5 Best Free VPNs for Omegle [Tested & Verified]

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PureVPN is the best free VPN for Omegle, offering a vast server library, dedicated IP addresses, and robust security measures.

If not PureVPN, try Ivacy VPN for enhanced anonymity, Atlas VPN for unlimited simultaneous connections, PrivateVPN for hiding your VPN activity, and NordVPN for lightning-fast speeds.

After equipping you with the Best free Omegle VPN, I’ll demonstrate the procedure to bypass the Omegle ban – so keep reading!

Top 3 Free VPNs for Omegle (September, 2023)

Ivacy VPN
Ivacy devices

Ivacy VPN’s Netherland server allowed me to unblock the Omegle IP ban effortlessly. Its security features, like an Internet kill switch and IP leak protection, guarantee that no Omegle predators can access your actual IP address.

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PureVPN Top 2 Best VPNs

PureVPN made it effortless to unblock Omegle using its Singapore VPN server. It offers the convenience of dedicated IP addresses that reduce the risk of getting an Omegle IP ban and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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Atlas VPN
AtlasVPN multiple devices screenshot

With Atlas VPN’s Thailand server, I could quickly bypass the Omegle ban. It is also the only free Omegle VPN to offer unlimited simultaneous connections, ensuring secure access to Omegle on all your devices.

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Due to Omegle’s tendency to block many reputable VPN services, no completely free virtual private network works with Omegle. If you attempt to use a Free VPN for Omegle, you’ll either encounter an immediate ban or receive an “Error connecting to server” message.

Fortunately, the VPNs included in this list are exceptions that enable you to bypass the Omegle IP ban and offer a money-back guarantee, allowing you to use them with Omegle for a limited time at no cost.

Chat Endlessly & Bypass Omegle Bans With My Top Free Omegle VPNs

Here are the top highlights of my handpicked free VPN services for Omegle:

  • PureVPN: Best Free VPN to Bypass Omegle IP Bans
  • Ivacy VPN: Best Free Omegle VPN for Online Anonymity
  • Atlas VPN: Free Omegle VPN for Unlimited Devices
  • PrivateVPN: Fast Speeds for Seamless Chatting on Omegle
  • NordVPN: Best Free VPN for Omegle With Fastest Speeds

I measured these VPNs’ download and upload speeds via a 100 Mbps connection.

Best Free VPNs for Omegle: Comparisons and Detailed Review

I did the leg work by evaluating 18+ VPN providers based on their compatibility with Omegle, refund policies, availability of dedicated IP addresses, privacy measures, connection speeds, device compatibility, and other factors essential for smooth video chatting on Omegle.

Keep reading for the breakdown.


PureVPN - Best Free VPN to Bypass Omegle IP Bans

bypass omegle ban with purevpn
Bypass Omegle IP ban for free with PureVPN.
Location Server Network Dedicated IP Addresses Average Speeds Best Deal
The British Virgin Islands 6500+ in 70+ countries Available 91 Mbps Show Offer

PureVPN is an excellent free Omegle VPN for individuals whose IP address has been identified and blocked by Omegle due to misconduct.

Its server library boasts 6,500+ servers in 70 countries

You can connect to different VPN servers to change the nationality of the individuals you connect with.

After intensive testing, I finally lifted the Omegle ban using the Singapore server. However, the server that worked for me may not yield the same results for you.

Moving on, I enjoyed conversing on Omegle with no loading delays, thanks to PureVPN’s WireGuard protocol which delivered a 91 Mbps download speed and 34 Mbps upload speed.

However, Omegle takes no time to block users with shared IP addresses. PureVPN addresses this by offering paid dedicated IP addresses from seven nations, including the US, the UK, and Australia.

Furthermore, Omegle can monitor your IP address even if you’re accessing it in incognito mode. However, PureVPN guards against this via its solid 256-bit encryption.

It also provides a kill switch and IP, DNS, & Web RTC leak protection to preserve anonymity.

Furthermore, you can enjoy interacting with strangers on your smartphone or PC, as PureVPN offers Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS apps. 

It also has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Plus, PureVPN lets you unblock Omegle on up to ten simultaneous devices.

