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5 Best VPNs for Twitch: Stream Without Boundaries

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I’m an avid Twitch streamer.

So, when I went to college, I used a VPN to unblock it.

I thought it was a temporary solution.

It wasn’t.

To this day, I use NordVPN for Twitch streaming.

Though, at one point, I tried limiting my VPN use.

And then I was DDoS attacked by an angry viewer previously blocked from my stream.

I googled solutions and was brought back to NordVPN.

Now, I use NordVPN to improve my latency, stop my ISP from throttling my Twitch streams, and protect myself from DDoS attacks (none since).

Plus, NordVPN has a Dedicated IP add-on for evading shadowbans – and its video performance is top-tier.

Top 3 VPNs for Twitch (May, 2024)

Private Internet Access
pia devices

PIA has an affordable Dedicated IP for Twitch streamers, eliminating the possibility of IP bans due to other users on the same server violating Twitch’s ToS. PIA also includes port forwarding for the best speeds and combined obfuscation and double VPN.  

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN takes first as the best VPN for Twitch streaming, thanks to its low ping, obfuscation, Onion Over VPN, and Dedicated IP add-on. AKA: you have plenty of ways to bypass bans, unblock Twitch, and enjoy high quality streams with lag-free gameplay.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN is the only VPN on my list with automatic obfuscation on every server with any protocol, meaning Twitch won’t know you’re using a VPN – so it can’t shadowban you! ExpressVPN is also the fastest VPN for Twitch streaming and gives seamless video performance.

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In my search for the best VPNs for Twitch, my first stop was to scout VPNs with high-quality video performance, low latency, fast speeds, and DDoS protection.

Then, I looked for obfuscation features to help users evade VPN-related bans.

Dedicated IP add-ons were also considered (private IP addresses for Twitch are priceless).

Finally, I verified that every VPN on my list unblocks Twitch by traveling to the local college campus (the network admins block it).

All of the VPNs on my list performed spectacularly in every area.

Keep reading for the details!

Itching to Stream Black Ops 4 on Twitch? Grab One of My Top VPNs to Avoid DDoS Attacks!

twitch dashboard

Just like Activision is full of hit or miss Call of Duty titles, so is the VPN industry.

Luckily, I put together a quick cheat sheet of my top VPNs for Twitch, so you can start streaming immediately (and avoid DDoS attacks): 

  • NordVPN – Onion Over VPN to Evade Twitch Shadowbans + Low Ping
  • Private Internet Access – Affordable Dedicated IP Add-On & Proxy Security
  • ExpressVPN – Automatic Obfuscation to Hide VPN Use From Twitch
  • Surfshark – Static Servers & Two Obfuscation Features (One Is Lightweight)
  • IPVanish – Low Ping, Fast Speeds, & Obfuscation to Unblock Twitch

What Are the Best VPNs for Twitch?

The best VPNs for Twitch are NordVPN, Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish.

Read the following in-depth reviews to find out why I chose them and how they compare to each other!

1. NordVPN – Onion Over VPN to Evade Twitch Shadowbans + Low Ping

nordvpn for twitch tv

NordVPN was an easy choice for first since I’ve been using it to stream on Twitch for years!

In fact, it was the best answer to my DDoS problem, and now, it’s the ultimate solution to pretty much everything Twitch-related.

First, when I moved to Europe and started experiencing lag during Twitch streams, I realized my new ISP was throttling my bandwidth.

At this point, I hadn’t set up NordVPN on my new PC yet, so that was the kick I needed to do so.

Luckily, the minute the VPN masked my network traffic, the throttling stopped – and so did my bouncing ping!

Actually, NordVPN had the lowest ping on my list (10ms), beating ExpressVPN and Surfshark by 1ms and PIA and IPVanish by 3ms.

This made streaming FF14 on Twitch seamless and lag-free for both my viewers and me.

streaming ff14 on twitch with nordvpn

NordVPN also gave me blazing-fast speeds and let me access Twitch when I visited the local college campus that blocks it.

