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Does Atlas VPN Have a New Jersey Server?

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Atlas VPN has multiple New Jersey servers that let you securely access local content. So, you can use it to gamble securely, hide your online traffic, and unblock geo-locked titles, besides other online activities.

Dive in as I explain how to access an Atlas VPN New Jersey server and why it’s amongst the best options for getting NJ IP addresses.

How to Connect to Atlas VPN's New Jersey Servers?

Connecting to Atlas VPN only takes a few minutes. Here are simple steps to get an Atlas VPN New Jersey IP address:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN. Grab up to 85% off while these offers last.
  1. After checkout, you’ll get directed to the “Download and Install” page. Install an app version compatible with your device.
download atlas vpn for windows
  1. Open the app and log in.
atlas vpn log in
  1. Pick your preferred protocol (Atlas VPN features WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2). I recommend WireGuard for better speed and lesser data demands.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Return to “Home” and search “New Jersey” from the “All” or “Streaming” sections.
atlas vpn streaming servers
  1. Click the server, and you’ll get connected to a New Jersey server. You can now securely access local content like NJTV.

What Makes Atlas VPN a Great Choice for New Jersey Servers?

Though Atlas VPN isn’t the only provider with New Jersey servers, few others can match its speeds, privacy, and security. Here are four reasons why Atlas VPN is amongst the best VPNs for New Jersey:

Fast Speeds

My internet provider was throttling my service till I thought I was back in the dial-up era! Downloads and uploads were horrendously snail-paced, movies rebooted 10 times a minute, and video calls were like watching a scratched CD.

After trying Atlas VPN’s free plan and getting a 10+% speed boost, I knew I had to upgrade. If that was the free package, I was sure I’d get an excellent performance on the premium. And I did!

Here’s a summary of my speeds the last time I suspected my ISP was throttling my internet:

  • Unconnected
internet base speed
  • Standard New Jersey server (IPSec/IKEv2)
atlas vpn ipsec speed on new jersey server
  • New Jersey streaming server (WireGuard)
atlas vpn wireguard speed on new jersey server

Several New Jersey Servers

Although Atlas VPN reps couldn’t give me the exact New Jersey server count, they assured me they offer multiple options. Besides, I checked my IP while connected and got two addresses, meaning there are at least two Atlas VPN New Jersey servers.

atlas vpn support on new jersey servers

Additionally, there’s the “All” tab where you can get standard options and “Streaming” for streaming-dedicated alternatives.

Streaming-Optimized Servers

atlas vpn streaming servers

Atlas VPN’s streaming-optimized servers offer high-speed connection and relay a significant drop in buffering times. Thanks to their quick rates, I can finally rewatch “Teen Wolf” and see Scott’s luminous red alpha orbs in 4K quality.

New Jersey streaming servers perform best when your ISP starts “misbehaving.” 

I enjoyed up to a 6% boost in download speeds and a 71% increase in uploads during a throttling period.


Atlas VPN’s dual-year plan is a steal: up to 85% off if you grab the summer discount.

Plus, you enjoy an additional three months on the one-year billing, which was already a steal for its price.

Furthermore, you can request a refund for up to two cancellations within 30 days of enrollment if you find the services unsuitable.

Top 4 Things You Can Do With Atlas VPN New Jersey Servers

You may want an Atlas VPN New Jersey server to only access one geo-locked site. However, the provider offers numerous reasons that make their bi-annual package a worthwhile choice.

Here are the top four.

Enjoy Restricted Shows and Films

streaming my9nj tv with atlas vpn

I got Atlas VPN’s 2-year premium and seamlessly enjoyed The Twilight Zone and other US Netflix shows with NJ servers while visiting Tbilisi, Georgia: a country whose tiny Netflix library denied me most of my favorites.

AtlasVPN also lets you bypass geo-restrictions on Hulu, TubiTV, Paramount+, YouTube TV, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. Moreover, I enjoyed the hassle-free streaming of local New Jersey news channels like MY9NJ and NJTV.

Gamble Securely

access gambling sites with atlas vpn

After booking a two-week Egyptian cruise to celebrate my recent graduation, I realized I couldn’t get my weekend Baccarat fix. Or could I?

Thanks to Atlas VPN’s tight security suite, I can wager with no qualms from wherever I am. All I need to do is activate a New Jersey server, open the FanDuel app, and voila! I get to enjoy Baccarat, sometimes with $150 in bonus bets.

Protect Your Online Traffic

atlas vpn kill switch enabled

Are you worried about Big Brother preying on your internet activities? 

You’ll love this – Atlas VPN’s AES 256-bit encryption prevents third parties from toying with your privacy.

And I don’t stress about data leaks. Its kill switch worked great while grabbing a Negroni at the Perle, where my VPN connection randomly dropped.

Plus, Atlas VPN doesn’t maintain user logs. So, whatever you do stays with you.

Play Games Lag-Free

gaming with atlas vpn

Before trying Atlas VPN, my DOTA 2 face-offs were a disaster. 

I’d get constant lag spikes; my hero would die prematurely or shift to the wrong lanes due to latency. Thanks to Atlas VPN, I can mow down opponents with Ursa’s Fury Swipes without hiccups.

Plus, the VPN’s powerful encryption cushions me from DDoS attacks that’d kick me off Asphalt 9 servers in the middle of multiplayer races.

Also, WireGuard provides the best Atlas VPN speeds and minimal ping, guaranteeing smooth gameplay while using New Jersey servers.

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Atlas VPN doesn’t offer New Jersey servers on its free plan. 

However, you can enjoy US-based content for free with its New York or Los Angeles servers, albeit with a 5GB data limit.

Securely Access Geo-Blocked New Jersey Content With Atlas VPN

With its streaming-optimized servers offering fast speeds, low ping, and anti-throttling support, Atlas VPN is one of the best VPNs for New Jersey

The provider lets you stream US Netflix, play your favorite casino games on geo-locked websites like DraftKings, and seamlessly access other restricted content in New Jersey.

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