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Best VPNs for Spotify in 2024: Listen From Anywhere

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If you want to listen to Spotify from anywhere or tune into restricted tracks, PrivateVPN is the best VPN for Spotify in 2024.

I whistled through many VPNs and found it most reliable for bypassing geo-restrictions and firewalls on all Spotify devices. So, I can add censored or banned songs like Lady Gaga’s hits to my Spotify playlist! 

Plus, the speeds are good for unbuffered music streaming.

However, in my search, I stumbled upon noteworthy alternatives for musicians, podcasters, DJs, and fans. These include Surfshark and PureVPN. Get the full list below!

Top 3 VPNs for Spotify (2024)


Use NordVPN’s Threat Protection to prevent Spotify from tracking your listening history and every shuffle or skip. Plus, the Nordlynx protocol uses a double NAT system to enhance security, deterring hackers from hogging your Premium account. Lest I forget blazing fast speeds for unbuffered streaming.

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PrivateVPN devices

PrivateVPN is surprisingly cheap – good news if you’re already forking out cash for Spotify Premium! But it doesn’t skimp on features; you even get free dedicated, dynamic IPs in the US, Europe, Australia, and India! So, you can unlock subscriptions in other locations and keep Spotify usage even more undetectable when using monitored school and work networks.

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Surfshark Devices

Surfshark’s a great choice if you listen to Spotify on multiple devices or have a family plan to load more accounts. Unlimited simultaneous device connections are covered by standard VPN protection. There’s also NoBorders mode for countries with robust title restrictions, like China, India, and Russia.

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You can use these VPNs and their follow-ups to stream Spotify from anywhere, including banned countries like Russia, India, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Other perks include military-grade encryption for privacy, bypassing ISP throttling, and access to cheaper Spotify plans.

Read on for a picture of each VPN’s full potential for chilled vibes or “get-in-the-mood” music!

Get in the Mood With These Spotify VPNs

In a hurry? Get a glimpse at my list of best VPNs for Spotify:

  • PrivateVPN – Affordable + Bypass Spotify Restrictions With Free Dedicated IPs
  • NordVPN – Stream Spotify Securely & Without Buffering With NordLynx
  • Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections for Spotify Family Plans
  • PureVPN – Free Dynamic Dedicated IPs for Reliable Spotify Unblocking
  • PIA – Shadowsocks & SOCKS5 Proxy Obfuscation to Bypass Shadow-bans

If you have time to tune into Eagle’s advice and “Take it Easy,” read until the end to see why each of these unlimited bandwidth VPNs is a great option for accessing over 40 million songs using the Spotify app.

What Are the Best VPNs for Spotify? Comparisons & Tests

The best VPNs for Spotify will unblock it in restricted locations without throttling your music streaming speeds. They’ll also support Spotify on most or all Spotify devices.

In the reviews below, you’ll find these qualities plus unique features appealing to personal needs.


PrivateVPN - Affordable + Bypass Spotify Restrictions With Free Dedicated IPs

streaming spotify using privatevpn

PrivateVPN heads my list with a free shared dynamic IP in India – additionally, there’s a VPN server in Turkey.

You can connect to one of these servers to subscribe to Spotify at cheaper rates for mini, individual, duo, and family plans.

However, there’s no option for a traditional dedicated IP. 

Consider NordVPN or Surfshark for affordable personal IPs to avoid server congestion.

A quick switch from the Mumbai server to one with low ping confirmed sufficient speeds for fast streaming.

Compared to my normal download speed of 42.92 Mbps, there was only an 11% drop. I rocked to Beg to Differ’s New Year’s Resolutions without pausing invisible drumsticks in mid-air!

For countries with heavy restrictions, like China, there’s Stealth Mode to strengthen obfuscation for pesky shadow-bans. This tool competes with Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode and PIA’s SOCKS5.

As for devices, you can only connect PrivateVPN to up to six devices at a time. This doesn’t meet Surfshark or PIA’s unlimited connections, but it’s just enough for a Spotify family plan!

Apps are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Firestick. It also has a manual router setup to cover all Spotify devices, which is good since there’s no Smart DNS option for unsupported TVs.

PrivateVPN is also the cheapest on my list, making the burden on your wallet less if you pay for Spotify premium!

privatevpn pricing
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With my exclusive discount, the deals are cheaper!