You can also use NordVPN to unblock other content, like games you want to stream for your viewers.

For example, if you’re in one of the countries that block GTA 5’s Diamond Casino, you can use NordVPN to unblock it and in-game gamble to your heart’s content.

gta 5 diamond casino

And that’s not all.

In recent months, Reddit users realized that Twitch is (still) shadowbanning VPN users (hiding their messages and streams from other users).

They also identified a solution: Onion Over VPN.

So, NordVPN has a unique feature that no other VPN on my list (and few VPNs in general) have – Onion Over VPN.

This feature sends your VPN traffic through the Onion network (Tor), helping obfuscate your Twitch activities.

In other words, Onion Over VPN stops Twitch from seeing your VPN use and shadowbanning you because of it.

nordvpn onion over vpn

But wait, there’s more!

NordVPN also has separate obfuscated servers that work similarly.

However, instead of sending your VPN traffic through the Onion network (and making it look like you’re using Tor instead of a VPN), the obfuscation feature hides that you’re using a VPN in general (no extra routing).

nordvpn obfuscated server

So, either of these features can help you avoid VPN-related bans on Twitch.

But there is a downside; they can very harshly impact speed.

This means that while these features are great for joining Twitch streams without risking bans, they’re not super-effective for streaming, especially if you’re streaming bandwidth-intensive games.

Instead, if you can afford the extra $70+/year, I recommend NordVPN’s Dedicated IP add-on.

This gives you a separate, private IP that no other user has access to, thus decreasing the likelihood of getting shadowbanned for VPN use.

nordvpn dedicated ip

Plus, considering most VPN-related bans (not shadowbans) are due to another user’s violation of Twitch’s ToS, a Dedicated IP negates that risk entirely.

The downsides to NordVPN’s Dedicated IP are its high price and the 1-year commitment.

PIA’s Dedicated IP (the only other VPN on my list to offer one) is $5/month, so $60/year.

That’s cheaper and requires less commitment, so you can sub to it whenever you need it.

Luckily, I have last-minute good news about NordVPN before we wrap up.

As promised, NordVPN’s DDoS protection is super-effective.

The Twitch user I mentioned earlier (who launched a DDoS attack against me for blocking him from my stream) created a few other accounts over the years to hound me (long story).

Yet, I haven’t experienced another DDoS attack since having NordVPN.

So, good news all around.

And to complete the good news, NordVPN is very affordable – especially its long-term plans!

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But if you want to SAVE MORE MONEY (so you can donate to your favorite Twitch streamers instead), use this discount link!



2. Private Internet Access – Affordable Dedicated IP Add-On & Proxy Security

You already had a preview in my NordVPN review of why Private Internet Access (PIA) takes second place as one of the best VPNs for Twitch streaming.

What you don’t know is that it also earned its place, thanks to its combined obfuscation and double VPN feature.

So, what does “proxy security” mean, exactly?

PIA takes a unique approach to its obfuscation feature by sending the obfuscated traffic through a second proxy server (SOCKS5 or Shadowsocks).

Thanks to this original idea, the feature isn’t as slow as your average obfuscation and/or MultiHop feature.

private internet access (pia) multihop

So, if you want a compromise for security and speed, this feature lets you stream on Twitch without a huge speed drop.

Of course, it’s not foolproof.

You’ll still get some speed loss.

But it’s faster than NordVPN’s obfuscated servers and Onion Over VPN feature.

Plus, PIA is the only VPN on my list to offer this dual-action combo.

On the other hand, NordVPN (with no security features enabled) is faster than PIA.

That’s not to say PIA isn’t fast.

You can still stream on Twitch without lag, but it’s not as fast as the other VPNs on my list.

streaming twitch tv with private internet access (pia) vpn

In better news, PIA stabilized my ping!

My ping likes to jump between 8ms and 15ms.

PIA put it at 13ms and kept it there.

And while it did place last in my ping tests (tying with IPVanish), my lowest ping was only 10ms (NordVPN), so it wasn’t a huge difference.

