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5 Best VPNs for T-Mobile: Defeat Throttling and Browse Privately

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NordVPN promises robust security, speed, and privacy against T-Mobile’s speed throttling, invasive data collection, and data breaches that may leak your user data.

Also, ExpressVPN and Surfshark are well suited for iOS and Android devices on the Un-carrier network.

I researched other secure VPNs that work well over T-Mobile and rounded up the list with PIA and PureVPN.

So, if you want to stream MLB without blackouts, surf the internet without T-Mobile throttling, and download files without nasty copyright letters from T-Mobile, continue reading.

Top 3 VPNs for T-Mobile (May, 2024)

ExpressVPN different devices

Bypass T-Mobile’s internet throttling to unlock faster internet speeds with ExpressVPN’s ultra-fast servers. Access local content with servers in 16 US cities or access international content with 3000+ servers in 94 countries.

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NordVPN devices

Connect to 1970+ servers in the US to keep using T-Mobile’s local services without losing any of your internet data to the ISP. Unblock HD and 4K content from everywhere else with NordVPN’s 5500+ fast servers in 60 countries.

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Surfshark Devices

Secure all your devices against T-Mobile’s invasive data collection with Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections. Enjoy US content from 600+ US VPN servers or international access with 3200+ servers in 95 countries.

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T-Mobile’s privacy policy page shows it collects data, such as:

  • What device you use
  • What you purchase online
  • Your IP address
  • Your MAC address
  • Your current location
  • Unique device data such as battery level, serial number, and device type
  • The websites you visit and what you do on them

As if that’s not enough, the provider also shares that data with third-party vendors and advertisers.

Even more, it tries to regulate your internet usage by blocking access to some sites via its Web Guard internet filtering platform. The issue is that many users report the tool filtering their web results even if they don’t have it enabled.

On top of that, T-Mobile is notorious for bandwidth throttling, so you never get the best of the mobile plan you paid for. That’s a less than ideal way to treat a customer.

All that, and I haven’t mentioned that T-Mobile had its fair share of hacking and data leaks over the years. So, the data it collects on you may land in some scammer’s hands.

vpn chat on reddit about vpn use cases
Just a few reasons to get a VPN when using T-Mobile

Enough with the horror show.

That’s why I chose VPNs engineered with improved encryption, preventing T-Mobile or hackers from seeing your internet activity anymore. With these VPNs, collecting any of the usual data to sell to third-party vendors is also impossible.

Likewise, I know T-Mobile can be touchy and block VPN traffic, so I chose providers with an answer to that.

So, how about we get right to them?

Download Files Securely & Bypass T-Mobile’s Throttling With My Top VPNs

throttling speeds vpn and without vpn
T-Mobile user bypasses throttling to get better speeds with a VPN

Worried about getting caught downloading files on T-Mobile? Tired of getting low internet speeds when you need (and deserve) more?

Here are my top VPNs to solve those problems (and more):

  • NordVPN: Continue surfing the local US web without speed throttling from 1970+ fast US servers. Thanks to a reliable AES 256-bit encryption, T-Mobile never sees your internet activity.
  • ExpressVPN: With obfuscation on all 3000+ servers, T-Mobile can’t block your VPN traffic since it doesn’t know you’re using one. Also, download and seed torrents securely without getting nasty complaints from T-Mobile.
  • Surfshark: Protect unlimited devices under a single Surfshark account without bandwidth throttling. Likewise, enjoy 600+ US servers to stream MLB without blackouts and 3200+ global servers in 95 countries.
  • PureVPN: Get an American IP address to stream NFL, MLB, and other sports content over T-Mobile without blackouts or throttling. Also, you get quantum-resistant servers to prevent decryption of your live traffic.
  • PIA: Ultra-fast servers optimized for up to 10Gbps speeds bypasses T-Mobile’s throttling. Combine that with the free InBrowser built by PIA for an even safer internet surfing experience.

You’re a step closer to using the internet freely without having Big Brother (T-Mobile) intrude on your privacy with these VPNs.

