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Does Atlas VPN Work With DraftKings?

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Atlas VPN works perfectly with DraftKings. Thanks to AES 256-bit encryption, a reliable kill switch, and a no-logs policy, Atlas VPN protects you from DraftKings’ detection mechanisms.

Moreover, Atlas VPN offers many locations that reliably unblock DraftKings, like Australia, the US, Germany, and the UK.

So, prepare your stakes as I take you through Atlas VPN-DraftKings access in just a few minutes.

How to Unblock DraftKings With Atlas VPN?

Placing bets on DraftKings is a piece of cake. Follow these steps to use Atlas VPN with DraftKings:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN. Use these exclusive discounts for up to 85% off.
  2. Install the Atlas VPN app (if you’ve yet to) and log in.
  3. Toggle on the kill switch to hamper leaks when your VPN connection drops. Go to Settings > Security > Kill Switch.
atlas vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Turn on SafeBrowse to minimize ads on DraftKings. Go to Assistant > SafeBrowse.
atlas vpn safebrowse enabled
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol: It offers the best speeds and security.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to a server in a DraftKings-supported region, like New Jersey.
atlas vpn connected to new jersey server
  1. Do a leak test and verify that your information is secure.
atlas vpn ipleak test on new jersey server
  1. Log into DraftKings in your browser using a safe browse/incognito window.
unblock draftkings with atlas vpn
  1. Enjoy secured DraftKings access.

Can I Use DraftKings With Atlas VPN’s Free Servers?

You can use DraftKings with Atlas VPN’s free servers without issues. 

In fact, I set up a boxing multi-bet in under two minutes while connected to the New York server.

atlas vpn connected to new york server for draftkings

And though Los Angeles isn’t on the supported state list, I successfully used Atlas VPN’s servers in the location to check cricket betting opportunities.

atlas vpn connected to los angeles server for draftkings

Even Amsterdam servers opened the site without displaying the unsupported country message. So, though you can’t bet while connected to the Netherlands, you can still scour the site and check whether it’s a worthwhile bookie.

atlas vpn connected to amsterdam server for draftkings

However, free servers have a 5GB data limit, hence unsuitable if you plan to play on DraftKings for the long haul. I could barely make it two days before needing a reliable upgrade.

Therefore, get started with these Atlas VPN deals to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and avoid interruptions.

Besides, a paid server offers more betting locations than just New York: I quickly checked Daily Fantasy Sports with a London server, explored the Casino with a Sydney server, and browsed the Marketplace with a Frankfurt server.

What’s the Best Atlas VPN Server for DraftKings?

Privacy Pro servers (SafeSwap and MultiHop) work with DraftKings. 

Between the two, SafeSwap servers are better for DraftKings than MultiHop.

In fact, the best Atlas VPN server for DraftKings is SafeSwap (United States servers). Firstly, SafeSwap servers rotate IP addresses within the exact location, adding an extra layer of anonymity to outsmart DraftKings’ detection.

Also, SafeSwap servers are more secure yet as fast as regular servers. 

Hence, you can follow up on how live-bet odds adjust in real time.

Interestingly, I only lost 8% speed while connected to US SafeSwap servers. 

Here’s what my speeds looked like:

atlas vpn speed test on us server

So, follow these steps to find the best/fastest Atlas VPN server for DraftKings for locations other than the US:

  1. Check your speed while unconnected to Atlas VPN.
internet base speed
  1. Log in to Atlas VPN, then toggle on the kill switch and Safe Browse.
  2. Connect to a server within your preferred DraftKings-permitted country.
atlas vpn speed test on germany server
  1. Test the speed and compare it against the unconnected speed. I use www.speedtest.net.
  2. Repeat steps three and four for different locations.
  3. Log into DraftKings using the Atlas VPN location with the lowest speed drop.
draftkings log in
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Atlas VPN is one of the best VPNs for DraftKings. With hundreds of servers in locations that support DraftKings, it offers a reliable option to access the sportsbook. 

Plus, its AES 256-bit encryption ensures you avoid detection, hence DraftKings blocks.

That’s it! Have you placed your first bet with Atlas VPN already?

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