Finally, you can use PureVPN for free on Omegle, thanks to its 31-day money-back guarantee. So you must initially pay the monthly subscription fee, but you can claim a full refund after using the service for 30 days

I faced no difficulties getting my money back, and it was processed in less than three days.

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Ivacy VPN - Best Free Omegle VPN for Online Anonymity

bypass omegle ban with ivacy vpn
Bypass Omegle IP ban for free with Ivacy VPN.
Location Server Network Dedicated IP Addresses Average Speeds Best Deal
Singapore 6500+ in 60 countries Available 77 Mbps Show Offer

Ivacy VPN is another reliable free VPN to bypass the Omegle IP ban and converse with random strangers using a different IP address.

It features 6500+ servers in 60+ countries, but not all are functional with Omegle. After extensive testing, I found the Netherlands server unblocked the chat website.

It was a breeze to video chat on Omegle with 77 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speed that I got via its IKEV protocol. It also offers TCP, UDP, L2TP, and IKEV protocols. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the WireGuard protocol.

Additionally, Ivacy VPN lets users purchase personal IP addresses at an extra cost. But this will significantly lower your risk of getting banned from Omegle.

Furthermore, it guarantees the utmost security with 256-bit encryption

The IPv6 leak protection assured me that neither Omegle nor the folks I engaged with could trace my real IP address. I recommend enabling its kill switch to enhance anonymity further.

It also offers split tunneling, enabling users to use a secured VPN connection for Omegle while scrolling through their Facebook feed via the regular connection. However, I couldn’t use split tunneling in the Apple ecosystem as it’s limited to Windows and Android.

You can bypass the Omegle prohibition on up to ten simultaneous devices using Ivacy VPN. It has dedicated apps for all Omegle-supported platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It can also be installed as a Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser extension.

I had no problems using the Ivacy VPN for free on Omegle.

I tested its 30-day money-back guarantee by contacting them through live chat and was pleased by how quickly they initiated my refund with no questions asked.

Plus, it offers a 7-day trial with full access at only $0.99.

Ivacy VPN pricing

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Atlas VPN - Free Omegle VPN for Unlimited Devices

bypass omegle ban with atlas vpn
Bypass Omegle IP ban for free with Atlas VPN.
Location Server Network Dedicated IP Addresses Average Speeds Best Deal
The United States 1000 in 49 locations Unavailable 86 Mbps Show Offer

Atlas VPN is the best free VPN to access Omegle in countries where it’s banned, including China, UAE, Jordan, Libya, Qatar, and more.

Among its network of 1000 servers in 49 locations, I discovered that the Thailand server successfully unblocked Omegle after I received an intentional ban due to rigorous testing.

Unlike Ivacy VPN, Atlas VPN offers WireGuard protocol, resulting in faster speeds. I got impressive download speeds of 86 Mbps and upload speeds of 31 Mbps.

One limitation of Atlas VPN is the absence of dedicated IP addresses. Consequently, you’ll have to put up with a shared IP address which can get banned by Omegle at any time.

Luckily, Atlas VPN is second to none regarding security. 

Its 256-bit encryption guarantees anonymity, and the Network kill switch safeguards against IP/DNS leaks while using Omegle. 

It also features a SafeBrowse feature which refrains Omegle’s trackers from collecting your IP address. However, despite the availability of MultiHop+ servers in Europe and North America, they were ineffective at unblocking Omegle.

Atlas VPN can unblock Omegle on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support any browser extensions.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes Atlas VPN from the other Omegle VPNs is its support for infinite simultaneous connections, allowing you to provide your friends and family with secure access to Omegle.

Atlas VPN offers a 30-day refund policy, and the process of requesting a refund is straightforward with its 24/7 live chat feature

When I contacted the customer agent, they inquired about the reason for the cancellation, and the refund showed up four days later.

Atlas VPN black friday prices
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Take advantage of this Atlas VPN deal to get the subscription at the best value.



PrivateVPN - Fast Speeds for Seamless Chatting on Omegle

bypass omegle ban with privatevpn
Bypass Omegle IP ban for free with PrivateVPN.
Location Server Network Dedicated IP Addresses Average Speeds Best Deal
Switzerland 200+ in 63 countries Available 82 Mbps Show Offer

PrivateVPN is the next free Omegle VPN to evade Omegle bans and converse with foreigners to practice language skills.

