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5 Best VPNs for Illinois

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The best VPN for Illinois is PrivateVPN, especially if you care about online privacy and security.

If you’re shopping for reliable internet privacy with a dash of entertainment, NordVPN’s well-balanced approach also works. Don’t forget Surfshark, which brings the best of both worlds and unlimited simultaneous connections.

Of the 15+ VPN providers I tested in The Prairie State, PIA, and PureVPN edged out the rest to make the top five.

Find out why they were the standout performers, how they compare, and how best to set them up for privacy and security in Illinois.

Top 3 VPNs for Illinois

NordVPN devices

NordVPN boasts 5700+ servers in 60 countries, powered by an unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption to secure your internet experience in Illinois. It also packs P2P servers in 50+ countries for secure, anonymous, and fast torrent downloads.

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PrivateVPN devices

Enjoy PrivateVPN’s customizable user security profile to improve your security over your mobile network, private Wi-Fi networks, and public Wi-Fi connections. Illinois users also get free, dynamic, dedicated IP servers to torrent securely from anywhere in the state.

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Surfshark Devices

Encrypt your connections across ALL your mobile, PC, smart TV, gaming console, and other devices in Illinois from a single Surfshark account. The privacy-focused VPN is also an audited no-logs provider with a remarkable encryption track record.

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The USA is part of the 5-Eyes, an alliance sworn to collect user data and share it with other countries. Likewise, ISPs like AT&T and Verizon in Illinois are fond of restricting online content, from adult pornography to torrenting websites.

And if you’re a sports lover, being unable to watch the Chicago Cubs or White Sox play due to blackouts must be nerve-wracking.

That’s where my top VPNs for Illinois step into the light.

Securely Download Torrents & Get Online Privacy With My Top 5 VPNs for Illinois

How about never wondering about the next time you’ll get a nasty letter from a copyright troll or that your ISP is watching your every internet move like a hawk?

See what these VPNs can do for you:

  1. PrivateVPN – Robust Privacy & Online Security in Illinois
  2. NordVPN – Best Privacy-Focused & P2P VPN for Illinois
  3. Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections in Illinois
  4. PIA – Most Extensive USA Server Reach in Illinois
  5. PureVPN – Quantum-Resistant Servers for Top-Level Privacy in Illinois

These VPNs aren’t all talk and no bite, either. Learn more about how they pack a punch and are equal to the task in Illinois below.

Best VPNs for Illinois: 5 Tests & Targeted Comparisons

Every location is different, so I tested 21+ VPN providers based on what users in Illinois need the most: online privacy, internet security, secure torrenting, and content unblocking.

Let’s see how the top five providers fared.


PrivateVPN - Robust Privacy & Online Security in Illinois

unblocking happy tv with privatevpn on serbia server
PrivateVPN unblocks Happy TV over Serbian server from Illinois

PrivateVPN offers a paltry 200+ servers, whereas rivals like NordVPN have 5700+. However, as reflected in the name, it climbed to the top of this list for its utmost dedication to online privacy and security.

Where other VPNs focused on their WireGuard protocols (or its alternatives), PrivateVPN embraced the highly-secure OpenVPN protocol.

This protocol is known for employing numerous encryption techniques, sure to keep government authorities, your ISP, or the public Wi-Fi admin at the Wing Stop in Champaign out of your internet data.

Interestingly, I tested this protocol expecting a mighty speed drop.

But it was swift enough for secure gaming, fast streaming, and other speed-based internet activities.

However, there’s some concern that PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, a member of the 14 Eyes alliance. But PrivateVPN counters that with a no-logs policy, although unaudited.

So, whether you download torrents over the AT&T network while connected to PrivateVPN or stream some live adult show via the public Wi-Fi at The Duck Inn, your government/anyone else can’t subpoena that data.

It simply won’t exist!

This robust security and privacy extend to its torrent support.

You can unblock The Pirate Bay and securely download torrents without copyright trolls knowing. That beats being on a similar list to the thousands of Xfinity Chicago customers sued for torrenting Mechanic: Resurrection in 2017.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN offers port forwarding, which is missing on NordVPN and Surfshark, for faster torrent downloads and seeding.

I’ve also used its free, dynamic, dedicated IPs to get better security for torrent downloads.

privatevpn pricing
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Save more on PrivateVPN with these discount offers.