All-in-all, PIA is a preferable choice for Twitch users who are prone to shadowbans, as the only other VPNs on my list with fast obfuscation are ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

Although, you might improve your PIA speeds with its Dedicated IP add-on.

As mentioned, this is cheaper than NordVPN’s add-on ($60/year vs. $70+/year) and can be purchased monthly (vs. 1 year upfront), though you get savings on longer subs.

private internet access (pia) vpn dedicated ip

And, of course, PIA’s Dedicated IP is a great solution for evading shadowbans and VPN-related bans in general, as it gives you a private IP to stream with.

Moving on, when I took my trip to the nearby college campus, PIA successfully unblocked Twitch.

You can also use PIA to unblock games, websites, and other content – so your Twitch streams have infinite possibilities.

Or, if you’re in a country like mine (Slovakia) that randomly blocks Twitch because of one user (illegal gambling), you can use PIA to access it until the block is lifted.

PIA has one more thing worth mentioning to Twitch users – port forwarding.

private internet access (pia) request port forwarding

It’s the only VPN on my list with a one-click solution for port forwarding (ExpressVPN offers it for its router setup).

So, if you want to optimize your Twitch streaming speeds for another speed boost, enable the feature in the PIA app.

Oh, one more thing!

PIA also has robust DDoS protection.

But with its massive server network (30,000+ servers), finding another server is quick and easy even if you were to get DDoS attacked.

Ready to try PIA yourself?

Check out its affordable prices:

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But for the BEST discount, click here!



3. ExpressVPN – Automatic Obfuscation to Hide VPN Use From Twitch

expressvpn page

ExpressVPN could’ve placed second – even first – because of its fast speeds and low ping.

But there are a couple of reasons it’s third.

However, before I discuss my reasoning for its place, let’s talk about its performance.

Out of all the VPNs on my list, ExpressVPN had the best video performance and speed and second-best latency (tied with Surfshark).

Specifically, my internet speed was barely affected, my ping was just 11ms, and my Twitch streaming experience was lag-free and high-quality.

In fact, I streamed FF14, GTA 5, and CoD BO4 back-to-back with zero issues.

streaming twitch tv with expressvpn

Even my viewers commented on the stellar performance, saying my screen capture was the “most clear it’s ever been.”

This is crazy, as I don’t normally get complaints about low-quality streams – meaning ExpressVPN must’ve been really good for the difference to be noticeable.

I also didn’t lag during any of my games, either.

And that’s not even the main reason ExpressVPN places third; wait until you find out this performance was on top of the provider’s automatic obfuscation!

That’s right. ExpressVPN has automatic obfuscation on every server (with any protocol).

I can’t think of a single VPN on or off my list that offers this.

Most obfuscation features only work with some protocols or servers.

But thanks to ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology, you can enjoy high-quality Twitch streams without worrying about shadowbans, as your VPN use is hidden at all times.

Another reason ExpressVPN sits high on my list is its unblocking abilities.

You can unblock pretty much anything, from Twitch and games to streaming services and websites.

This means if you want to stream yourself opening FIFA 17 “loot boxes” on Twitch from Belgium or other restricted countries, you can do so with ExpressVPN.

Same for Gears of War 4, Mario Kart Tour, CS:GO, and more.

fifa 17

Alternatively, if you get banned from Twitch for some reason, you can use ExpressVPN to switch your IP, create a new account, and bypass the ban.

Finally, the last thing ExpressVPN has for Twitch users is DDoS protection.

I’ve tested this feature over the years when my friends were using all of my NordVPN connections (it happens a lot), and I’ve never experienced a DDoS attack.

So, you can trust ExpressVPN to have your back if an angry Twitch user gets sulky and enacts revenge when you block them from your stream.

Now for the reasons ExpressVPN doesn’t place higher.

First, it doesn’t have a dedicated IP add-on.

This is really disappointing, as it means there’s no way to guarantee the IP you’re using doesn’t get banned for another user’s ToS violation.