While its server library falls short compared to other VPNs here, with 200+ servers in 63 countries, it’s still capable of bypassing the Omegle IP bans.

I couldn’t find a server that worked with Omegle during my tests. 

However, my colleague had previously managed to access Omegle using the Sweden – Stockholm server, suggesting it might be effective again.

I had to use the OpenVPN protocol as PrivateVPN doesn’t support the WireGuard protocol. Despite that, it gave a satisfactory 82 Mbps download speed and 27 Mbps upload speed.

Moreover, unlike Atlas VPN, PrivateVPN lets you obtain dynamic dedicated IP addresses for Omegle at no extra cost.

It also provides Omegle users uncompromised security via 256-bit encryption, IPv6 leak protection, and a VPN kill switch.

And with its obfuscation technology, Stealth Mode, PrivateVPN simplifies bypassing VPN detection in Omegle.

You can use Omegle on up to ten simultaneous devices by installing the PrivateVPN app, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, like Atlas VPN, it doesn’t provide any browser extensions.

With PrivateVPN, you can chat on Omegle at no cost for 29 days, thanks to its risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund anytime via their 24/7 live chat.

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NordVPN - Best Free VPN for Omegle With Fastest Speeds

bypass omegle ban with nordvpn
Bypass Omegle IP ban for free with NordVPN.
Location Server Network Dedicated IP Addresses Average Speeds Best Deal
Panama 5600+ in 60 countries Available 94 Mbps Show Offer

NordVPN stands out as a reliable VPN for Omegle for several reasons. 

Firstly, its massive server library features 5600+ servers across 60 countries.

While none of the servers effectively unblocked Omegle in my tests, my colleagues previously experienced success with Netherlands servers. 

You can try different servers and experiment until you discover the one that works with Omegle.

NordVPN is also the only VPN here to offer a proprietary protocol, NordLynx, which delivers the highest speeds I encountered during testing, reaching around 95 Mbps download speed and 41 Mbps upload speed.

Furthermore, it lets users acquire dedicated IP addresses as an add-on to go unnoticed by the Omegle system and prevent IP bans.

NordVPN also features robust security, including 256-bit encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and a kill switch, ensuring your IP address remains inaccessible to Omegle predators.

I had no issues concealing my VPN activity from Omegle, using its obfuscated servers on the OpenVPN protocol.

The only limitation is that NordVPN allows for only six simultaneous connections. However, you can overcome this restriction by installing NordVPN directly on your router.

Furthermore, its advanced apps are available on all Omegle-supported platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. 

It can also be installed as a Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extension.

You can test NordVPN for Omegle risk-free since a 30-day money-back guarantee backs it. I spoke to a support agent on the 29th day after purchasing the subscription, who immediately initiated my refund.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

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How to Use Omegle With a Free VPN?

To enjoy a safe video chatting experience on Omegle, you must install a VPN and activate its kill switch. I’ve illustrated the steps to unblock the Omegle IP ban using the best free VPN for Omegle below.

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription (you’ll get your money back later).
  2. Download the PureVPN app and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Enable the kill switch by visiting Preferences > Advanced > Internet kill switch.
purevpn internet kill switch enabled
  1. Connect to a server that supports Omegle. In my experience, the Singapore server works. However, if it doesn’t work for you, try connecting to multiple servers until you find the functional one.
purevpn connected to singapore server location
  1. Visit Omegle and begin conversing with strangers!
unblock omegle with purevpn
  1. After 29 days, contact PureVPN support and request a refund.
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Evade the Omegle Ban With a VPN!

Are you ready to bypass the Omegle ban and reclaim access to the chat website with these top free Omegle VPNs?

PureVPN stands out as the best VPN for Omegle due to its money-back guarantee, extensive server library, dedicated IP addresses, and steady speeds.

So what’s taking you so long? Try PureVPN for Omegle risk-free with this enticing deal, and rest assured that you can claim a refund anytime, thanks to its money-back guarantee.

Try PureVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 31 days of service.

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