Depending on what you do on your T-Mobile mobile network, let’s discuss how these VPNs compare so you choose the best fit.

Reviews and Comparisons of My Top VPNs for T-Mobile

After reviewing and testing 20+ VPN providers for T-Mobile, the five VPNs below made the list.

Find out how they compare against one another, what makes them great for T-Mobile, and exclusive discounts to save on each one.

NordVPN – Enjoy T-Mobile Across 1970+ US Servers

nordvpn available regions in us
NordVPN unblocks MLB with US Servers

NordVPN boasts the largest recorded US server count (1970+) on this list.

The VPN provider also offers P2P-optimized servers in the US and provides all supported protocols on these servers.

Thus, you can keep browsing the local US internet without losing access to geo-restricted content like NFL streams while encrypting your data from T-Mobile.

In fact, you’ll appreciate having NordVPN to stream blacked-out MLB games. Simply connect to another US server location showing the game, and you’ll have access.

streaming mlb games with nordvpn
MLB playing P-in-P over NordVPN

On top of that, NordVPN is fast enough to give you HD streams across your iOS and Android devices.

Of course, there’s usually a network drop with VPN providers.

Still, NordVPN will get around T-Mobile throttling, so you’ll get better speeds anyway. Though, ExpressVPN slightly edges it out on mobile speed.

For T-Mobile users who want to unblock content unavailable in the US, NordVPN’s network of 5500+ global servers in 60 countries comes in handy.

So, you can:

You can also play mobile games like Mobile Legends (Bang Bang) in other regions by connecting to the preferred server location.

Fortunately, NordVPN features an easy-to-use app on Android and iOS. Also, you can connect up to six mobile devices to the same NordVPN account.

nordvpn quick connect
NordVPN's mobile app interface with Quick Connect button

Likewise, you get the mobile-friendly IKEv2 protocol when T-Mobile starts messing with other VPN protocol traffic.

Sadly, you only get UDP and TCP configurations on its OpenVPN protocol. That would have been handy when T-Mobile blocks UDP traffic, or your devices can’t keep steady connections on the UDP network.

In contrast, you can choose UDP & TCP connections on ExpressVPN’s ultra-fast Lightway protocol.

On top of that, OpenVPN will significantly impact your network speeds and consume more data than NordLynx or IKEv2.

Still, you’ll feel safer with NordVPN’s 256-bit encryption, given that T-Mobile was the target of a few successful hacks. This encryption tunnels your data so that no one – not your ISP, the government, or advertisers – can see your data.

Thus, they can’t record what they don’t see, and it won’t fall into the wrong hands during a breach. Also, T-Mobile can’t sell your private data to advertisers anymore.

Given all that, it’s interesting that NordVPN is an affordable pick.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Still, grab these NordVPN discounts to save more and enjoy a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.



ExpressVPN – Fast UDP and TCP Connections for Reliable T-Mobile Connections

expressvpn connected
ExpressVPN unblocks NFL TV over US servers

ExpressVPN only manages servers in 16 US cities, but they’re all P2P-optimized and come obfuscation-ready.

This means T-Mobile can’t block your VPN traffic when connected to ExpressVPN, as it doesn’t see you’re using a VPN.

Thus, the VPN provider already provides a massive advantage over others on this list.

Furthermore, the global server count stands at 3,000+ in 94 countries to access region-specific content on your T-Mobile network.

expressvpn us regions
ExpressVPN's US server locations

I’m also impressed by ExpressVPN’s mobile download and upload speeds to bypass T-Mobile’s throttling and stream content fast.

Speaking of streaming content, ExpressVPN performs excellently in all streaming tests I throw at it.

For example, you can:

You can also get a lower ping, faster gameplay speeds, and DDoS protection when playing mobile games over ExpressVPN with T-Mobile.

Some of the popular titles I play seamlessly with ExpressVPN include

In fact, you can bypass MLB, NHL, and other game blackouts with ExpressVPN. For this, I recommend the Lightway protocol.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN allows you to choose between UDP and TCP connections on this fast Lightway protocol. That’s essential when T-Mobile blocks certain connections, so you’re not stuck without internet over a VPN.

