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10+ OpenSea Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Since its inception in 2017, OpenSea has been a significant marketplace for NFT art investors worldwide. However, many people still have no idea of the top-selling NFTs on OpenSea, how large the market is, and the possible challenges faced in the space.

That is why this piece highlights OpenSea statistics, facts, and trends that are worth a second look.

General OpenSea Statistics, Facts & Trends

1. OpenSea's creators earned $1.1 billion in creator fees in 2022.

80% of these earnings were attributed to collections outside of the Top 10.

As of April 2023, 15.81% of traffic on OpenSea was generated through referrals.

While 17.51% of traffic was generated through organic searches.

Traffic Source  Percentage (%) 
Paid 0.01%
Social 10.51%
Referrals 15.81%
Search 17.51%
Direct 56.52%

OpenSea Market Statistics, Facts & Trends

2. In Q4 2022, OpenSea earned $71.24 million from platform usage fees.

However, the platform also paid supply-side fees of $49.81 million, bringing its revenue to $21.43 million in the quarter.

3. As of 3rd April 2023, OpenSea’s daily volume market worth was 8,117 ETH ($14.590 million).

And its monthly volume market worth in April was 115,130 ETH ($220.743 million).

4. In February 2023, OpenSea had the highest NFT market trading volume at 291.88 ETH (467,608.18 USD).

The close second was Blur with 270.27 ETH (437,876.22 USD).

NFT Marketplace  Trading Volume (ETH) Trading Volume (USD)
OpenSea 291.88 467,608.18
Blur 270.27 437,876.22
Blur Aggregator 77.21 123,871.61
X2Y2 46.14 73,929.87
LooksRare 26.44  42,285.73

5. OpenSea was worth $13.3 billion in early 2022.

This skyrocketed (over 600x increase) from its $1.5 billion value in 2021, primarily due to the company’s $300 million Series C funding.

opensea marketcap
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6. As of February 2023, OpenSea was the second top NFT marketplace according to market share (36.5%).

This was an upgrade from December 2022’s market share of 29.7% against Blur’s 54.6% market share. 

7. As of 2023, the top NFT collections on OpenSea belonged to CryptoPunks (1.1 million ETH trade volume price and no floor price).

Bored Ape Yacht Club (983K ETH trade volume price and 60 ETH floor price) was second, while Mutant Ape Yacht Club (782K ETH trade volume price and 13.19 ETH floor price) came third.

Collections Trade Volume Price (ETH) Floor Price (ETH)
CryptoPunks 1.1 million ETH No floor price
Bored Ape Yacht Club 983K 60
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 782K  13.19
Otherdeed for Otherside 591K 1.50
Azuki 469K 14.39

8. By 25th April 2023, the top-sold OpenSea art was Ringers #109, which sold for 2.1K ETH ($6.93 million) in 2021.

Second was Bored Ape Chemistry Club #69, which sold for 1.54K ETH ($5.79 million) in 2022. And its third was Ringers #879, which went for 1.8K ETH ($5.68 M) in 2021.

OpenSea Challenges Statistics, Facts & Trends

9. In January 2022, OpenSea added a 50-item limit on their free minting tool.

This was because out of all minted items, over 80% were plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam. However, the decision was promptly reversed.

OpenSea Demographic Statistics, Facts & Trends

10. The United States generated the highest website traffic (19.55%) to OpenSea in March 2023.

Japan (6.49%) came second, and Turkey (3.78%) came third.

Countries   Percentage of Generated Traffic
United States 19.55%
Japan 6.48%
Turkey 3.78%
Canada 3.78%
United Kingdom 3.56%

11. The largest age group of OpenSea’s website visitors in March 2023 was 25-34 years (36.57%).

This was followed by 18-24 (25.14%) and 35-44-year-olds (19.02%).

Age Range Percentage of OpenSea Usage
18-24 25.14%
25-34 36.57%
35-44 19.02%
45-54 10.15%
55-64 5.70%
65+ 3.42%

12. In March 2023, 72.14% of OpenSea’s website visitors were men.

While 27.86% were women

OpenSea Usage Statistics, Facts & Trends

13. OpenSea had 200+ employees and 600 thousand users in 2022.

This firm also had over 80 million NFTs, more than 2 million collections, and a trading volume of over $20 billion.

employees and users of opensea
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14. As of 17th April 2023, OpenSea had 2.693 million users.

This was an upgrade from 1.576 million users on 17th April 2022.

Dive Into the OpenSea Space

These OpenSea statistics, facts, and trends emphasize the growth and challenges of OpenSea, the top OpenSea markets, and the demographics that OpenSea speaks to most.

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