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5 Best VPNs for MeetMe App: Unleash Limitless Chatting

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CyberGhost is the best VPN for MeetMe App, offering the largest server network to unblock the MeetMe App in restricted regions and on restrictive school or work networks.

The VPN also features reliable encryption, IP leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy to keep your MeetMe activities anonymous and secure from snooping.

If CyberGhost doesn’t meet your needs, there are other alternatives I’ve prepared for you.

They include NordVPN with its excellent privacy, ExpressVPN with stable and obfuscated connections, Surfshark with affordable price plans, and AtlasVPN for those who want a free VPN.

Want to find new love and friends through MeetMe? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Top 3 VPNs for MeetMe App (May, 2024)

NordVPN devices

NordVPN has 5300+ servers to bypass MeetMe App geo-blocks. The VPN offers the best privacy through IP leak protection and military-grade encryption on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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cyberghost supported devices

CyberGhost offers 9000+ servers to unblock the MeetMe app worldwide. You get military-grade encryption with IP leak protection for user privacy, and you can bypass shadowbans easily on multiple platforms.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN offers the fastest automatic obfuscation to bypass VPN blocks, 3000+ serves to unblock the MeetMe App, and solid encryption with a kill switch for extra privacy. It’s compatible with all day-to-day devices used to access MeetMe.

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MeetMe App, like most online dating services, is banned in highly conservative regions like the Middle East and China. You can easily bypass these blocks with a VPN, but risks like jail terms (or worse) are still involved if caught.

This is why on top of unblocking the dating app, the ideal VPN should also hide traces of VPN use from anyone who may be monitoring them. This is especially common on school or work networks, where dating apps are considered a distraction.

This is for you if you want to know how to unblock dating apps like MeetMe without getting into trouble.

Stay Anonymous and Safe While Finding New Relationship Interests With These 5 VPNs

I know frustration is eating you up because you can’t fully grasp the best out of the MeetMe App due to restrictions. Here are the VPNs to help you connect with your soulmate.

  • CyberGhost – Largest Server Network for Unblocking MeetMe App
  • NordVPN – Best Privacy Features for MeetMe Users
  • ExpressVPN – Reliable Obfuscation With Stable Connections
  • Surfshark – Most Affordable VPN for MeetMe App
  • AtlasVPN – Best Free VPN for MeetMe Users

A key feature in testing the VPNs for this list is the size of the server network with an emphasis on US servers. America is more liberal than most countries, making their servers the best at bypassing geo-blocked content.

The Best 5 VPNs for MeetMe App

Ready to know how these VPN services for MeetMe App performed during the tests in all the key areas? Sit back and read this to the end.


CyberGhost - Largest Server Network for Unblocking MeetMe App

Location Global Servers Connections Obfuscation Best Deal
Romania 9000+ Seven No Show Offer

Unblocking MeetMe & Expanding Matching Pools

unblock meetme app with cyberghost

CyberGhost offers 9000+ servers, perfect for those living in countries that have banned MeetMe or are in a network that restricts the use of dating apps.

I recommend using a US VPN server to unblock MeetMe because there are fewer restrictions in the US compared to other places.

The VPN allows you to use regular servers or switch to streaming-optimized servers for better speeds if you’re the type that loves video calls with your matches.

However, this VPN service doesn’t offer obfuscation like the others. Therefore, if you’re in a heavily censored country, use dating websites like MeetMe with caution because the chances of your VPN use being detected are higher.

get cyberghost nospy servers

But, for an extra price, you can use the NoSpy servers that offer double the privacy. They’re not a replacement for obfuscation, but you can try them if you need help keeping your trail off this dating app.

User Privacy & Anonymity

cyberghost privacy settings

You need to be on the lookout for IP and DNS leaks first when accessing dating sites like MeetMe. This happens when the VPN connection drops due to a power blackout or when you’re switching between networks.

Luckily, the CyberGhost kill switch disables your internet to ensure you remain anonymous and protected from snoopers.

Another reliable feature is the AES 256-bit encryption, a standard security framework across all premium VPNs. This keeps your ISP, government agencies, and the network admin from peeking at your MeetMe activities.

get uncrackable encryption with cyberghost

Finally, CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy which means your online footprint never sees the light of day. No one can force the VPN provider to hand over records of your MeetMe App activities; after all, CyberGhost is based in Romania, which isn’t part of any surveillance alliances.