You also get the mobile-friendly IKEv2. And no matter what protocol you connect to, you’ll enjoy the same AES 256-bit encryption across all servers.

Moving on, ExpressVPN’s mobile app was the easiest of all the VPNs I tested.

Not by a large margin, but it’s intuitive and clearly laid out, so you don’t miss anything. It even explains the protocols and other aspects of the app to ease the learning curve.

However, ExpressVPN is one of the costlier options.

It also doesn’t help that it offers five simultaneous connections, one less than you get with NordVPN.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So, it’s best to grab these ExpressVPN discounts for a better deal.



Surfshark – Enjoy Privacy on T-Mobile Across Unlimited Mobile Devices

surfshark connected
NBA TV playing P-in-P on mobile over Surfshark's US servers

Surfshark beats ExpressVPN with 600+ servers in the US and 3200+ servers in 95 countries. However, you neither get the P2P-optimized support on all servers, lighting fast obfuscation on all servers, nor speeds ExpressVPN generally manages.

surfshark us servers
Some US server locations on Surfshark

Still, you can use Surfshark to encrypt your traffic on unlimited mobile devices using T-Mobile, compared to five simultaneous connections from ExpressVPN.

But you can’t get TCP connections over WireGuard, the fastest protocol for mobile on Surfshark. Fortunately, you get the mobile-friendly IKEv2 protocol instead.

Both protocols are relatively lightweight compared to OpenVPN, so they won’t consume too much of your data plan for encryption.

However, the base WireGuard will still consume more (negligible) data than ExpressVPN’s Lightway or NordVPN’s NordLynx, so that’s worth considering.

Now for a catch.

Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, a data-sharing member of the Fourteen Eyes alliance. However, Surfshark underwent extensive audits from Cure53 to show it doesn’t collect user data or log connection activity.

That combines with AES 256-bit encryption to keep all of your data safe from T-Mobile’s intrusion. Furthermore, you’re better protected in data breaches since T-Mobile won’t have many secondary data on you.

On top of that, Surfshark’s mobile app is easy-to-use.

Like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, a quick connect button assigns you the best protocol over the best server in the fastest location.

However, this quick connect feature might not recognize limitations over the T-Mobile network. So, I recommend tweaking the protocol settings if you’re having internet connection issues over your VPN using T-Mobile.

On a better note, mobile gamers using Surfshark will love the novel rotating IPs setting. This feature allows you to stay connected to a single server location while regularly changing your IP.

So, no one has a lock on your IP address long enough to monitor your data, DDoS you, or collect any data about you.

Gamers and non-gamers can also get shared Static IP addresses, which function as dedicated IPs so you can always browse the web like you’re from one location.

surfshark static ips
Shared static IPs for the US

This feature is important against sensitive platforms (banking platforms, some game servers, etc.) that may restrict your account if you hop around too many servers/IP addresses.

For a VPN that offers all these features with unlimited simultaneous connections and unlimited bandwidth, you’d think Surfshark was expensive.

But it’s one of the most affordable providers I reviewed.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Don’t forget these Surfshark discounts bundled with a 30-day money-back guarantee.



PureVPN – Quantum-Resistant Servers to Encrypt Data From T-Mobile

PureVPN website
purevpn connected to new york
Streaming MLS content over PureVPN in the US

PureVPN claims to have pioneered quantum-resistant servers that protect your live internet traffic from getting decrypted by quantum computers.

While this isn’t yet available on its 6500+ global server network, the 1800+ US servers in 13 cities are all quantum resistant.

This makes PureVPN the provider with the second-highest servers in the US, only behind NordVPN. Overall, it boasts the largest server count on this list.

On top of that is the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption on all servers and protocols for good measure.

purevpn encryption

Thus, you can play mobile games securely, download/share files, unblock web content, and bypass local game blackouts without T-Mobile seeing your internet activity.

I also like the straightforward mobile app from PureVPN and its quick-connect feature. Although the protocols are left Automatic by default, you can switch between IPSec, IKEv2, and WireGuard to find the best fit for your T-Mobile network.

