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40+ Tumblr Statistics and Trends

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Tumblr made an impactful debut in 2007 and quickly became a popular blogging platform for artists, gamers, writers, and marketers. However, it started to lose traction in 2014.

The good news is that recent statistics show an improvement in the website’s performance, making it a blogging and social media marketing avenue worth exploring again.

Study the data and analytics below to see if it is viable for you, your friends, or your clients.

Top 6 Tumblr Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Tumblr has a social media market share of 0.36%.
  • Most Tumblr users are based in the US.
  • 28.4% of Tumblr’s traffic comes from Twitter.
  • Desktop users spend more time on Tumblr than mobile users.
  • Tumblr employs more women than men.
  • Most Tumblr employees are below the age of 20 in 2023.


top tumblr statistics
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General Tumblr Statistics and Trends

1. Tumblr generates an average of 84 million dollars every year.

2021 data shows that Tumblr’s average annual revenue is 84 million US dollars

This revenue is mostly generated from ads.

2. Tumblr’s average daily income is $230,137.

2023 findings show that the blogging platform averages $230,137 in daily revenue.

3. The Tumblr website relies on ten technologies to function in 2023.

These include Google Analytics, G Suite, and WordPress.

4. Tumblr is most popular amongst the Gen Z generation.

As of January 2023, Gen Z audiences made up 33.71% of Tumblr’s global users.

5. Tumblr has a social media market share of 0.36%.

As of 2021, the blogging platform shares a small portion (0.36%) of the social media market. Facebook owns the largest portion at 69.1%, followed by Pinterest (11.45%), Twitter (9.66%), and YouTube (4.94%).

Global Social Media Market Share
Facebook 69.1%
Pinterest 11.45%
Twitter 9.66%
YouTube 4.94%
Instagram 2.62%
Reddit 0.54%
Tumblr 0.36%
LinkedIn 0.25%
Other 0.44%

6. Tumblr is popular on Twitter.

Tweets about Tumblr rose to over a million between October 4th and November 17th, 2022. Out of these Tweets, 556.7 thousand were from unique authors.

Tumblr Statistics and Trends in the US

7. Most Tumblr users are based in the US.

As of January 2023, 45.83% of Tumblr visits come from the US

This traffic is followed by the UK (5.36%), Canada (4.65%), Australia (3.23%), and Germany (3.06%).

8. US users gave Tumblr a 66 customer satisfaction index rating in 2020.

The survey shows Facebook scored 64 on the same index, placing it slightly below Tumblr.

9. Tumblr is equally used by men and women in the US.

2020 Q3 data indicates 7% of men and women leverage the platform in the US.

10. 27% of US Tumblr users received an annual household income of more than $100,000 in 2021.

These users form part of the top 20% of global income.

11. Tumblr isn’t a popular news source in the US.

2020 data shows only 1% of Americans use Tumblr to catch up on the latest news. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are preferred as news sources.

Tumblr Statistics and Trends Globally

12. Tumblr.com is the 90th most visited website.

As of January 2023, the blogging platform received 507950.05 visitors, accounting for its placement as the 90th most visited website in the world.

13. Tumblr is the third most popular blogging website.

2023 research acknowledges Tumblr as the third most favored blogging platform. WordPress is first, followed by blogger.com.

most favored blogging platforms
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14. Tumblr’s global traffic is on a decline.

Findings between January 2020 and January 2022 show a 5.9% decrease in traffic.

This equates to 20.5 million fewer visits than the previous year.

15. Only 3.2% of websites use the Tumblr widget.

As of March 2023, only 3.2% of global websites have installed the Tumblr widget for social media sharing.

16. Tumblr’s global ranking decreased as of January 2023.

Tumblr’s global ranking in the Social Media Networks category decreased from 134 to 137 from October 2022 to January 2023.

Tumblr Post Statistics and Trends

17. Users published an average of 12.8 million blog posts daily on Tumblr.com in 2021.

This number is climbing but is yet to match the publication peak that occurred between 2013 and 2014.

18. Tumblr deleted at least 4.47 million re-blogs that contained toxic content in 2020.

A 2020 Tumblr statement confirms that the company removed at least 4.47 million re-blog posts that contained hate speech.

19. In February 2021, Tumblr had over 518.7 million blogs.

2021 data also shows that this figure coincided with the number of user accounts the social media platform has.

Tumblr Traffic Volume Statistics

20. Most users visit Tumblr for 8 minutes and 39 seconds on average.

This January 2023 statistic accompanies data that shows a user scrolls an average of 6.42 pages during their visit.