Bypassing Bans & Shadowbans

You can get your banned MeetMe account back, but CyberGhost can help you create another one using the same devices by giving you a new IP address. 

This can trick the MeetMe app into thinking you’re a new user.

Additionally, you can use CyberGhost’s dedicated IP address (which comes at an extra cost) to make your account look more natural by connecting to the same server every time you log in to the MeetMe app.

Overall, it’s good to follow the MeetMe app rules to avoid getting your account banned.

Multi-Platform Support

You can access MeetMe App on the move on your Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, or Linux devices. CyberGhost has a native app for all these platforms, and that’s an underrated convenience.

Furthermore, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, which is ideal for a small group of friends who want to save money by connecting through the same account.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

The VPN is more affordable than NordVPN and ExpressVPN and is the only one that offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for long-term plans. 

Remember to grab these fantastic discounts to save more.




NordVPN - Best Privacy Features for MeetMe Users

Location Global Servers Connections Obfuscation Best Deal
Panama 5300+ Six Yes Show Offer

Unblocking MeetMe & Expanding Matching Pools

unblock meetme with nordvpn

NordVPN has the second largest server network after CyberGhost (5300+), ideal for anyone who wants to unblock dating sites. I had no problem bypassing MeetMe blocks when I tested it on a local network. 

Just like CyberGhost, I mainly used US servers (2000+), but you’re free to use any other as long as you gain access.

NordVPN can also expand your dating pool to escape location-based restrictions. It happens to the best of us. Once you’ve swiped right enough times, you’ll quickly realize you keep running into the same faces. 

A change of location will do you good, and I speak from experience.

The VPN provider also offers obfuscation through its obfuscated servers

Your internet speed will take a hit, but that shouldn’t be a significant concern once you connect with beautiful strangers on the internet.

And you’ll be safe in heavily censored regions where VPN use is monitored and punished.

User Privacy & Anonymity

Whenever I’m worried about my online privacy and need a robust solution for dealing with creeps on online dating sites, NordVPN is usually my first stop.

The provider offers military-grade encryption that prevents everyone from seeing your online movements. Cracking through this wall is impossible, even for the most seasoned hackers or well-equipped government agencies.

nordvpn kill switch

Furthermore, you get a kill switch for IP and DNS leak protection, with Windows users getting two. I never try to use the VPN with the kill switch deactivated because it’s the only thing standing between others knowing my IP address on random VPN server disconnections.

nordvpn no log vpn service

NordVPN is strict when it comes to user data. No data retention law on the planet can force the VPN to hand over your MeetMe App data to authorities. After all, the VPN is located in Panama, which, like Romania and the British Virgin Islands, isn’t part of any data surveillance alliances.

Bypassing Bans & Shadowbans

NordVPN allows you to switch to a virtual IP address which tricks MeetMe App into thinking you’re a new user. This is how you can deal with permanent and shadow bans on MeetMe.

The VPN provider also offers dedicated IP addresses at an extra cost (more expensive than CyberGhost). This can reduce suspicion of your account activities being over a VPN by giving you a constant IP address you can connect to.

Multi-Platform Support

NordVPN is compatible with all devices you can use with the MeetMe App. 

This includes Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, with an allowance to connect six devices simultaneously. The convenience you get with these two combined features is immense to keep in touch with your matches even when traveling.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Regarding cost, NordVPN is more expensive than CyberGhost and Surfshark but still lower than ExpressVPN. The best bit is that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee combined with these fantastic discount deals.




ExpressVPN - Reliable Obfuscation With Stable Connections

Location Global Servers Connections Obfuscation Best Deal
BVI 3000+ Five Yes Show Offer

Unblocking MeetMe & Expanding Matching Pools

unblock meetme with expressvpn

ExpressVPN is another excellent VPN for dating sites but with the second smallest server network (3000+) on this list after AtlasVPN. 

However, I had no trouble unblocking the MeetMe App on every network I tested.

Compared to other premium options, the VPN only has 25 US servers which did a stellar job of getting me where I needed.