You’ll notice that this is the first VPN that provides IPSec as a standalone from IKEv2. It’s impressive because IPSec consumes even less data.

It’s also mobile-friendly but might not be as secure for high-end web operations.

Also, I’m impressed that you can choose between UDP and TCP connections in the PureVPN mobile app.

Unlike ExpressVPN, though, these UDP/TCP connections on PureVPN connect you through OpenVPN, massively impacting your internet connection speed.

Likewise, I don’t like that you can’t pick P2P-optimized servers on the iOS mobile app even though you get that option in the PureVPN PC app. After all, NordVPN still allows you to choose its specialty P2P servers on mobile.

Barring that, though, you’ll find PureVPN affordable.

Plus, you can share a single PureVPN plan across ten devices simultaneously.

purevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So, you’ll get even better value with these PureVPN discounts.



Private Internet Access – Port Forwarding for Secure Torrent Downloads on T-Mobile

piavpn connected
PIA unblocks NCAA College Basketball over US servers

You may not get to download torrents or use port forwarding on mobile phones. Still, every PIA subscription comes with port forwarding.

Thus, you can share your T-Mobile hotspot with your PC, set up port forwarding on the PC, and enjoy faster torrent download speeds without getting any warning letters from T-Mobile.

Moving on, while PIA doesn’t mention how many servers it has in the US, I counted 15+ US server locations.

Also, you get access to an extensive server count in 84 countries to unblock content from.

Furthermore, PIA rivals NordVPN and ExpressVPN in speed.

That makes it suitable for bypassing T-Mobile’s throttling attempts whether you’re downloading large files, gaming, surfing the web, or streaming content.

Speaking of streaming, PIA is notable for unblocking access to streaming platforms like:

You can even change game servers, get a lower ping, and escape DDoS attacks when playing games like:

On top of that, you can see the ping values of all servers in the mobile app before connecting.

Since it already offers port forwarding, it’s no surprise that PIA also brings P2P-supported servers.

But not all of its servers are optimized for P2P downloads like ExpressVPN, so you might have to reach out to a support staff to know which ones to use.

Now for a downside. I find the mobile app a little clumsy and packed.

However, it makes up for that with a large quick connect button you can tap for fast setup.

Still, you might have to tweak the protocol settings – where you’ll find WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2. While the latter is the best for mobile and lower data consumption, WireGuard is more secure.

Furthermore, you can’t choose UDP or TCP connections on any of the protocols, unlike ExpressVPN.

Fortunately, that isn’t a serious dealbreaker, as PIA edges out ExpressVPN and NordVPN with ten simultaneous connections.

And the AES 256-bit-supporting VPN remains modestly priced for its offering.

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Luckily, you still get PIA discounts to save money and stay eligible for the 30-day refund.



Does T-Mobile Allow VPNs?

T-Mobile doesn’t explicitly ban VPNs. But it limits VPN usage by identifying and throttling VPN traffic, forcing VPNs to their IPv6 network modes (which may not work), or denying internet access over VPNs.

t-mobile ip traffic
T-Mobile preventing VPN usage by forcing IPv6 traffic only

Unlike other providers, more T-Mobile customers complain of getting shut out of the internet once their VPNs are enabled.

It’s not unheard of that T-Mobile discourages VPN use to monitor its users’ internet activity and collect data to sell to third-party merchants.

Fortunately, you can get around these T-Mobile tricks by using a combination of

  • The right VPN provider
  • The right VPN protocols
  • The right connection types
t-mobile vpn usage
T-Mobile user showing how the carrier is responsible for blocking VPN usage

That’s why I focused on VPNs that bypass T-Mobile’s tricks on your mobile internet connection and give you access to the unfiltered internet.

How I Chose the Best VPNs for T-Mobile?

I started with 20+ VPN providers, but they didn’t all perform great with T-Mobile.

So, I ended with the five providers above for being the standout performers.

Below, I’ll detail the criteria for choosing suitable VPN providers for T-Mobile. However, you can save yourself the stress and select one of my recommended VPN services.