Fortunately, the likelihood of getting banned (or shadowbanned) for VPN use, in general, is low, thanks to ExpressVPN’s automatic obfuscation.

But not having the option to get a dedicated IP is definitely a drawback.

Second, ExpressVPN is the most expensive VPN on my list.

Even its long-term plans offer minimal savings.

This is rough for Twitch users on a budget.

So, if you want to try ExpressVPN, grab THIS EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT LINK to save the MOST money.



4. Surfshark – Static Servers & Two Obfuscation Features (One Is Lightweight)

surfshark page

Surfshark has a few unique features that separate it from the other VPNs on my list.

In fact, they’re the main reason the provider makes an appearance at all.

First, Surfshark has static servers.

These are similar to NordVPN and PIA’s Dedicated IP add-ons, except other users share them.

This makes them basically useless for Twitch streamers when used alone (unless you’re streaming a game that doesn’t like multiple IP logins).

But when you combine a static IP with one of Surfshark’s obfuscation features, you get a reliable method for negating Twitch shadowbans.

surfshark static ip servers

To put it in layman’s terms, you’re connecting to Twitch using the same IP every time while obfuscation hides your VPN use.

The downside is that since the servers are shared, you can’t eliminate the possibility of another user getting the IP banned (or that thousands of users use the same IP).

Still, it’s better than no static IP option – and Surfshark is the only VPN on my list to offer them (for free with any subscription, no less).

As for obfuscation, Surfshark is also the only VPN on my list with two options.

I recommend Camouflage Mode.

This is enabled by default when you use either OpenVPN protocol.

It’s also super lightweight, making your Twitch streams lag-free and high-quality.

Alternatively, Surfshark’s NoBorders Mode offers a heavier obfuscation solution.

But while it can help with Twitch shadowbans, I only recommend it if you’re in a country like China or Russia.

Otherwise, it really messes with your speed.

surfshark noborders mode

Or, if you’re alright with risking shadowbans, you can ditch both obfuscation features and use the WireGuard protocol for the best Twitch performance.

This is what gave Surfshark lightning-fast speeds and second place in my latency tests (11ms ping, tying with ExpressVPN).

In fact, my stream was on par with NordVPN, and I experienced zero lag while playing FF14 “with” my viewers.

streaming twitch tv with surfshark

Moving on, Surfshark also unblocked Twitch during my tests at the college campus.

Plus, when Twitch was briefly banned in Slovakia in 2021, one of my friends used Surfshark to access it and stream League of Legends for his viewers.

Of course, that means Surfshark is an excellent choice for unblocking other content, too, whether games, websites or apps.

And thanks to its DDoS protection, you’re safe from scorned users retaliating with DDoS attacks (the friend I mentioned was a magnet for drama and threats but never had issues when he used Surfshark).

Finally, Surfshark’s monthly plan is expensive – but you can save big on long-term plans!

Don’t forget to click here for HUGE SAVINGS, too!



5. IPVanish – Low Ping, Fast Speeds, & Obfuscation to Unblock Twitch

ipvanish page

IPVanish might be last on my list of the most reliable VPNs for Twitch streaming – but it shouldn’t be discarded!

Instead, consider all of the features for Twitch streamers that the VPN provider offers.

For starters, IPVanish stabilized my ping at 13ms, tying it with PIA.

And yes, it still placed last for latency – but considering the best ping was 10ms, that’s not a significant difference!

IPVanish is also fast.

It’s actually faster than PIA and almost as fast as Surfshark and NordVPN.

So, it was no surprise that my Twitch stream had stellar video performance and no lag!

None of my viewers complained, either.

streaming twitch tv with ipvanish

Next, IPVanish has an obfuscation feature, though it’s a little hard to find (Settings > Connection > Scramble OpenVPN Traffic).

So, if you find yourself getting VPN-related shadowbans, this feature will help you evade them.

ipvanish scramble openvpn traffic

The downside is that it slows your speeds, making IPVanish slower than PIA.