Right now, I’m in the middle of dowry negotiations on MeetMe with Sweet Alexis from Alabama. I’m probably being catfished, as she thinks I’m a wealthy Nigerian prince who inherited a billion dollars from a rich dead aunt.

This Virtual Private Network may lack a superior server count but makes up for that handicap with an unrivaled automatic, fast obfuscation.

It’s the fastest and works with all protocols, meaning you won’t lose any speed for seamless, long video chats with your matches without worrying about VPN blocks.

Thus, making it the ideal VPN for those in the Middle East or China to stay from DPIs employed by government agencies and ISPs.

User Privacy & Anonymity

ExpressVPN doesn’t lag regarding user privacy and security, using military-grade encryption to keep all my MeetMe chats from snooping eyes and cyberstalkers.

The technology that goes into this level of protection is so sophisticated that it would take the fastest computer millions of years to crack. 

Nothing inspires confidence in me more than this.

expressvpn network lock

In addition, ExpressVPN is equipped with a Network Lock kill switch (activated from the settings menu) that deactivates your internet anytime the VPN connection drops. That’s the only thing that stops your IP address from being seen by your ISP or anyone trying to deanonymize you on the MeetMe App.

This dating site VPN is also based in the British Virgin Islands, where mandatory data retention laws aren’t recognized. So, if authorities come screaming with court orders demanding to see your online activities, ExpressVPN will laugh in their faces with its strict no-logs policy.

So don’t be afraid of unleashing your freaky side to your potential MeetMe App date. Just keep things respectful.

Bypassing Bans & Shadowbans

You can quickly create a new MeetMe account using ExpressVPN’s virtual servers if you get banned. Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses like CyberGhost and NordVPN.

But that shouldn’t be an issue since its obfuscation means MeetMe won’t see your VPN activity.

Multi-Platform Support

You can install ExpressVPN on your daily-use devices like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. This allows you to stay in touch with your matches across all devices without losing the security and privacy offered by the VPN.

But you can only connect up to 5 simultaneous devices, which is lower than the other premium alternatives.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

ExpressVPN is also the most expensive VPN on this list, which can be intimidating to most people. The good news is it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to test it risk-free. If you like it, check these fantastic discounts out before they run out.



Surfshark - Most Affordable VPN for MeetMe App

Location Global Servers Connections Obfuscation Best Deal
The Netherlands 3200+ Unlimited Yes Show Offer

Unblocking MeetMe & Expanding Matching Pools

unblock meetme app with surfshark

Surfshark, like ExpressVPN, doesn’t pack a vast server network like NordVPN and CyberGhost, but there’s a certain smoothness that comes with using this VPN, and it wasn’t any different when I accessed MeetMe App on a restricted network.

With 3200+ servers and 600+ US servers, unblocking MeetMe was a walk in the park.

surfshark obfuscated servers

Furthermore, the VPN offers obfuscation, called Camouflage Mode

Like NordVPN, this uses OpenVPN protocol, so your speeds will be slightly sluggish but less than NordVPN. Even so, only use it when there’s a need for it.

User Privacy & Anonymity

Surfshark handles privacy and security very well through several vital features.

First is the industry standard encryption that scrambles your MeetMe App traffic, making it unreadable to anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it. This keeps your ISP, the government, and cyber stalkers out when you use public networks to chat with your matches.

surfshark kill switch and cleanweb enabled

Second, there’s a kill switch for IP leak protection. I previously lost my VPN connection due to power issues, which exposed my IP address. 

The kill switch prevents this by cutting off your internet access and keeping things that way until the VPN is back up.

Lastly, Surfshark follows a strict no-logs policy that protects user data from access by authorities. The VPN doesn’t save your browsing history or DNS queries, so there’s nothing to be shared to start with.

Although I have a minor concern with Surfshark’s headquarters being based in the Netherlands, which is part of the surveillance alliances, nothing has happened to suggest that user data is at risk here. Still, the misgivings are always there at the back of my mind.

Bypassing Bans & Shadowbans

If you want to recover your account, just like the other VPNs I’ve covered, Surfshark won’t help you. But you can use the many servers it offers to create a new account over a virtual IP address to make it look like you’re a new user.

