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5 Best VPNs for Android TV for Speed and Unblocking

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I have a TCL Android TV, and I can confirm that NordVPN is the best VPN for Android TV based on the experiences I’ve had using it.

The NordVPN app is available on Google Play Store, and you can install it directly on your TV through your Google account to unblock restricted streaming apps like Hulu TV.

But besides NordVPN, you can also use Surfshark with unlimited device connections, CyberGhost with the largest server network, PureVPN with affordable price plans, and AtlasVPN with Safe Swap servers for extra anonymity.

Top 3 VPNs for Android TV

Surfshark Devices

You can connect unlimited Android TVs through the same Surfshark account, making it ideal for large groups of people. You also get 3,200+ servers and fast speeds that can handle HD streaming without bandwidth caps.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN is available on Google Play Store and can be installed directly on Android TVs. It’s fast, with 5,700+ servers for optimal streaming. It also hides your streaming activities from your ISP, preventing potential speed throttling.

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cyberghost multiple devices

CyberGhost offers 9,700+ servers, which minimizes the chances of ending up in a crowded server. The streaming speeds are fast, thanks to its dedicated streaming servers. The app can also be installed on the TV directly.

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While some smart TVs like Samsung and LG have their proprietary OS that requires a SmartDNS to work with VPNs, Android TVs allow the direct installation of VPN apps.

This is very convenient for people who aren’t too experienced with using VPNs.

Protect Your Android TV and Stream Restricted Content With These VPNs

Streaming without interference from your internet service provider while unblocking content anywhere is possible through these 5 VPNs:

  • NordVPN – Reliable User Privacy for Thwarting Speed Throttling
  • Surfshark – Affordable Android TV VPN With Unlimited Connections
  • CyberGhost – Largest Server Network for Unblocking Restricted Sites
  • PureVPN – Stable Connection Speeds for Buffer-Free Streaming
  • AtlasVPN – SafeSwap Servers for Extra Anonymity

For uniformity, I tested all the VPNs using base internet speeds of 40 Mbps, which is enough for 4K streaming. As I’m about to illustrate, the speed drops vary from one VPN to another.

5 Best VPNs for Android TV

In this quick review of the best VPNs for Android TVs, I’ll show you how each VPN leverages its best features to ensure Android TV users get the best experience.

I’ll also provide a quick guide on subscribing, downloading, and running a VPN on Android TVs.


NordVPN - Reliable User Privacy for Thwarting Speed Throttling

Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
Panama 5,700+ 6 35 Mbps Show Offer

With over 1,800 servers in the United States alone, the second largest on this list, you can unblock restricted streaming apps like Hulu, Sling TV, and Peacock directly on your Android TV.

I’ve also connected to its Japanese server, one of its 5,700+ servers, to smoothly access my favorite anime, Gintama, on Netflix Japan.

The speeds aren’t anything to scoff at, either. I got 35 Mbps on average using different random servers, which is enough to handle up to 4K content without buffering. To get the best speeds, I switched to the NordLynx protocol, one of the fastest in the VPN industry.

NordVPN is also one of the best VPNs for user privacy. With its robust IP masking, your ISP doesn’t stand a chance of seeing the sites or apps you access on its network.

The kill switch is another vital functionality that protects your IP address from leaking whenever the VPN connection drops. So, ensure you have it activated before you start streaming.

Overall, NordVPN for Android TV is easy to use and functions the same as the smartphone version. You can quickly access the servers and activate critical features like the kill switch from settings.

Furthermore, you can install the APK version directly from the NordVPN website through your Android TV browser. Just ensure you have allowed the installation of apps from external sources.

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Surfshark VPN - Affordable Android TV VPN With Unlimited Connections

Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
The Netherlands 3,200+ Unlimited 38 Mbps Show Offer

Surfshark is the fastest Android TV VPN, averaging 38 Mbps which translates to a speed drop of only 2 Mbps. This is impressive, considering it doesn’t have the most superior server network, specialized servers, or a unique protocol like NordLynx.

But, while it lacks in server quantity, Surfshark paid attention to quality.

All the 3,200+ servers have been upgraded to between 1 Gps and 10 Gbps, which means they’re always fast. Combine them with a stable internet connection, and overcrowded servers become inconsequential.

Surfshark also offers 600+ servers in the United States for accessing geo-restricted content like Apple TV+, Peacock TV, CNN Go, and more.

I managed to stream NCIS New York, which is currently only available in the US version of Netflix, in HD, using a US – New York server.

Your privacy when using Surfshark to bypass restricted content is assured through its reliable kill switch. You can rest easy knowing your IP address is safely hidden even when the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

Like NordVPN, Surfshark has an app you can install directly on your Android TV from the Google Store. It also has a separate APK version you can download through a browser and install on your TV.

But the most significant advantage Surfshark has over other VPNs (alongside AtlasVPN) is that it allows you to connect as many Android TVs as you want.

If you have friends and family members who wish to secure their Android TVs, this is the VPN to go for.

You can grab your Surfshark deal before that offer runs out.




CyberGhost - Largest Server Network for Unblocking Restricted Sites

Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
Romania 9,700+ 7 35 Mbps Show Offer

On top of having the largest server network at a whopping 9,700+, CyberGhost has streaming dedicated servers explicitly optimized for streaming on Android TVs. So, finding the correct server is more accessible than other options on this list, making it very good for beginners.