NordVPN - Best Privacy-Focused & P2P VPN for Illinois

streaming mlb with nordvpn on us server
Use NordVPN to bypass MLB, NFL and other sports blackouts in Illinois

NordVPN offers a balanced entertainment and online privacy/security approach in Illinois.

The Panama-based NordVPN has been audited multiple times for its no-logs policy. So, even if Xfinity, Comcast, or any other ISP subpoenas it to provide data on what you did over its servers, NordVPN won’t have that information.

On top of that, it supports torrenting via its specialty P2P servers.

These work best on the provider’s in-house NordLynx protocol, built on WireGuard, which consistently delivers me the fastest speeds on Deluge.

However, NordVPN doesn’t support torrent seeding, like PIA, PrivateVPN, and PureVPN.

Be that as it may, NordVPN provides Threat Protection in its security arsenal. 

I tested this on The Pirate Bay multiple times from Illinois, and it always got rid of those malicious sweepstakes ads, most likely infected with malware or trackers.

Only Surfshark and PIA come close with ad blockers of their own.

Even so, Threat Protection is clear since it offers malware-blocking features too.

Given that it boasts 5700+ servers in 60 countries, I found no major content it couldn’t unblock in Illinois – from Netflix Japan and BBC iPlayer to Amazon Prime Video.

For all that, NordVPN isn’t expensive. Although, you can only use it on six devices simultaneously. That’s less than the 10 connections from PrivateVPN and PureVPN, though.

NordVPN pricing
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Still, here are some NordVPN discounts to save more on your first purchase.




Surfshark - Unlimited Simultaneous Connections in Illinois

streaming 2df with surfshark on germany server

On the surface, Surfshark only broke into the mix in Illinois for its unlimited simultaneous connections.

Peeling back the layers, Surfshark’s 3200+ servers in 100 countries, the most coverage here, grants you tens of thousands of IP addresses.

Connecting to these servers frees you from the shackles of Illinois copyright trolls like Prenda Law, known for collecting torrent users’ IP addresses and suing their ISPs to reveal their identities.

The best part is that Surfshark is compatible with BitTorrent, uTorrent, Deluge, Vuze, and just about any other popular torrenting client you throw at it. I’ve grabbed over 50GB of files via these clients using Surfshark in Illinois.

Besides torrent downloads and unblocking, Surfshark’s CleanWeb does as its name suggests – cleans the web of trackers and ads while you browse securely from Illinois. Even so, I prefer NordVPN’s solution since it’s more efficient.

One thing public Wi-Fi users will love about this VPN is its automated trigger whenever you connect to a strange Wi-Fi network.

Using this feature, I never had to remember to manually connect to Surfshark at Tim Hortons (Springfield) or the Navy Pier Food Court (Chicago).

Only NordVPN and PIA offer something similar.

While NordVPN is preferred for its ever-reliable content unblocking, Surfshark was one of my best bets to bypass the White Sox game blackouts to stream it right from Illinois.

Remember the unlimited connections? Somehow, that didn’t influence Surfshark’s price, as it remains the cheapest VPN for Illinois.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Here are some Surfshark discounts to get it for the cheapest.



PIA - Most Extensive USA Server Reach in Illinois

streaming netflix with pia on us server

Private Internet Access (PIA) should have featured higher on the list since it beats NordVPN and PrivateVPN’s server coverage and offers free port forwarding against PureVPN’s paid solution.

However, it’s based in the USA – a 14-Eyes region – which makes me wary of it.

But why did it make the list, still?

For starters, PIA has a recently audited no-logs policy. So, even if Uncle Sam wanted to know what you were doing in Illinois over PIA’s server, it would have no luck.

Another considerable advantage PIA holds over the rest is its extensive US server spread to almost all states. You might be wondering why you need this till, like me, you need to evade a blackout to the Chicago Cubs’ game using PIA’s US East Streaming servers.

All these servers are equipped with the same AES 256-bit encryption.

And like PrivateVPN, PIA allows advanced users to customize the level of security they want on their connections from Illinois. I prefer to leave it in the basic settings.

Another similarity with PrivateVPN is its free port forwarding enabled on almost every server. In my experience, PrivateVPN’s port forwarding is more seamless to set up and use in Illinois than PIA’s.