This way, you can use the same device and continue chatting with people on MeetMe.

However, like ExpressvPN, Surfshark doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses. But you can use FREE static IPs, which are shared but allow you to connect to the same server every time you launch the VPN to access the MeetMe App. That’s better than nothing.

Multi-Platform Support

Surfshark has unique and user-friendly native Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux apps to enjoy MeetMe on your preferred device.

Additionally, you can connect unlimited devices simultaneously using the same Surfshark account. This should motivate university students as they can use one account for an entire class to beat school network restrictions.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

It doesn’t end there; Surfshark is also the cheapest VPN on this list, with a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes bundled with our unbeatable discount to put an even bigger smile on your face. Go for it before it runs out.



AtlasVPN - Best Free VPN for MeetMe Users

Location Servers Connections Obfuscation Best Deal
The United States 3 Unlimited No Show Offer

Unblocking MeetMe & Expanding Matching Pools

unblock meetme app over atlas vpn

Last on the list is AtlasVPN, a unique VPN for MeetMe App.

It’s the only one that offers a free version, perfect for people on a tight budget. But due to this, it has limited features.

For starters, I only got three free servers to use, two in the US and one in the Netherlands. That works well for those in restricted regions because all you’d need is to connect to one of the US servers.

However, I experienced considerable lag, which is expected due to overcrowding. Turns out I’m not the only one who loves free things.

Another area for improvement with this free VPN for online dating is the need for obfuscation. So, steer clear of this VPN if you deal with heavy monitoring and VPN blocks.

But overall, the VPN ensures you can comfortably unblock MeetMe apps if you’re using a school or work network where censorship isn’t that heavy.

User Privacy & Anonymity

The free version offers industry-standard encryption, which gets you through attempted internet snooping and surveillance from your ISP, the government, and hackers. Without the deciphering keys, anyone outside your internet traffic can do nothing to pull a fast one on you.

There’s also a kill switch with the free version, which disconnects your internet when your VPN connection drops. This will stop your IP from leaking, maintaining your anonymity until the VPN is reconnected.

This happens more times than most people care to admit, so don’t ignore the switch.

atlas vpn no logs policy

This reliable VPN doesn’t store user data, thanks to its strict no-logs policy, so you can rest easily knowing your data is safe. But like Surfshark, AtlasVPN is based in the US, the heart of the surveillance alliances.

That said, there hasn’t been any evidence suggesting the VPN has breached its policy, so it’s good sailing for now.

Bypassing Bans & Shadowbans

Dealing with shadow bans wasn’t a problem, but you don’t have much wiggle room due to the limited server network.

On top of that, Atlas doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses, even on the premium version. Being a free VPN, I wasn’t expecting too much, anyway.

Multi-Platform Support

You can install AtlasVPN on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux for convenient access to your MeetMe App account. AtlasVPN is also the other option besides Surfshark that simultaneously allows unlimited device connections, perfect for large groups of people like students or work colleagues in an environment with censored networks.

Atlas VPN black friday prices

For those that will end up liking how AtlasVPN works with MeetMe App, use these discount deals to grab your premium subscription.



How to Use a VPN to Access MeetMe App?

Getting around MeetMe App restrictions is easier than many people assume. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Download and install CyberGhost on your preferred device.
install cyberghost from google play store
  1. Launch the VPN and connect to a US server.
cyberghost connected to france server location
  1. Launch the MeetMe App and start matching with people.
meetme app
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MeetMe tracks users as part of its policy to make the app more realistic and intuitive. The app collects personal information like email addresses, phone numbers, demographic data like gender and age, as well as the location of the user. 

While most of these are data the user provides on signing up, a VPN is the only way to stop the MeetMe App from pinpointing your location.

Final Word

Dating apps are getting more advanced, and so are the associated threats. 

Using a VPN is your best counter against all the surprises in store, and CyberGhost remains my best MeetMe App VPN recommendation.

The solid encryption and reliable kill switch keep the creeps, hackers, and ISPs out of your business. Its extensive server network allows you to access new matches from other regions and bypass shadowbans with a simple server switch.

If you’re on the same page, grab your CyberGhost deals before it’s too late.

Try CyberGhost Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 45 days of service.

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