The VPN also boasts 1,300+ US servers, enough to unblock US-only content on apps like Crackle or Tubi. This is how I was able to catch up on NFL highlights on Sling TV without being made to feel like I’m from Mars with the usual  “this content isn’t available in your region.” I’m human, goddammit!

CyberGhost tied with NordVPN regarding speeds, averaging 35 Mbps, and that got me through HD streaming on my 65-inch TCL Android TV (I’ve been dying to mention that).

Furthermore, CyberGhost for Android is equipped with a kill switch (activated in app settings) for IP leak protection when your Android TV loses a VPN connection. Your ISP still won’t see your IP address because the internet is shut down immediately.

CyberGhost can be installed directly from Google Play Store to your TV and, like Surfshark and NordVPN, comes with an APK option.

Additionally, you can use the same CyberGhost account to connect up to 7 Android TVs or spend the remaining six slots on your PCs/mobile devices.

This is slightly more than NordVPN offers.

The VPN is also within the affordable range of most Android TV owners, and you can get it cheaper through these exclusive deals.



PureVPN - Stable Connection Speeds for Buffer-Free Streaming

get purevpn
Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
The BVI 6,500+ 10 33 Mbps Show Offer

PureVPN has the second largest global server network after CyberGhost with 6,500+, and the largest US-server network (2,000+). Hence, it’s little wonder that unblocking US content on streaming apps like Disney+ was a breeze on my Android TV.

But while PureVPN doesn’t have specialized streaming servers like CyberGhost, its regular options are well-optimized for speeds like Surfshark.

The advantage is that you can connect to any server and get fast speeds for HD streaming on your Android TV.

I averaged 33 Mbps with PureVPN, which was slower than the first three VPNs, but enough for buffer-free streaming even when handling 4K content.

Besides the speed-optimized servers, PureVPN doesn’t slack on the privacy front. A super-fast kill switch prevents accidental IP leaks when your VPN connection drops while you’re in the middle of streaming.

The same IP masking also ensures your ISP doesn’t tinker with your speeds because they see you’re participating in bandwidth-heavy activities.

Furthermore, the PureVPN TV app is easy to use, eliminating hassles when using the TV remote to navigate the servers and settings.

However, while you can install the VPN directly from Google Play Store, PureVPN doesn’t have a separate APK file like CyberGhost, Surfshark, and NordVPN. But that shouldn’t worry you. The official app works just fine.

You can also link up to 10 devices simultaneously using the same account, beating NordVPN and CyberGhost.

Get your PureVPN discounted deal right now to enjoy secure and safe browsing on your Android TV.



AtlasVPN - SafeSwap Servers for Extra Anonymity

Location Servers Connections Speeds Best Deal
The United States 1000+ Unlimited 30 Mbps Show Offer

AtlasVPN may have the smallest server network on this list, with over 1000 in 49 locations. However, it still did the job regarding unblocking geo-restricted content on my Android TV, but wasn’t as smooth as Surfshark.

There were moments when it took longer to connect to a server I wanted, forcing me to switch to another one. Once I connected, streaming proceeded without many issues after that.

But what impressed me the most with AtlasVPN is the SafeSwap feature.

It’s a unique privacy feature that gives users multiple rotating servers that switch as you stream on your Android TV.

This is ideal if you have an overzealous ISP that loves monitoring your activities to throttle your speeds. Tracking you as you jump from one server to another would be impossible.

Regarding speeds, I averaged 30 Mbps with AtlasVPN, making it the slowest on this list. But 30 Mbps is plenty if you want to stream HD and 4K content.

I experimented with NCIS (again) on Netflix US, and everything was okay.

The VPN also offers you IP leak protection that masks your IP address when the VPN connection drops.

As for compatibility, you can install AtlasVPN directly on your Android TV and connect as many devices as you need, just like Surfshark.

However, you can’t install a separate APK file from the official AtlasVPN website. But again, that’s not a big deal.

AtlasVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs on this list. So grab your discount deal right now to enjoy secured streaming on your Android TV.



How to Install and Use a VPN on an Android TV?

Contrary to what many users may think, setting up a VPN for your Android TV is as easy as doing the same on your smartphone. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN of your choice. In our case, I’ll use NordVPN.
  2. Open Google Play Store on your Android TV and search for NordVPN. Tap “Install.”
install nordvpn app
  1. Ensure you have the NordLynx protocol selected.
nordlynx protocol on nordvpn
  1. Launch the VPN and connect to a server of your choice.
nordvpn connected to south africa server
  1. Your Android TV is now encrypted; you can stream anything available in the chosen server location.
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Stream in HD Without Interruptions!

Android TVs are easy to work with when it comes to VPNs. And while each of these 5 VPNs can deliver the experience you’re looking for, NordVPN takes the crown.

It has an extensive server network for bypassing geo-restrictions, it’s fast enough for buffer-free streaming, has the best user privacy, and can be installed on Android TVs directly from the Play Store or through an APK file.

So, get your NordVPN subscription today and stream in HD without interruptions or suffering geo-blocks.

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