And unfortunately, there’s no dedicated IP alternative.

In fact, IPVanish says it doesn’t offer dedicated IPs because it “[doesn’t] want to run the risk of having web traffic associated with any single user.”

ipvanish policy

That seems kind of silly to me, as at least giving users the option doesn’t hurt.

Most know the risk – and for some, the benefits outweigh it.

On the bright side, you can still use IPVanish to unblock Twitch in restricted locations, like school or work.

And if you get banned (for a simple misunderstanding, of course), you can easily connect to another server to bypass the ban.

ipvanish server list

IPVanish is also great at unblocking games like CS:GO (loot boxes) and GTA 5 (Casino), so if those are detrimental to your Twitch stream, you’re all set.

Last bit of good news – IPVanish has robust DDoS protection.

You won’t be on the receiving end of a DDoS attack anytime soon (provided you’re connected), so you can stream without anxiety that your connection will lag out.

Now for why IPVanish places last.

In addition to somewhat slower speeds and no dedicated IP add-on, the IPVanish app is complex for novice VPN users.

There are many options, and some features aren’t clearly marked (like the obfuscation).

ipvanish quick connect

This might be a pro if you like customizing your VPN client, but overall, IPVanish could make its app a little more user-friendly.

As for prices, the VPN service falls somewhere in the middle:

ipvanish subscription prices

Luckily, you can get MAJOR SAVINGS by using my discount link!



How to Choose the Best VPN for Twitch?

twitch tv streaming

Choosing a trustworthy VPN for Twitch is just as challenging as building your career as a Twitch streamer.

Luckily, I’m here to make it easy!

Check the next sections for what to look for in a VPN for Twitch streaming and info on free VPNs for Twitch.

Take a Break From Streaming Your FFXIV Housing Adventures & Review This Checklist!

All right, I admit it: I’m addicted to FF14 housing.

But I’m also addicted to helping you find the best VPN for Twitch streaming.

So, I made this checklist!

Take a look:

Uninterrupted Performance

First – and probably most important – is finding a VPN that offers an uninterrupted performance with your Twitch stream.

This means fast speeds with no lag, low latency, and high-tier video performance.

AKA: you need a VPN that doesn’t cause lag for you or your viewers.

But you can’t trust every VPN claiming to be “the fastest.”

That’s an easy thing to promise.

Harder to deliver.

So, to test your VPN’s performance, buy a subscription, test the VPN with Twitch, and if you’re unhappy, ask for a refund.

Just remember, this will only work if your VPN has a money-back guarantee (the best VPNs always do) and you’re in the refund period (usually 30 days).

Alternatively, you can grab one of my top VPNs for Twitch streaming – all of them had phenomenal video performance, low latency, and fast speeds.

Here’s a table showcasing everything:

VPN Provider Ping Speed Loss Difference
Without a VPN 9ms – 15ms 94.66 Mbps
NordVPN 10ms 9.76 Mbps
PIA 13ms 11.43 Mbps
ExpressVPN 11ms 8.12 Mbps
Surfshark 11ms 9.52 Mbps
IPVanish 13ms 10.10 Mbps


As discussed throughout my reviews, Twitch is known to shadowban VPN users.

There’s a lot of speculation about this.

Some users say it has nothing to do with the VPN, but rather a user on the server getting it banned by violating ToS.

Meanwhile, others say Twitch targets VPN users because they use VPNs to avoid ads – for example, by connecting to a server in Poland where Twitch ads are omitted completely.

Whatever the case, finding a VPN with an obfuscation feature will help you avoid shadowbans by hiding your VPN use.

nordvpn obfuscated server

After all, if Twitch can’t identify that you’re using a VPN, it can’t ban you for it!

The problem is that obfuscation features (usually) slow your speeds.

This is obviously not ideal if you’re streaming bandwidth-intensive games.

Luckily, the next solution is…

Dedicated IP

…a Dedicated IP!

