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5 Best VPNs for 123Movies: Safe and Secure

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NordVPN is the best VPN for 123Movies.

It offers the best anonymity by masking your actual IP address from hackers and your ISP, has a reliable ad blocker for dealing with pop-up ads on 123Movies, is fast enough to handle HD and 4K streaming, and you can use it on any device capable of streaming.

Other VPNs that work with 123Movies include Surfshark (unlimited simultaneous connections), PrivateVPN (stable connection speeds), PureVPN (affordable price plans), and CyberGhost (streaming dedicated servers).

Top 3 VPNs for Streaming 123Movies

Surfshark Devices

Surfshark allows users to connect unlimited streaming devices simultaneously and has one of the cheapest price plans around. It’s fast enough for 4K streaming and helps you unblock 123Movies on blocked networks while hiding your IP address, and has an ad and malware blocker. The VPN also works on portable devices like smartphones and PCs.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN has 5,500+ servers with virtual IPs for masking your location when accessing 123Movies from anywhere. It has fast buffer-free streaming speeds and comes with  Threat Protection (ad and malware blocker). The VPN is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows streaming devices.

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PrivateVPN devices

PrivateVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, making streaming 123Movies flexible. The VPN offers stable connections without drops for smooth streaming, protects you from malicious ads, malware, hackers, and even your ISP through solid encryption and IP masking.

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The biggest problem with 123Movies is that it showcases copyrighted material, and accessing this can be illegal in most countries, which can land you in trouble.

For this reason, this site was blocked in some places.

Depending on your jurisdiction, your ISP may be mandated by law to report any suspicious activity, like streaming copyrighted material on 123Movies, and that’s why a VPN is vital.

Stream 123Movies Securely and Safely With These 5 VPNs

Before you put your devices at risk by opening 123Movies, ensure you have any of these 5 VPNs activated first:

  • NordVPN – Best User Anonymity for Streaming 123Movies
  • Surfshark – Best for Simultaneous Streaming on Multiple Devices
  • PrivateVPN – Fast Speeds for Buffer-Free Streaming
  • PureVPN – Affordable VPN for Streaming 123Movies
  • CyberGhost – Streaming Dedicated Servers for Buffer-Free Experience

I used base internet speeds of 40 Mbps for all the speed tests, surpassing the general threshold for streaming 4K content at 25 Mbps. Expect better performances if your speeds are faster.

5 Best VPNs for 123Movies

In this review, I’ll show you how privacy and security features offered by these 5 VPNs combine to keep you safe whenever you open 123Movies. At the end of this, you’ll get a complete step-by-step guide for unblocking and accessing 123Movies using a VPN.


NordVPN - Best User Anonymity for Streaming 123Movies

streaming 123movies with nordvpn on south africa server
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
Panama 5,700+ 6 36 Mbps Show Offer

NordVPN averaged 36 Mbps when I ran a speed test to see how capable it was at handling HD streaming, and everything was smooth without any buffering. This made it the third fastest after Surfshark and PrivateVPN.

While the VPN lacks streaming-dedicated servers like CyberGhost, it makes up for that with its innovative NordLynx protocol that packs fantastic speeds.

Furthermore, I didn’t have to worry about 123Movies being blocked on my apartment network (risky sites are blocked by default). 

The 5,700+ servers NordVPN provides are sufficient to get you past any 123Movies block in countries like the United Kingdom or Finland.

In addition to this, since my ISP couldn’t figure out where I was going online, I didn’t have to deal with speed throttling.

Add NordVPN’s strict no-logs policy into the picture, and you can rest easy knowing your 123Movies browsing history isn’t being saved anywhere; zero chance of authorities getting their hands on it.

The ads weren’t as aggressive either because they were kept in check by NordVPN’s Threat Protection, which, fortunately, is available across all platforms. But it wasn’t as effective as CyberGhost’s Block Content.

Finally, you can stream 123Movies with NordVPN on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, and connect a maximum of 6 devices.

That’s the lowest on this list, but still suitable to cover enough devices.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

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Surfshark - Best for Simultaneous Streaming on Multiple Devices

streaming 123movies with surfshark on brazil server
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
The Netherlands 3,200+ Unlimited 39 Mbps Show Offer

While NordVPN only offers six simultaneous connections, Surfshark allows an unlimited number. That makes it the ideal VPN for large groups, like students, who want to stream 123Movies on blocked networks.

And speaking of blocked networks, you get 3,200+ optimized servers with Surfshark VPN, each capable of bypassing regional blocks on 123Movies.

At the same time, you get virtual IPs that mask your location from your ISP and potential hackers.

The VPN also keeps you safe from malicious links and ads within 123Movies through its excellent CleanWeb ad blocker, available on all platforms like NordVPN and CyberGhost.

Like all the other options, Surfshark doesn’t save your browsing history anywhere, so your 123Movies activities will never be seen by anyone.

Furthermore, with AES 256-bit encryption, which I tested with Wireshark, you can use Surfshark VPN to stream 123Movies on unsecured public networks without worrying about your security.

Regarding streaming speeds, Surfshark outperformed all the other options on this list, averaging 39 Mbps. This resulted in the smooth streaming of movies and shows of all formats on 123Movies.

You won’t get unique speed protocols like NordLynx by NordVPN, but WireGuard and IKEv2 do the job with Surfshark’s upgraded 10 Gbps servers.

