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Atlas VPN Lifetime Access: Is It Possible or Scam?

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Atlas VPN doesn’t offer a lifetime access payment plan yet and isn’t working on introducing this pricing package either. Thus, you shouldn’t trust any eBay offers or other online platforms promising lifetime access to this VPN at any fee, no matter how nominal.

However, you can still enjoy AtlasVPN unlimitedly without even paying a dime.

This approach has some limitations, but it may give you the semblance of a lifetime plan without risking your credit card details or sending money to scammers.

So, continue reading to understand why AtlasVPN doesn’t offer a conventional lifetime plan and how to get it legally for lifetime access anyway.

How to Use AtlasVPN With Lifetime Access?

The best way to get AtlasVPN for a lifetime is via the free VPN plan, which doesn’t force you to financially commit at any point. Rather than offering only a risk-free, money-back guarantee, AtlasVPN provides users with a free VPN for as long as they want.

browse privately and safely with atlasvpn
No credit card needed for the free plan, and no duration limits either.

Fortunately, Atlas VPN isn’t like other free VPN providers that collect your data, offer poor encryption, or pepper you with ads for using its free service.

However, getting the free Atlas VPN doesn’t allow you to enjoy the full suite of features you should get with a VPN. Some shortcomings of lifetime access under this free plan include

  • Server limitations. AtlasVPN’s free plan only offers 3 servers in 2 locations. This is nothing compared to the 750+ servers in 35+ locations available on the affordable, paid plan.
  • Bandwidth restriction. Free users are limited to 5GB bandwidth monthly. So, you’re extensively limited in streaming, gaming, and web surfing and always have to wait for the bandwidth limit to refresh.
  • Slower streaming. Due to the overcrowding on the limited servers available to free users, AtlasVPN can’t guarantee 4K or other high-quality streaming on this plan.
  • Minimal torrent download support. After all, it won’t take long before you use up the 5GB allocation when downloading torrents. Then, you’ll be forced to expose your torrent activities to your government and ISP by disconnecting from the VPN.
  • Limited content unblocking. You can unblock content in the US and the Netherlands via its free servers. But what happens when you need to watch NRK TV (Norway servers), France TV (France servers), or BBC iPlayer (UK servers)?

Thus, it’s best to take another approach to get affordable yet valuable lifetime access-like Atlas VPN premium plan. I discuss how to go about that below.

But first…

Why Doesn’t AtlasVPN Offer Lifetime Access?

Some VPN providers offer a lifetime access plan. Still, none of the reputable VPN companies I’ve extensively tested and reviewed do so. It’s the same with NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and now, AtlasVPN.

atlasvpn is good for the price tweet
Why bother with lifetime access when it's already got great price?

But why doesn’t this service offer a lifetime access plan, and is that fair?

Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s a poor marketing gimmick. Most providers who offer lifetime access usually do so to lure users in, collect their monies and disappear after a few years. So far, I’m yet to see a reliable provider offering lifetime VPN access.
  • It’s unsustainable. AtlasVPN keeps updating its server list, upgrading the server speeds, and improving server security. It needs money to ensure your online security and privacy level. Thus, offering unlimited access isn’t suitable unless it wants to start cutting corners or stay stagnant.
  • It comes with limitations. AtlasVPN knows that it’ll have to restrict some of your speed, access to its features, and VPN functionality to make the lifetime access worth it. After all, it’ll be wrong to get the full suite of features as the subscribing customers. But this would compromise your experience, and AtlasVPN isn’t up for that.
  • It’s already affordable. AtlasVPN is already one of the cheapest yet most valuable VPN providers I’ve encountered. It costs almost twice less than a tall Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte, is cheaper than one McDonald’s Big Mac, and would cost as much as a Crunchy Taco from Taco Bell.

So, lifetime access would mean the VPN setting itself (and you) up to fail.

Who knows the compromises it might have to keep up the lifetime access charade?

Like, harvesting and selling your user data to make ends meet?

Do AtlasVPN Lifetime Access Cracks Work?

AtlasVPN lifetime access cracks don’t work and are usually sold by scammers looking to exploit unsuspecting VPN users or prospects.

atlasvpn lifetime crack
Example of an AtlasVPN crack that doesn't offer you anything extra but takes your money anyway

These lifetime cracks are dangerous because they often require you to download unlicensed & modified software and change security settings on your device.

That’s if you even get login access or a reply from the alleged seller after transferring payment.

By so doing, you stand a higher chance of

  • Installing malware: The hacker may send you a “specially modified” version of the app after paying. Most likely, this version contains malicious codes that will infect your computer and possibly require you to pay to unlock your device (ransomware).
  • Data breaches: In other instances, hackers may include data collection codes in the hacked AtlasVPN app sent to you. Thus, they see everything you do on the internet (even though AtlasVPN is no-logs) and can steal sensitive information like bank logins, account credentials, personally-identifying data, etc.
  • Losing your money: Many scammers selling these fake lifetime access accounts stop replying to you once you’ve paid. Others will give you a login to the service that works for a few weeks, and you never see them again.

Moreover, you can’t enjoy new AtlasVPN features since the cracked version won’t get official app and platform updates. Thus, you’re stuck with lesser-quality security on a compromised app.

Overall, it’s not worth paying for, or downloading, any Atlas VPN crack.

How to Get AtlasVPN for Cheaper?

You can still get AtlasVPN for less than the price of a Spicy Potato Soft Taco at Taco Bell if you combine a discount code with the multi-year deals.

Fortunately, I’ve been an AtlasVPN user for a while now, and I always use these AtlasVPN discounts to save more on my subscriptions.

However, there’s more to the process.

Even with the discounts, you can pay $10+ for the VPN monthly or get it for less than $2 per month. I’m sure you prefer the second plan, so you should go for the multi-year deal to get massive savings.

Here’s a calculation I did that helped me justify the savings:

Pricing Plan Base Price/month Total payment in 10 months Total payment in 3 years
Monthly $10.99 Approx. $110 Approx. $396
3-Year $1.99 Approx. $20 Approx. $72

So, you pay LESS for the 3-year plan (if you buy it at once) than the monthly plan would cost you in merely 8 months! In other words, the 3-year plan feels like you only paid for the first seven months and GOT 29 MONTHS FREE!

Considering how vital a VPN like AtlasVPN is to speedily unblock geo-restricted content, bypass ISP throttling, protect your online privacy and encrypt your internet connection, it’s an excellent long-term tool in your arsenal.

On top of that, the VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections without bandwidth throttling. So, you can pool funds together with close family and pay for a single subscription, further driving down the costs.

Even then, you get a 30-day risk-free window to test the premium VPN and request your money back if unsatisfied with its performance.

It’s a win-win for you, no matter how you view it.

If you’re ready to start, grab the AtlasVPN multi-year deal via these HUGE discounts.

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