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How to Setup & Use NordVPN for Warzone?

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Using NordVPN to reduce speed lag, improve your K/D ratio and increase CPs on Call of Duty: Warzone is simple. Purchase a NordVPN plan, download the NordVPN app, connect to a low-ping server, and launch COD: Warzone.

Still confused? Don’t worry! This guide provides a step-by-step guide to set up NordVPN for secure and lag-free campaigns in Al Mazrah and other Warzone regions.

How to Use NordVPN for Warzone? (Step-By-Step Guides)

Here are stepwise guides to install NordVPN for COD on PC, mobile, and console.

How to Use NordVPN for Warzone on Mobile?

Tour Verdansk, slay enemy operators in the gulag, and earn global milestones securely by playing Warzone on your mobile device.

Here’s how:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription.
  2. Download the NordVPN app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. I’ll use an Android device for this guide.
  1. Launch the app and log in with your credentials.
  1. Tap “OK” to accept the connection request.
  1. Search and connect to a low-ping NordVPN server location for the best Warzone gaming experience. I’ll connect to a US server for this example.
  1. To change server locations, tap the globe icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  1. Launch COD Warzone, slay operators, and securely roam the streets of Tarvosk with NordVPN.

How to Use NordVPN for Warzone on PC (Windows & macOS)?

NordVPN is compatible with Windows and macOS, allowing you to access new weapons securely, plan missions, get easy bot lobbies and rake impressive K/Ds on your PC.

Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Purchase a NordVPN subscription.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Download the NordVPN app. For this guide, I’ll download the Windows app.
get nordvpn for windows pc
  1. Log in to NordVPN with your credentials.
nordvpn windows app log in
  1. Set your app preferences and click “Next.”
nordvpn app preferences
  1. Click “Finish” to claim your security package.
claim nordvpn security package
  1. Click on the globe icon, choose a low-ping NordVPN server, and connect. I recommend nearby servers for the best ping and latency.
nordvpn server countries
  1. Launch COD Warzone and securely enjoy thrilling multiplayer missions in the DMZ.

How to Set Up NordVPN for Warzone on Console?

Securely bypass geo-restrictions, and enjoy lag-free COD Warzone missions using NordVPN on your gaming console.

Here’s how to connect NordVPN to PS5 via the Smart DNS tool.

  1. Purchase a NordVPN plan.
  2. Login to your NordVPN online account via browser.
nordvpn nord account
  1. Click the NordVPN menu.
nordvpn nord account menu icon
  1. Click “NordVPN.”
select nordvpn
  1. Enable” SmartDNS.
enable smart dns on nordvpn
  1. Go to “Settings” on your PS5.
  2. Select “Network,” click “Settings,” and “Set up internet connection.”
  3. Click your existing internet connection or create one.
  4. Go to “Advanced settings,” navigate to “DNS settings,” and click “Manual.”
  5. Set the primary DNS to the NordVPN Smart DNS values.
  6. Optional Note: Set the secondary DNS to the same as the first. If that doesn’t work, you can use the alternate Smart DNS details from NordVPN.
  7. Restart the console and launch COD Warzone to enjoy thrilling missions in Caldera on your PS5 console.

What Makes NordVPN a Good VPN for Warzone?

play warzone with nordvpn

Here are some reasons NordVPN is one of the best gaming VPNs for Call of Duty Warzone.

  • Extensive server network: NordVPN offers 5300+ servers to unblock Warzone, evade VPN traffic jams, and provide low ping servers for a lag-free Warzone experience. Joining multiplayer mode is also easier using NordVPN servers.
  • Excellent DDoS protection: Launching a ground assault or close-quarters cage match is always risky on Warzone due to DDoS attacks. NordVPN offers a dedicated DDoS protection feature that keeps malicious bots and sore losers at bay.
  • Unblock Warzone in restricted regions: NordVPN allows you access to Warzone in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Syria, where the game is banned.
  • Lightning-fast speeds: NordVPN offers blazing-fast internet connection speeds and effortlessly bypasses ISP throttling using the advanced NordLynx protocol. Thus, Warzone players enjoy a fast and stable gaming experience with zero glitches, unlike with other COD VPNs.
  • Bypass Skill-Based MatchMaking (SBMM): Avoid SBMM and get easy bot lobbies in every Warzone game, thanks to NordVPN effectively bypassing the SBMM algorithm with servers in regions with low COD activity (UAE, Japan, Brazil).
  • Fast internet connection protocols: NordVPN offers ultrafast but secure NordLynx and IKEv2 protocols that guarantee fast and stable internet speeds, enhanced protection, and lower ping when playing Warzone.
  • Supports simultaneous connections: NordVPN Is compatible with numerous platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and supports up to six simultaneous connections with zero speed loss or connection issues.
  • Access low ping servers: NordVPN provides an array of low ping servers for stable internet connections, fast speeds, and a lag-free Warzone gaming experience.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: On top of a super affordable multi-year plan, NordVPN offers a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee to securely test the VPN for Warzone risk-free before committing long-term.

NordVPN Not Working With Warzone? 6 Quick Fixes

nordvpn for warzone reddit post

Despite being one of the best VPNs for Warzone, the NordVPN-Warzone combination sometimes acts up.

Here’re six quick fixes in case that happens.