Depending on why Twitch bans VPN users, a Dedicated IP can be super helpful or somewhat helpful. Namely, if it really is related to other users violating ToS, a Dedicated IP eliminates that possibility by giving you a private, permanent IP.

But even if Twitch is looking for VPN users in general, a Dedicated IP can help decrease the likelihood of them spotting you, as you – and only you – will connect to the same IP every time.

The downside to Dedicated IPs is that they cost extra.

But PIA’s add-on is cheap$5 a month!

So, if you’re convinced, grab your PIA deal now!

private internet access (pia) vpn dedicated ip

Security Features

Other VPN security features can benefit Twitch streamers, but DDoS protection is the most important.

If you’re an avid Twitch streamer, you probably aren’t a stranger to DDoS attacks.

Or, at the very least, you know of other streamers who deal with them.

DDoS protection will…well, protect you from DDoS attacks.

Other security features to consider are a kill switch, double VPN, and RAM-only servers.

Unblocks Twitch & Games

A VPN for Twitch streaming won’t do you any good if it doesn’t unblock Twitch at your school, work, etc.

Plus, if Twitch is randomly banned in your country, you’ll have a reliable way of accessing it until (if) it’s unbanned.

On top of unblocking Twitch, look for VPNs that can unblock other content as well, especially games.

For example, if you’re in a country that limits access to loot boxes in games, find a VPN that will let you access them with a spoofed IP.


Finally, look for VPNs with fair prices and good deals on long-term subscriptions.

After all, you want to save money to donate to your favorite Twitch streamers!

Can You Use a Free VPN to Stream on Twitch?

I don’t recommend using a free VPN to stream on Twitch.

Pushing aside that most free VPNs are untrustworthy, sell your data, and/or fill your device with malware, even the freemium options won’t give you a great Twitch experience.

You’ll experience lag, buffering, and high latency.

You’re also less likely to get DDoS protection and obfuscation – and don’t expect your free VPN to reliably unblock Twitch, either.

Instead, get a MAJOR deal on my top VPN for Twitch, NordVPN, by using this discount link.

How to Unblock Twitch With a VPN?

Unblocking Twitch with a VPN is easier than it sounds!

Just follow my step-by-step instructions:

  1. Choose one of my recommended VPNs (or a VPN you found after thorough research) and purchase a subscription.
  1. Download and install the VPN app on your device(s).
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in to your account.
  3. Enable any extra features you need, like obfuscation.
nordvpn obfuscated server
  1. Click the Connect button for the fastest server near you. Or, if you need a server from a specific country, select your preferred location from the server list.
nordvpn obfuscated servers
  1. Alternatively, if you have a dedicated IP, connect to that.
  2. Open your browser and check for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  3. Open Twitch and get streaming!
streaming ff14 on twitch with nordvpn

Will I Get Banned From Twitch for Using a VPN?

It’s not unheard of to get banned from Twitch for using a VPN, whether via a shadowban (where no one can see your stream or messages) or a regular ban.

There are a lot of theories on why Twitch targets VPN users.

A popular theory is that a user on the same server violated ToS, getting other users on the server banned simultaneously, including you.

Another theory is that Twitch bans VPN users because they’re using a VPN to skirt around ads.

Whatever the reason for the ban, there are ways to avoid future ones.

How to Avoid VPN Twitch Bans?

If you want to decrease the likelihood of getting banned from Twitch for using a VPN, follow these tips:

  • Use a reliable VPN with an obfuscation feature. This will mask your VPN traffic, hiding that you’re using one from Twitch. So, if Twitch can’t see you’re using a VPN, it can’t ban you.
  • Use a Dedicated IP if you can afford it. If Twitch is banning users due to the first theory mentioned above, a Dedicated IP will eliminate that risk by giving you a private, permanent IP address.
  • If you can’t use either of the above, don’t use a VPN to get around Twitch ads. This violates the service’s ToS, so there’s a big chance it will get you banned.
  • Similarly, don’t violate Twitch’s ToS. You risk getting banned if you break the rules with or without a VPN. And if you’re using a shared VPN server, you ruin it for others, too.