Consider the overall VPN speed to allow you to:

  • Bypass T-Mobile’s throttling
  • Get lesser connection speed drops over the VPN
  • Stream MLB, NFL, US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services

Besides the general VPN speed, ensure your choice T-Mobile VPN is fast across its mobile-friendly protocols.

Of all the VPNs I tested, ExpressVPN is the fastest, closely followed by NordVPN. PIA and PureVPN are also fast, getting close to ExpressVPN at points.

Surfshark also has its servers optimized for 1Gbps speeds at least.

Server Locations

You need US server locations to access your

  • Local banking apps
  • US-locked services like CNN Go, MLB TV, NHL TV
  • Massive US libraries on services like Netflix

Likewise, you need global servers to unblock content available in other countries but not in the US.

watch mlb games with vpn
Avoid MLB blackouts when streaming over T-Mobile with US VPN servers

For example, students, expats, and other US travelers may want to unblock local TV channels back home or get into their banking apps. US residents may also want to connect to other gaming servers or unblock content in other regions.

Fortunately, my chosen VPN providers offer extensive servers in the US and beyond, as seen in the table below.

VPN Provider US Servers US Server Locations Global Servers Global Coverage
NordVPN 1970+ 15 cities 5500+ 60 countries
ExpressVPN 23 16 cities 3000+ 94 countries
Surfshark 600+ 25 cities 3200+ 95 countries
PureVPN 1800+ 13 cities 6500+ 78+ countries
PIA 20 16 cities Undisclosed 84 countries

Multiple Protocols

All VPN protocols work on mobile, but not all are suitable for T-Mobile.

Likewise, some VPN protocols offer better speeds and consume less data.

For example, it’s advisable to have IPSec and IKEv2 on mobile connections.

WireGuard is also great for speed/security plus less data consumption.

Still, I prefer in-house alternatives like NordLynx (NordVPN) and Lightway (ExpressVPN).

Furthermore, check that you can switch between UDP and TCP connections. Sometimes, T-Mobile may block UDP connections, so you’ll only have luck on the TCP connections.

t-mobile sometimes block udp traffic
Indication that T-Mobile sometimes blocks UDP traffic

So far, only ExpressVPN offers the option to switch between UDP and TCP on the faster Lightway protocol for Android and iOS devices. You also get the mobile-friendly IKEv2 protocol to fall back on if those don’t work.

P2P Support

With P2P support, you can share files securely without third-party interception from T-Mobile, your government, or hackers.

This is also important for sharing files when connected to T-Mobile hotspot networks on your Android or iOS devices, so hackers/scammers don’t hijack your files and session.

Also, stellar P2P support ensures faster speeds while encrypting your traffic, so T-Mobile never has a clue what you’re downloading/uploading.

use icloud private relay with vpn
No iCloud Private Relay over T-Mobile? No problem. Use a VPN!

ExpressVPN provides the best P2P support of all the VPNs I tested, with all servers optimized for this feature. NordVPN comes in a close second with P2P support on all servers, but a few are designated to work best with this feature.

While PureVPN, PIA, and Surfshark also support P2P connections on their servers, you’ll have to chat up customer support to know which ones are optimized for this feature.

Mobile Support

A good T-Mobile VPN should have:

  • An easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Multiple mobile-friendly protocols
  • Equal, high-level protection across mobile servers
unable to connect to vpn when on t-mobile
You need the right VPN to work with T-Mobile

Overall, ExpressVPN’s mobile support is the best, with options for UDP and TCP connections if T-Mobile is blocking any. The rest of my top VPNs also offer mobile-friendly protocols like IKEv2, IPSec, and WireGuard (or its equivalent).

Note that you’ll get lesser data consumption with IPSec/IKEv2 than with other protocols. Still, they may not offer the best security/encryption.

Data Encryption

T-Mobile has been embroiled in at least four data breaches since 2018.