21. 28.4% of Tumblr’s traffic comes from Twitter.

As of May 2022, 28.4% of Tumblr’s traffic is redirected from Twitter

20.25% comes from YouTube, 14.9% from Reddit, 11.42% from Pinterest, and 4.92% from Facebook.

Here Is Where Tumblr’s Traffic Comes From:
Twitter 28.4%
YouTube 20.25%
Reddit 14.97%
Pinterest 11.42%
Facebook 4.92%

22. The number of backlinks to Tumblr increased by 2.1% in January 2023.

More domains are backlinking to Tumblr in 2023 compared to 2022, increasing to 461.5 million.

23. Tumblr’s referring domains are decreasing.

January 2023 data shows Tumblr has 189 thousand referring domains, a -3.6% drop compared to 2022 figures.

24. Tumblr use surged drastically in October and November 2022.

Tumblr experienced a 96% adoption surge between October 27 and November 17, 2022. Research indicates that this surge was due to the discontent on Twitter during the time.

25. Tumblr has a high bounce rate.

As of January 2023, Tumblr yields a 42.17% bounce rate.

26. Tumblr has 32 publishers.

As of January 2023, the total number of publishers sending direct traffic to Tumblr is 32. This includes Imgur, PaperlessPost, and The Coli.

27. Tumblr gets most of its traffic from direct searches.

January 2023 figures confirm that 73.61% of Tumblr’s visits come from direct traffic, while 15.73% of visits result from organic searches.

28. Archiveofourown.org is Tumblr’s top referring website.

8.6% of Tumblr’s traffic is referred from this website as of January 2023.

Tumblr Usage Statistics and Trends

29. Most Tumblr users blog about video games, consoles, and accessories.

2023 has most Tumblr users talking about gaming, while computers and electronics enter at a close second. General news is also a popular subject.

30. Most people use Tumblr on mobile devices.

As of January 2023, 72.3% of Tumblr users accessed the blogging platform using mobile devices. The remaining 27.7% of users used desktops to access the site.

tumblr users devices
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31. Desktop users spend more time on Tumblr than mobile users.

2021 data indicates the average time duration spent on Tumblr using desktops is 9 minutes and 43 seconds. This is 5 minutes and 43 seconds longer than users accessing the site on mobile devices.

32. Tumblr is mostly used by males globally.

As of January 2023, Tumblr’s global audience comprises 58.91% males and 41.09% females.

33. Tumblr receives millions of unique visitors daily.

March 2023 data shows Tumblr receives an average of 4.344 million unique visitors daily.

Tumblr Employment Statistics and Trends

34. Tumblr employs more women than men.

Tumblr’s employee count is 2,437 as of February 2023. Out of these employees, 57% are women, while 43% are men.

35. There’s a significant gap between 10% of the lowest and 10% of the highest paid Tumblr employees.

As of August 2022, the lowest-paid Tumblr employees make less than $36,000 annually, while the highest-paid employees earn over $164,000 annually.

This creates a 128% gap.

36. Spanish is the most common foreign language spoken by Tumblr employees.

As of February 2023, an average of 50% of Tumblr employees can speak Spanish as a second language. The remaining employees can speak Mandarin (16.7%), French (16.7%), and Chinese (16.7%).

37. Tumblr employees are well qualified.

2023 data confirms that 76% of Tumblr employees hold at least one bachelor’s degree.

38. Multiple Tumblr employees have majored in communication.

13.5% of Tumblr staff hold a qualification with communication as their major as of February 2023. Other majors include business and marketing at 10.8% and fine arts, computer science, and English at 8.1%.

39. Most Tumblr employees are below the age of 20 in 2023.

33% of Tumblr employees are 18 to 20 years of age.

40. Tumblr has a high employee turnover.

As of February 2023, 29% of Tumblr’s staff stay on for less than a year while 14% stay on for more than 5 years.

tumblr employee turnover
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41. Most Tumblr employees reside in New York.

68% of employees live in New York as of 2023. 3% live in San Francisco, while the remainder is mainly dispersed in Austin, Olympia, and Seattle.

Will Tumblr Continue on an Upwards Path?

Tumblr has remained at the forefront of online blogging, considering it holds third place as one of the most popular blogging websites in the world.

According to the statistics above, it is on a slow but gradual upward path, hinting that future statistics are promising.

Not sure if Tumblr is for you? Explore WordPress statistics and trends to compare the competitors. 

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