  • Update the VPN app: NordVPN continuously updates its features to tackle emerging cyber threats and keep pace with new VPN technology. Always use the latest app version, as older versions may cause connection issues.
  • Switch NordVPN servers: High-traffic VPN locations are often more problematic for playing COD. Or, you may land on a server that COD blocks. Thankfully, you can switch between 5300+ servers on this provider.
  • Change internet protocols: NordVPN offers different internet protocols that may affect COD: Warzone connections. I recommend using the NordLynx protocol for its superior speed and security balance.
  • Reinstall NordVPN: Sometimes, uninstalling/reinstalling NordVPN may clear connection issues or app history and cache, which may have caused the connection issue in the first place.
  • Check the number of simultaneous connections: NordVPN supports up to six devices simultaneously. Exceeding six simultaneous connections will cause NordVPN connection failure.
  • Contact customer support: NordVPN offers 24/7 customer care assistance via email and live chat. For the best solutions, concisely state your connection issues to the customer care team.

Can You Get Banned for Using NordVPN on Warzone?

banned for vpn use reddit post

Using NordVPN for COD Warzone won’t get you banned.

I’ve been actively using NordVPN to get easier bot lobbies, bypass ISP throttling, and unblock Warzone for the last couple of months.

According to Activision’s enforcement policy, you may be banned for the following violations:

  • Disguising, obfuscating, or hiding your identity or the identity of your hardware devices.
  • Circumventing Activision’s security.
  • Using software or codes to spam the system.
  • Using copyrighted COD Warzone content.
  • Using external or peripheral hardware or software to cheat.
  • Colluding with other players to boost rankings or gain an unfair game advantage (unlock weapons, gain experience, etc).
  • Displaying offensive behavior (using derogatory language, stalking, cyberbullying).
  • Decompiling or reverse-engineering game data.
  • Displaying unsportsmanlike behavior (intentional friendly fire, quitting multiplayer mode).

What Are the Best NordVPN Alternatives for Call of Duty: Warzone?

NordVPN is my best Warzone VPN, but a few other VPN providers do an excellent job of securing bot lobbies, preventing DDoS attacks, and unblocking COD.

My top alternatives include Surfshark for its unlimited simultaneous connections, ExpressVPN for its easy console setup, and Private Internet Access for its massive server network.


access warzone with surfshark

Surfshark is a reliable Warzone VPN with advanced security features, lightning-fast speeds, and an extensive server network.

Here are the top Surfshark features that make it appealing to COD gamers:

  • Large server network: Surshark offers 3200+ servers that reduce server traffic jams, improve internet stability, and unblock COD in restricted regions.
  • Advanced security features: Surfshark offers 256-bit encryption, a dedicated kill switch, and DNS and IP leak protection for a secure Warzone experience.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connection: Surfshark allows users to connect unlimited devices to a single account, which is ideal for a COD team that doesn’t want to pay more for VPN services.

Get this Surfshark offer to enjoy a fast, secure, and stable Warzone experience and test the VPN risk-free for 30 days.


play warzone with expressvpn

ExpressVPN is a well-rounded no-logs VPN offering easy Warzone bot lobbies, strong encryption, fast speeds, Smart DNS for easy console setup, and excellent DDoS protection.

Here are the top ExpressVPN features that make it excellent for Call of Duty:Warzone:

  • Blazing fast speeds: ExpressVPN offers fast connection speeds, thanks to its superior Lightway Protocol.
  • Advanced security features: ExpressVPN offers a Network Lock kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and IP/DNS leak shielding for a secure and stable Warzone experience.
  • Larger server spread: ExpressVPN offers servers in 94 countries compared to NordVPN’s 59 countries, effortlessly connecting COD peers in different regions.
  • Fast obfuscation: ExpressVPN offers fast and automatic obfuscation on all its servers and protocols, hiding your VPN traffic from Activision and other third-party snoopers.

Grab this exciting ExpressVPN offer to enjoy a secure COD Warzone experience risk-free for 30 days.

Private Internet Access

play warzone with private internet access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a solid VPN for Warzone offering excellent DDoS protection, an extra large server network, robust security features, and fast speeds.

Here are the top PIA features that make it ideal for Warzone:

  • Large server spread: PIA offers thousands of servers in 80+ countries, reducing VPN traffic jams and internet disconnections while enhancing access to bot lobbies.
  • Fast speeds: Private Internet Access uses the ultra-fast WireGuard protocol, ensuring lag-free COD sessions. It even eliminates ISP throttling, perfect for the fast-paced COD.
  • Advanced security features: PIA offers advanced security features, including a dedicated kill switch, 256-bit encryption, DNS, and IP leak protection, ensuring you’re safe from hackers and DDoS attacks while playing Warzone.

Get this exciting Private Internet Access offer to unblock and play Call of Duty: Warzone risk-free for 30 days.

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Many pros play Warzone using NordVPN due to its faster/stable speeds, advanced security, low ping, access to easy bot lobbies, strict no-logs policy, and COD unblocking they get over the combination.

NordVPN positively affects your Warzone gameplay by providing bot lobbies, preventing DDoS attacks, increasing gaming speeds, and unlocking the game in restricted regions.

However, connecting to the wrong NordVPN server or protocol can slow your gaming sessions or generate high ping and latency.

The best servers for Warzone are the ones closest to you, with low pings for faster and more stable Warzone gaming sessions. NordVPN servers in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany), the US, Brazil, Chile, and Singapore are also excellent for Warzone due to their stability and easy bot lobbies.

Final Thoughts

Boasting an extensive server network, advanced security features, fast speeds, affordable multi-year plans, and intuitive add-ons, NordVPN is ideal for a secure and stable Warzone experience.

Grab this risk-free NordVPN offer to enjoy exciting Warzone raids and missions today.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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