Thus, getting a VPN that encrypts your data is vital, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

t-mobile hacked

Likewise, T-Mobile is notorious for collecting user data and doing everything possible to retain that power. After all, it’s one of the few providers that fought against iCloud Relay on iOS devices because it prevents the provider from accessing user data.

t-mobile blocks iphone users
T-Mobile moves to frustrate Apple users from enabling iCloud Private Relay over its network

So, choose a VPN that puts your privacy back into your hands.

Fortunately, all my chosen VPNs use AES 256-bit data encryption technology on all protocols and servers. PureVPN has a quantum-resistant server feature, promising protection against decryption from next-gen quantum computers.

Can You Use a Free VPN Service With T-Mobile?

Free VPN services don’t encrypt your internet traffic enough to prevent detection from T-Mobile and aren’t fast enough to bypass the ISP’s throttling.

Furthermore, free VPNs collect your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

So, you’ve not regained your privacy from T-Mobile but lost it to the VPN company, which may be shady.

Thus, I recommend choosing affordable VPNs like Surfshark, ensuring privacy from T-Mobile on unlimited devices under one account.

How to Setup a VPN for T-Mobile on Android and iOS?

The guides below show you how to set up your VPN to work correctly with T-Mobile.

I used iOS as a base for this guide, but you can get the same setup running on your Android devices.

So, let’s get to it.

Choose the Right Protocol

The preferred mobile protocols for T-Mobile are IKEv2 and IPSec.

These protocols consume the least data, are lightweight enough for faster speeds, reliable with mobile connections, and balance security features quite nicely.

change vpn protocol
A simple protocol change can go a long way

Always avoid obfuscation protocols when using a VPN with T-Mobile on your mobile device. If you must use obfuscation, choose ExpressVPN for its fast obfuscation on all protocols and servers

Enable the Kill Switch

Most VPNs offer a toggle-able kill switch in their Android apps but build it into the iOS app by default. Still, some (like PIA) have a kill switch inside the iOS app.

So, check that it’s on before you connect the VPN.

Connect to a Preferred Server

You can choose to connect to:

  • The fastest server. You can get this by clicking the quick connect button most VPN providers offer.
  • A US server. This is best to keep surfing the local web or unblock US sports content in other states with T-Mobile.
  • International servers. To unblock content in another country, connect to a global gaming server, etc.

Here’s how to connect to your preferred server.

  1. Launch your preferred VPN mobile app and log in. I prefer NordVPN for iOS and Android.
  2. Tap the “Quick Connect” button to automatically get the best/fastest server location. OR
  1. Select the “Search” option.
  1. Search for a preferred country/city.
  2. Tap the preferred location once it appears.
  3. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  1. You can now surf the web securely on T-Mobile.

Troubleshooting Guide: Solve Possible Issues With T-Mobile and Your VPN

T-Mobile is notorious for impeding VPN traffic and other VPN setup issues.

Thus, I created a troubleshooting guide to go through (in no particular order) whenever you’re having problems connecting over T-Mobile.

  • Choose a reliable VPN provider. This is the first step to any troubleshooting since a poor VPN provider won’t give you reliable encryption, speed, or online privacy over T-Mobile. When in doubt, choose NordVPN.
  • Switch to IPv6. If your VPN provider supports IPv6 traffic, switch to this network protocol since T-Mobile sometimes forces all internet connectivity to this connection type.
  • Switch protocols. Change protocols to IKEv2 or IPSec as they work best with T-Mobile. If your VPN is set to Automatic protocol selection, you should disable that and try connecting again.
  • Create new Access Point Names (APNs). iOS devices don’t allow you to create APNs anymore. However, if your Android unit does, create an APN for IPv4 traffic, connecting your T-Mobile network to the VPN provider.
  • Update your VPN apps. Sometimes, installing a pending VPN app update may be what’s keeping it from working correctly. Check your App Store/Google Play Store to download and install new updates.
  • Speak with T-Mobile support. There are cases where T-Mobile might be restricting VPN traffic. So, call up your support agents and see how they can help you work around the issue.
  • Speak with VPN support. Also, reach out to your VPN’s support agents (preferably via Live Chat) and discuss the problem with them for a solution.