Finally, PIA ships with a MACE ad-blocking tool that handles trackers, not malware. So, not on the level of NordVPN’s solution.

Did I mention that you get unlimited simultaneous device connections on PIA?

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
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And you can get it at a low price with these one-time discounts.



PureVPN – Quantum-Resistant Servers for Top-Level Privacy in Illinois

streaming cnn with purevpn on houston server

PureVPN is playing the next-generation game by supplying what it terms quantum-resistant servers. It even has one of these servers in Illinois (via Chicago), and they promise robust security against quantum computer hacking!

So, suppose you’re highly concerned about keeping your online privacy intact against the government, local ISPs, network admins, and public Wi-Fi operators. In that case, this might be your best pick.

Likewise, the fact that PureVPN offers 6500+ servers (more than the others) in 70+ countries makes it a top contender for content unblocking in Illinois.

I use these servers to seamlessly switch IP addresses, frustrating copyright trolls who may be gunning for my IP address to deanonymize me in a torrent swarm.

Speaking of torrents, PureVPN toes the path of PIA and PrivateVPN in offering port forwarding. However, unlike the others, you must pay extra to get this port forwarding. Another gripe with PureVPN is its lack of DDoS protection, a standard add-on with the other listed providers.

On the bright side, its P2P servers combine with the WireGuard protocol for top-shelf torrenting performance, content unblocking, and fast web browsing.

AT&T customers in Illinois can even use PureVPN’s P2P + WireGuard combination to beat the ISP’s notorious throttling, something it was sued over.

purevpn pricing
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Remember to save more with these PureVPN deals and enjoy a 31-day money-back guarantee.



How to Set up a VPN for Privacy in Illinois?

Setting up a VPN for Illinois is easy, and you can get it done in six steps, as shown below:

  1. Buy a reliable VPN service for Illinois. I recommend PrivateVPN (discounts here).
privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download the VPN app for your device. PrivateVPN has mobile (iOS and Android) and PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux) apps.
compatible devices on privatevpn
  1. Install the VPN app, launch it, and sign it with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Connect Now” to connect to the nearest/fastest server.
connect now button on privatevpn
  1. Or click “Change” to look for a preferred server, then click it. I’ll choose a Malta IP address for this example.
change server on privatevpn
  1. Wait for the VPN connection confirmation. You can also confirm the connection by checking your IP address. This should match the chosen server’s IP address.
privatevpn ip leak test results on malta server
  1. Enjoy the unfiltered web, bypass ISP throttling, unblock blacked-out games, and bask in a secure internet experience from Illinois.

How to Get an Illinois IP Address?

You may need the Illinois IP address to unblock Minnesota Twins’ games blacked out in your region, stream WGN TV anywhere, or connect to gaming peers in Chicago.

Here’s how to get the IP address:

  1. Get a VPN service provider with servers in Illinois. I’ll choose PrivateVPN (use discounts) for this example.
  2. Follow steps 2-3 from above.
  3. Click “Change” to open the server list.
change server on privatevpn
  1. Search for “Chicago.” Your preferred VPN may have Illinois servers in other cities.
searching chicago server on privatevpn
  1. Click the server to connect.
privatevpn connected to chicago server
  1. Enjoy your Illinois IP address via Chicago.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best VPN server in Illinois depends on what you need the VPN for.

Hence, you should connect to nearby servers for online privacy and security, secure torrenting, and fast gaming. However, you’ll need international servers to unblock content unavailable in Illinois or to connect to gaming peers abroad.

You can use free VPNs in Illinois but be prepared to face internet speed throttling, poor content unblocking, unreliable online privacy, and shaky internet security.

Free VPN providers usually lack enough resources to build a robust infrastructure. Thus, exposing you to the online privacy and security issues they should protect you from.

The Borderless Illinois Experience

Stay in Illinois, connect to any recommended VPNs, and open a new world online.

Of course, not all VPNs can help you sleep well at night after a long day of exploring the depths of torrenting, streaming, gaming, and other internet regions to your heart’s content. That’s why PrivateVPN, my top choice for Illinois, stands out.

And it’s not alone – so you can choose an alternative that best serves your needs.

Otherwise, grab these PrivateVPN discounts to save more and test it risk-free for 30 days.

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