How to Get Unbanned From Twitch With a VPN?

Getting unbanned from Twitch with a VPN is easy.

I’ll cover both shadowbans and regular bans in the following instructions:

  1. Choose one of my recommended VPNs with an obfuscation feature (or a VPN you found after thorough research) and purchase a subscription.
  1. Download and install the VPN app on your device(s).
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in to your account.
  3. Enable the obfuscation feature.
  4. Click the Connect button for the fastest server near you. Or, if you need a server from a specific country, select your preferred location from the server list.
nordvpn obfuscated servers
  1. Open your browser and check for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  2. If you’re shadowbanned, you can now access Twitch with your new IP. Have fun!
  3. If you’re “regularbanned, open Twitch, create a new account, and then start streaming!

What Blocks Can You Bypass on Twitch With a VPN?

You can bypass numerous blocks on Twitch with a VPN, making them a valuable tool for Twitch users.

Here are the details:

  • You can bypass regional restrictions. Example: if your country pulls a “Slovakia” and bans Twitch because of one streamer, you can use a VPN to bypass that regional restriction.
  • You can bypass bandwidth throttling. Example: if your ISP throttles your bandwidth when you stream on Twitch, a VPN will hide your Twitch activities, preventing your ISP from doing so.
  • You can bypass controlled content. Example: if you notice your friend from another country talking about a stream that you don’t have access to, your country is likely blocked due to licensing agreements. You can use a VPN to get around this.
  • You can bypass Twitch shadowbans and regular bans. Example: as discussed above, if you’re banned from Twitch, a VPN will bypass that ban by changing your IP or hiding your VPN use with an obfuscation feature.

Twitch VPN Not Working? (Troubleshooting)

If your VPN for Twitch isn’t working properly, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take (in no particular order):

  1. Do all the basics – reset your router, restart your VPN, restart Twitch, check your internet connection, etc. Make sure it’s not a simple fix.
  2. Try some VPN maintenance. Ensure your app is updated, try changing your protocol, disable any active features (or enable, like obfuscation), connect to a different server, etc.
  3. Check that your firewall and/or antivirus isn’t blocking your VPN.
  4. Contact your VPN’s support team for further troubleshooting steps when all else fails.
Interesting Reads:


Is It Illegal to Use Twitch With a VPN?

Using a VPN for Twitch isn’t illegal.

However, depending on your reason for using a VPN with Twitch, you might be violating its ToS, which can potentially result in a ban.

For example, if you use a VPN to get around Twitch ads or access region-restricted content.

Can Twitch Users or Streamers See My IP?

Neither Twitch users nor streamers can see your IP – only Twitch can.

However, Twitch viewers can see what game you’re playing, join it, and use another method to obtain your IP address.

Alternatively, they can send phishing links in your stream chat.

The most common reason for getting your IP is to launch a DDoS attack, so finding a VPN with DDoS protection (like NordVPN) is essential.

Will a VPN Stop My ISP From Throttling My Twitch Stream?

A VPN will hide your activities from your ISP.

So, if your ISP throttles your bandwidth based on bandwidth-intensive activities, a VPN will stop them from doing so.

However, if the throttling is due to network congestion or a limited data plan, a VPN won’t help, as the throttling will limit your bandwidth in general as opposed to specific activities.

Where Is Twitch Blocked?

There’s not a lot of info on where Twitch is blocked, but it appears to be blocked in China as of September 2018.

It was previously blocked in Slovakia due to a Slovakian streamer participating in illegal online gambling.

However, it was unbanned shortly after.

I can confirm this, as I live in Slovakia and can access Twitch without issue.

Will a VPN Block Twitch Ads?

A VPN can block Twitch ads if you connect to a server in a country that omits ads, like Poland.

However, if Twitch catches you using a VPN to evade ads, it will ban you for violating its ToS.

For this reason, if you plan to use a VPN to evade Twitch ads, use one with an obfuscation feature.

That way, Twitch can’t see that you’re using a VPN.


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