Is T-Mobile Blocking Your VPN Traffic?

When T-Mobile is blocking your VPN traffic but allowing you to use the internet without a VPN, here are a few steps to try.

  • Try ExpressVPN’s obfuscation. I don’t usually recommend obfuscation with T-Mobile. However, ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast solution may help you avoid T-Mobile’s VPN traffic blocks.
  • Try another device. iOS sometimes forces connections to IPv6 only, hindering VPN’s IPv4 connections from working correctly. You could switch to an Android device to perform more secure internet tasks over T-Mobile.

You can also speak with your VPN support staff or contact the T-Mobile customer support center to solve the problem.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

NordVPN’s easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile apps combine with low-data-consuming IKEv2/NordLynx protocols for an impressive experience over T-Mobile’s network.

The VPN provider also offers mobile P2P-optimized support to secure file sharing and prevent T-Mobile’s internet speed throttling when layered over the VPN.

T-Mobile restricts access to pornographic, gambling, and related websites with its Web Guard feature. However, multiple users found that the ISP restricts access to unrelated websites and may enforce the feature when you don’t enable it.

Thus, you may need a VPN to access specific websites blocked on the T-Mobile ISP side.

You can unblock Netflix with ExpressVPN on T-Mobile and stream content in HD quality on your iOS or Android devices.

ExpressVPN’s fast obfuscation also allows it to bypass any T-Mobile VPN traffic blocks to Netflix. So, you can watch Netflix content from other regions by connecting to the preferred VPN server.

IPSec and IKEv2 are the best VPN protocols for Android and iOS devices on the T-Mobile network. These protocols are mobile-friendly, offer a healthy balance of security and speed, and use less data than other VPN protocols.

Likewise, IKEv2 is great at reconnecting when the VPN connection drops.

Hence, it nicely incorporates the kill switch technology to prevent IP/DNS leaks. While using obfuscation protocols on T-Mobile isn’t recommended, switch to ExpressVPN’s IKEv2 for fast obfuscation on all servers.

You can use a VPN with a T-Mobile hotspot by downloading and setting up a VPN service on the device you’re sharing a hotspot connection with.

Note that if you have a VPN running on the hotspot sharing phone, the secure connection isn’t transmitted to the connecting devices, as that’s only possible on certain PCs.

Fortunately, T-Mobile-compatible VPN providers like NordVPN offer six simultaneous connections. Thus, you don’t need to buy another subscription to protect the device you’re sharing your hotspot with.

NordVPN is the best iPhone VPN over T-Mobile for its easy-to-navigate iOS app, mobile-friendly IKEv2 protocol, and a built-in kill switch automatically activated on all servers and protocols.

You also get the standard AES 256-bit encryption on all servers to prevent T-Mobile from collecting your iPhone user data.

Finally, NordVPN offers P2P servers in its iOS app to protect your data sharing and downloading activity from T-Mobile, copyright trolls, the government, or anyone else.

T-Mobile doesn’t provide an in-house VPN service. Even if it did, you’re better with third-party VPN providers since there’s no guarantee that T-Mobile won’t still collect and log your data over its internal VPN service.

NordVPN is the best Android VPN over T-Mobile since it’s easy to set up and encrypts your internet connections.

You also get DDoS protection, fast servers to bypass T-Mobile’s throttling for streaming, and faster gameplay when playing mobile games over your T-Mobile network.

Also, NordVPN’s Android kill switch prevents IP/DNS request data leaks to T-Mobile, other servers, or people you’re communicating with online.

Secure Your Mobile Privacy Experience

It’s concerning that T-Mobile will do everything to collect user data, even after you’ve paid for its service, which shouldn’t be so.

For a company that’s fallen to so many breaches exposing tens of millions of customers’ data, you’re right to not feel safe with your data in its hands.

Fortunately, NordVPN encrypts your T-Mobile traffic on mobile, comes with mobile-friendly protocols, consumes less data, and helps you bypass T-Mobile’s throttling for complete internet freedom.

Get started with NordVPN’s HUGE discounts to ensure better privacy when using T-Mobile.

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