NordVPN - Stream Spotify Securely & Without Buffering With NordLynx

stream spotify using nordvpn

Choose NordVPN if privacy is a priority.

The VPN has several added security tools like Double VPN and in-app Threat Protection to block Spotify trackers and malicious ads.

Security aside, NordVPN is also the fastest VPN on my list. This is thanks to its lightweight proprietary protocol, NordLynx.

Here’s an overview of the speed results I collected using each VPN’s fastest/recommended server:

VPN: None PrivateVPN NordVPN Surfshark PureVPN PIA
Download Speed 42.92 Mbps 38.33 Mbps 43.23 Mbps 38.22 Mbps 39.05 Mbps 37.99 Mbps
Ping 11 13 13 15 13 30

NordLynx offered faster download speeds that even my normal connection didn’t beat. This is due to my ISP throttling my connection while streaming music/content.

There’s also a server in Turkey, so you can get a premium Spotify subscription for as little as 39.99 Turkish Lira pm (1.40 USD pm).

NordVPN has no servers in India or Pakistan, unfortunately.

It does have an option for a static IP address, but this is an add-on service for $79.35 upfront for a 1-year plan.

You can also load the VPN with Spotify on up to six devices simultaneously.

As for device compatibility, NordVPN is another option that supports every Spotify device you can think of, with manual setups and Smart DNS for Smart TVs.

Rounding off with figures, NordVPN sits at the higher end of the price range.

NordVPN pricing
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Surfshark - Unlimited Simultaneous Connections for Spotify Family Plans

stream spotify using surfshark

Surfshark has a server in Turkey, plus virtual servers in India and Pakistan. This, combined with Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections, makes it a viable and economical option, especially for Spotify family plans!

FYI – Surfshark’s the only VPN I listed with an IP address for Pakistan!

However, like NordVPN, you must pay extra ($45 for a year) to benefit from the privacy and stability of a dedicated IP address. But there are free static shared IPs.

Plus, the VPN is fast enough for smooth streaming and can be used on all Spotify devices. There’s even a Chrome extension with reliable CleanWeb 2.0 for blocking ads and trackers – handy for free Spotify accounts!

PrivateVPN remains my cheapest option with more flexible plans, but Surfshark’s economic value makes it considerable.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

I’ll even throw in extra savings!



PureVPN - Free Dynamic Dedicated IPs for Reliable Spotify Unblocking

stream spotify using purevpn's dynamic dedicated ips

Subscribing to PureVPN also gives access to virtual IPs in Turkey and India. Similarly, it offers robust unblocking out of these countries to access Warner Music catalogs on Spotify.

However, like the others, you must pay for a Dedicated IP to ensure continuous, stable Spotify unblocking in less censored locations like the US and UK.

Next, PureVPN covers all Spotify devices.

Plus, it’s the only VPN with a dedicated app for Apple TV, and you don’t have to do manual Smart DNS setups like the rest (barring PrivateVPN). 

Though, the other VPNs are working on Apple TV apps at the time of writing.

Moving on, PureVPN is the second fastest VPN listed! So, stream those life-changing soundtracks without buffering or instantly download tunes.

Here’s what you’ll pay for this privacy-friendly option:

purevpn pricing
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I’ll sweeten the deal with more discounts!



PIA - Shadowsocks & SOCKS5 Obfuscation to Bypass Shadow-Bans

stream spotify using private internet access

Private Internet Access only has virtual servers in Turkey and India

No fixed server options exist in any of these regions like the other VPNs offer.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use the servers to get cheap Spotify plans. 

But you may not get fast speeds for uninterrupted streaming like on the fixed servers!

The good news is that it has Shadowsocks and SOCKS5 to boost obfuscation for potent firewalls. So, those in India (and China) can bypass shadowbans to play Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way.”

PIA falls in line to offer an add-on dedicated IP but with a larger location list than its competitors. Get this service for $30 upfront for 6 months.

As for device support, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices are covered. It also has a Smart DNS setup for smart TVs.

The below competitive subscriptions all include unlimited simultaneous device support!

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Use this link to get the best PIA prices.



How to Use a VPN to Unblock Spotify?

You can use a VPN to unblock Spotify by getting an IP address in a region where Spotify is supported, like the US or UK.