On top of being one of the most affordable VPNs (alongside PureVPN), you can run Surfshark on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

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PrivateVPN - Fast Speeds for Buffer-Free Streaming

streaming 123movies with privatevpn on south africa server
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
Switzerland 200+ 10 37 Mbps Show Offer

PrivateVPN has the smallest server network on this list, with a little over 200. However, I was surprised by how well it handled all my 123Movies needs without issues.

I expected slow speeds due to overcrowded servers, but it averaged 37 Mbps on the IKEv2 protocol, making it the second-fastest VPN on this list.

So what’s PrivateVPN’s secret? PrivateVPN went to quality rather than quantity, providing users with highly-optimized servers that can handle bandwidth-heavy activities like gaming, torrenting, and, in our case, streaming HD content on 123Movies.

Furthermore, the VPN masks your IP, shielding you from speed throttling from your ISP while keeping you safe from hackers lurking on free movie websites like 123Movies.

Military-grade encryption is another kicker which keeps you safe if you’re the type that loves streaming over unsecured public networks.

However, there’s no ad blocker on PrivateVPN, so you may have to deal with occasional pop-ups when streaming movies and shows on 123Movies.

Like PureVPN, you can connect ten devices simultaneously, more than CyberGhost and NordVPN. This should help you and your friends secure multiple devices for safe streaming on 123Movies without spending an extra dime.

privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

You can also install the VPN on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Check out our fantastic deals before the offer runs out.



PureVPN - Affordable VPN for Streaming 123Movies

streaming 123movies with purevpn on lagos server
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
The BVI 6,500+ 10 32 Mbps Show Offer

PureVPN has the second largest server network after CyberGhost, with 6,500+. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about slow speeds due to overcrowded servers. On top of this, the VPN service provides optimized servers for blazing fast and buffer-free streaming, similar to CyberGhost.

I got 32 Mbps with PureVPN, and although that was the slowest speed on this list, it was enough to get me what I wanted, streaming the final episode of Silo in clear HD. But there’s no specialized protocol like NordLynx here, just the good old WireGuard and IKEv2 doing the magic.

For your security, PureVPN provides the standard AES 256-bit encryption that keeps potential hackers who may be farming for IP addresses on 123Movies or if you’re using public Wi-Fi to stream.

Combined with IP masking, even your ISP won’t know about the movies and shows you’ll be streaming, so there’s no speed throttling.

A strict no-logs policy is also in place to prevent your private data from falling into the wrong hands.

However, there’s no ad blocker, so you’ll need to sacrifice a calf to the gods of ads to stop them from flooding your screen.

That said, PureVPN is compatible with streaming devices like Windows, Linux, and macOS PCs, as well as portables like smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS.

purevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

PureVPN is also the most affordable VPN service for 123Movies, and you can get it at an even lower price if you get your subscription with these fantastic deals.



CyberGhost - Streaming Dedicated Servers for Buffer-Free Experience

streaming 123movies with cyberghost on mumbai server
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
Romania 9,700+ 7 30 Mbps Show Offer

You’re probably wondering why CyberGhost is in the 5th spot despite having the largest server network and the best ad blocker

Well, the VPN may be easy to use with optimized streaming servers, but it still lags behind the other VPNs regarding speeds.

I averaged 30 Mbps while using the WireGuard protocol and a streaming server. Like all the other options, I didn’t experience buffering when streaming in HD or 4K. The Block Content feature also blocked ads smoothly and performed better than CleanWeb and Threat Protection.

The 9,700+ servers also mean you won’t struggle too much with crowded servers because you can switch to another with a single click.

There was no imminent threat to my streaming from hackers, all thanks to the robust military-grade encryption that’s impossible to crack.

Combined with IP masking, my ISP wasn’t a threat of throttling my speed or identifying me to copyright trolls.

CyberGhost’s strict no-logs policy is another essential feature that keeps your 123Movies browsing under wraps, never to be seen by any mortal being.

You can install CyberGhost on your Windows, Linux, and macOS PCs and run it on Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, which puts it slightly above NordVPN in that department.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

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How to Stream 123Movies With PrivateVPN?

Streaming 123Movies safely with a VPN is easy. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Install it on your preferred device.
buy nordvpn for mac
  1. Ensure you have the NordLynx protocol selected.
locating nordlynx protocol on nordvpn
  1. Connect to a fast server of your choice.
nordvpn connected to south africa server
  1. Open 123Movies and start streaming movies and shows.
123movies website
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A free VPN can work with 123Movies, but you may encounter some problems.

First, most free VPNs have limited servers, so you may be unable to unblock 123Movies in some regions. Additionally, limited servers mean more overcrowding which results in slower speeds.

Likewise, free VPNs lack security features like ad and malware blockers, so you’ll have to deal with constant ad interruptions. Finally, your IP may not be well hidden when using free VPNs, so your ISP can throttle your speeds and may report you to the relevant authorities for copyright infringement.

Stream 123Movies With Confidence

No two VPNs are the same, but the five covered here will give you access to 123Movies from anywhere without interference from your ISP or hackers.

NordVPN is still my best recommendation because of its buffer-free speeds, unrivaled user anonymity and security, decent ad blocking, and compatibility with most streaming devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your NordVPN discount right now and catch up with the latest movies and TV shows on 123Movies.

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