist, artist content, and podcasts without hassles.

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