Using PrivateVPN from South Africa, I followed these steps to get a foreign IP to access an uncensored Spotify library in the US:

  1. Get a VPN subscription. Continue with PrivateVPN for the most savings.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in your preferred region.
privatevpn new york server
  1. Open Spotify in your web browser.
  2. Click “Sign Up.”
spotify sign up page
  1. Enter your email address, password, and date of birth in the following fields.
signing up on spotify using privatevpn
  1. Activate your account and click your profile picture.
  2. Click Account > Edit Profile.
spotify account profile
  1. Ensure the country in your profile matches your VPN location. Click “Save profile.”
spotify location
  1. Click “Premium” to buy an ad-free Spotify subscription in the server location. Enter a street address in the country you’re connected to and complete the payment steps. Note this is an important step if you want to use Spotify in an unsupported location.
spotify subscription plan
  1. Alternatively, click “Download” to get the app and continue to use Spotify for free.
download spotify for free using privatevpn

Create playlists and forget about shadow-bans for complete freedom of “listening!”

VPN Not Working With Spotify? (Troubleshooting)

There are ways to fix a VPN that’s not working with Spotify, like refreshing your Spotify and VPN apps to clear the cache.

I share more solutions below.

Switch Protocols

Some protocols are easier to block than others. Similarly, some are faster on certain devices – like IKEv2 on Smartphones. Switch protocols and servers, if you can, to see if there’s an improvement.

Switch Servers

The server you connect to might be faulty, congested, or unsuitable for reaching the region you want to unblock. In this case, try a new server. I suggest contacting your VPN provider for a list of the best servers for Spotify. You may find obfuscated servers beneficial if you’re in a region with robust firewalls.

Disconnect and Reconnect

Spotify is known for selective connectivity detection that uses DNS on primary network interfaces. When this happens, it bypasses the VPN interface, and Spotify thinks it’s offline. To curb this issue, disconnect your VPN, refresh and reconnect to Spotify, hit play, and then reconnect to a VPN server.

Check for Updates

Update your VPN app and Spotify app to rule out outdated software issues

New VPN versions will include more robust features to tackle blocks, etc. 

Similarly, the latest version of Spotify will have better connectivity.

Ensure You Use the Correct Spotify App

Modded Spotify apps, like APKs, can stream music in unsupported locations or access new libraries. However, these apps don’t all work with VPNs. Rather, use your VPN to unblock, download, and use Spotify in the region you want to reach to avoid VPN issues and sketchy connections.

Clear Cookies or Go Incognito

Prevent cookies from revealing your true location by clearing them before connecting to your VPN and signing up for Spotify. Alternatively, use a privacy connection like Google’s Incognito Mode to stream Spotify.

If all else fails, contact your VPN provider using email or LiveChat channels for a custom solution.

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You can use a free VPN for Spotify.

However, you’ll find features are limited. For example, server locations are generally capped, and unlimited bandwidth for streaming isn’t a given.

Thus, paying for a premium Spotify VPN is better to guarantee privacy and server fleet options that work for unblocking.

If budget’s an issue, choose a cheap quality VPN like PrivateVPN!

Using a VPN for Spotify is legal in most countries. But some countries, like Iraq and China, restrict or ban VPNs and Spotify.

Check your government’s laws before using either application.

As for Spotify’s terms of service, they don’t mention VPNs in their Ts and Cs. Meaning you can use it at your discretion. 

You don’t need a VPN to change a Spotify region. However, you must be in the region to update your Spotify profile accordingly.

For example, click “edit profile” in Spotify to set your account to the region you want to stream from.

A VPN is necessary to use a Spotify library in a region where you are not physically located.

A reliable VPN will unblock Spotify in China. Use obfuscated VPN servers to bypass firewalls and use Spotify in regions where it’s permitted.

I recommend PrivateVPN to unblock Spotify in China because it has extra obfuscation in the form of Stealth VPN to defeat automated firewalls.

So, you can stream your usual Spotify playlists without tracks getting shadowbanned as new censorship laws are introduced.

Tune Into Spotify With a Reliable VPN for Streaming Music Anywhere!

My VPNs for Spotify all have excellent features, so you can unwind or feel inspired by playlists across the globe.

Plus, they all have 30 or 31-day money-back guarantees

So you can try them out without losing any money!

PrivateVPN remains my cheapest, most reliable VPN for unblocking Spotify anywhere, and you can get it even cheaper using this deal.

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