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How to Set Up and Use NordVPN on Android?

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You can quickly set up and use NordVPN on Android by downloading the official app from the Google Play Store. The provider offers a high-speed Android connection for secure activities like torrenting, gaming, and streaming without disruptive ads.

Below, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide, what protocols to use, top NordVPN features for Android and more.

How to Set Up NordVPN on Android?

To set up NordVPN on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN. Try this offer to save BIG.
nordvpn subscription
  1. Create your username and password.
nordvpn account creation
  1. Install the NordVPN app from the Google Play Store.
nordvpn app on google play store
  1. Open the app and click “Log in.”
nordvpn log in page
  1. Enter your username/email and press “Continue.”
nordvpn account log in
  1. Enter your password and tap “Log in.”
nordvpn account password
  1. Press “QUICK CONNECT” or pick a server from the list.
nordvpn quick connect button
  1. Enjoy secured internet access on Android!

Don’t let the fun stop with your smartphone. Learn how to set up NordVPN on Android TV for larger displays, better sound, and multi-room audio.

How to Sideload the NordVPN App on Android?

You’ll need to sideload NordVPN if you can’t download the app from the Google Play store. This allows you to override Playstore’s technical issues.

The process varies depending on your gadget’s model. 

Luckily, I outlined both methods below!

How to Install NordVPN APK on Android 8.0 or Higher?

To sideload the NordVPN app on Android 8.0 or higher, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your phone’s settings.
unknown apps settings
  1. Search for “Install unknown apps” and click it.
special app access
  1. Select the browser you’ll download the file with.
google chrome browser
  1. Turn on “Allow from this source.”
allow unknown apps installation
  1. Download the NordVPN .apk file.
nordvpn apk file
  1. Click the apk after it’s done installing.
install nordvpn app
  1. Connect to a preferred server and enjoy secure, uninterrupted gaming.
geforce with nordvpn

How to Install NordVPN APK on Android 7.0 or Lower?

To sideload NordVPN on Android 7.0 or lower, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your phone’s “Settings.”
  2. Press “Security.”
phone security settings
  1. Tap the “Unknown sources” button.
unknown sources settings
  1. Click “Ok” to finish.
installation from unknown sources
  1. Download the NordVPN .apk file.
nordvpn apk file
  1. Tap the apk file after downloading ends.
install nordvpn app
  1. That’s it! Enjoy Using NordVPN on Android to stream your favorite shows.
streaming tubitv with nordvpn

Why Is NordVPN Good for Android?

NordVPN is good for Android because it offers reliable security and privacy without compromising internet speed. Here’s a complete list of NordVPN’s features for Android:

Specialty and Standard Servers

NordVPN has over 5600 servers, including standard and specialty servers. 

While standard ones are for everyday activities, specialty servers make torrenting, bypassing censorship, and other special tasks a breeze on Android.

Here’s the list of specialty servers:

Meshnet and Traffic Routing

Meshnet is superb for file sharing and multiplayer gaming on Android. 

In fact, I had no issues sending my YouTube channel’s voice notes from my Android phone to my PC.

You can also use Meshnet on Android to block ads with PiHole or remotely access Plex on your computer, provided both devices have the feature on.

You can use Meshnet on 10 devices and 50 external gadgets.

Manual, Quick, and Auto-Connect

I never remember to turn off my WiFi when meeting my football team for practice. Luckily, NordVPN’s auto-connect feature saves my data from being exposed when my Android automatically connects to the stadium’s public WiFi.

But if I do remember, the Quick Connect button connects me to the nearest server in seconds!

auto connect on android

The provider also has manual server selection. I use this option when needing specialty servers or geo-specific tasks like watching South Korean Netflix.

NordVPN Protocols for Android

NordLynx is the best protocol for Android. It offers both reliability and speed without overusing your data. I tried it while playing Elden Ring via the Steam link app and had no stuttering, even for demanding combo attacks with Twinblade Talisman enabled.

My second favorite was OpenVPN UDP, with fair speeds but the highest data usage. Finally, there’s OpenVPN TCP, which wasn’t as data-intensive as UDP, though it was the slowest.

I tested the speeds and data usage while watching the Workin’ on It podcast on YouTube. Here’s a summary of the results.

  Data Used in 10 Minutes Average Download Speed Ping
Unconnected 61.2 Mbps 3.92 Mbps 15 ms
NordLynx 104.2 Mbps 3.77 Mbps 270 ms
OpenVPN UDP 151.8 Mbps 3.43 Mbps 307 ms
OpenVPN TCP 119.2 Mbps 3.19 Mbps 553 ms

Threat Protection (Lite)

You can use NordVPN’s Threat Protection (Lite) if you don’t know which dedicated ad blocker to try. Lite protects you from phishing links, malware, intrusive ads, and other threats on your Android device.

This was a life savior for me since I regularly read manga on my phone, and it stops the annoying ads from popping up every 20 seconds.

Does NordVPN Have a Kill Switch on Android?

NordVPN has a kill switch on Android. Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Head to “Settings.”
nordvpn settings on android
  1. Scroll down to “Kill Switch.”
nordvpn kill switch settings
nordvpn open android settings
  1. Select the setting icon next to NordVPN.
nordvpn settings
  1. Activate “Always on VPN.”
always on vpn setting
  1. Turn on “Block connections without VPN.”
  2. You’re all set! Browse without worrying about data leaks.
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NordVPN blocks ads on Android once you enable Threat Protection Lite.

Lite is effective against intrusive ads and secures your device from phishing links, malware, and other threats.

While NordVPN isn’t free on Android, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to try secured internet access risk-free. Plus, you can enjoy its Meshnet feature on up to 50 external devices without a subscription. Meshnet lets you create a personal NordVPN server to share across connected gadgets.

Secure Your Internet on Android With NordVPN

As you can see, setting up NordVPN on Android is straightforward.

With NordVPN, you can simultaneously run apps on a split screen or play demanding games on Android without lags. Also, you can post a Whatsapp status in restricted countries like China or use a trending Tiktok sound quickly and securely.

So, why wait? Get our top deal for NordVPN Android and enjoy its smooth performance and impregnable security.

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