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How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost in Denmark?

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Setting up CyberGhost in Denmark is as easy as ABC! Download and install its native app on your device (macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows), and sign in to the VPN to access 9500+ servers.

CyberGhost allows you to secure your Danske and Vestjysk online bank transactions while simultaneously bypassing ComX, Cybercity, Fullrate, Tele2, or your Denmark ISPs’ speed throttling!

But smart TVs and gaming consoles can’t download a CyberGhost VPN app. 

So, I’ve covered the best way to get the VPN protection on these units too.

How to Set Up CyberGhost in Denmark: Quick Guides

Get ready to enjoy unlimited online access with CyberGhost in Denmark on multiple platforms across seven simultaneous connections.

To set up the VPN on PCs and mobile phones, you should download its native apps. However, you require a unique approach for smart TVs and gaming consoles because such devices don’t have VPN app support. The table below shows each device’s set-up method.

Device Set-Up Method
Mobile (Android, iOS) CyberGhost app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)
PC (Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Browser) CyberGhost for Windows and macOS
Smart TVs (Samsung TV, Roku Tv, LG TV)
  • Configuring CyberGhost on routers
  • Using CyberGhost Smart DNS service
Gaming Consoles (Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation)
  • Configuring CyberGhost on routers
  • Using CyberGhost Smart DNS service

For better understanding, I’ve broken down each set-up method into simple and easily-executable steps as follows!

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost on Mobile in Denmark?

Follow the steps below to unblock content and ensure the privacy of your mobile device connections in Denmark with CyberGhost VPN:

  1. Grab a CyberGhost VPN account. Use these CyberGhost discounts to save more!
  1. Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). I’ll use an Android phone for this demonstration.
  2. Search for “CyberGhost.”
  1. Tap “Install.”
  1. Open the VPN app and tap “Existing user.”
  1. Enter your Email/Username and Password from Step 1 to sign in.
  1. Tap the settings icon in the top right corner.
  1. Tap “VPN.”
  1. On “VPN protocol,” I recommend WireGuard for a safe, speedy, and stable connection.
  1. Tap the return arrow on the top left corner to return to the VPN home screen.
  1. Click the power button. This connects you to the best available server, preferably the nearest to your location.
  1. Alternatively, tap “Best Location.”
  1. Search for your preferred VPN location, e.g., “United States,” and tap the prompted results to connect.
  1. Test for IP/DNS leaks. My IP was successfully based in the United States, as chosen in Step 13.
  1. That’s it! You’re now connected to CyberGhost VPN on your mobile. So, enjoy unrestricted access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix US, Hulu, and other international streaming services while keeping safe against Cybercity, Fullrate, or snooping WiFi admins!

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost on PCs in Denmark?

You can follow the above steps (for Android) to install CyberGhost VPN on your Chromebook PC. Alternatively, follow the steps below to securely watch the Klovn comedy show on TV2 or unblock any other show from your Linux, Windows, or macOS computer with CyberGhost VPN:

  1. Create a CyberGhost VPN account. Grab these time-limited deals to save BIG!
  1. Visit the CyberGhost VPN official website and scroll to choose your PC type under “Products.” I’ll select “VPN for Windows PC” for this example.
cyberghost vpn for pc
  1. Click “Download VPN for PC.”
cyberghost download vpn for pc
  1. Navigate to your PC’s downloads folder and double-click the downloaded file.
windows pc downloads folder
  1. Follow the prompted on-screen instructions to install the CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Launch the VPN app and enter your account details (username and password) to log in.
  1. Hit the settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  1. Click the “CyberGhost VPN” icon in the top left corner.
cyberghost vpn icon
  1. Go to “Privacy settings” and toggle “Automatic Kill-Switch.” This prevents IP/DNS leaks if the VPN disconnects suddenly.
cyberghost vpn automatic kill switch enabled
  1. Hit the settings icon again.
  2. Go through “CyberGhost VPN” and choose a suitable VPN protocol under “VPN protocol.”
cyberghost vpn protocol options
  1. Return to the VPN page and click the power button. This connects you to the best available server.
  1. Or, click Best server location > More servers …
  1. Select “All servers” and search for the server location you want to connect to.
cyberghost all servers
  1. Double-click on the results to connect.
  1. Check for IP/DNS leaks on www.ipleak.net.
cyberghost ip leak test on london, uk server
  1. Congratulations! You can now surf the web anonymously, unblock streaming services, and download torrents safely on your PC in Denmark.

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost on Smart TVs in Denmark?

Setting up CyberGhost VPN on Android TV follows a similar procedure for setting the VPN on Android devices.

However, setting up the VPN on smart TVs such as Samsung TV, Roku TV, LG TV, etc., which don’t have VPN app support, employs two unique methods: VPN router or Smart DNS.

Here’s how to navigate the two methods:

The Router Method

You can enjoy safe access to geo-restricted content on your smart TV in Denmark by configuring the VPN on your home router network to which your smart TV is also connected.

To do so, confirm if your router is VPN-compatible from your router manufacturer’s manual/website. If so, follow the steps below to configure CyberGhost VPN on the router:

  1. Get a CyberGhost account (use discounts).
  2. Log in to your CyberGhost client account.
  3. Click “VPN” on the left side menu.
cyberghost vpn tab
  1. Scroll to click “Configure Device” next to “Manual setup” under “ADVANCED CONFIGURATION.”
cyberghost configure device settings
  1. Click “Select protocol” and choose a preferred VPN protocol. I recommend Open VPN (more flexible and more secure).
cyberghost open vpn protocol
  1. Choose a country you want to surf the web from.
  2. Select a server group. Some countries have premium and gaming server groups, while others don’t have any server groups.
cyberghost server group options
  1. Name your configuration under “DEVICE NAME” for easy tracking. I’ll call mine “#Smart TV.”
  2. Check all boxes under “EXTRA FEATURES.”
  3. Click “Save Configuration.” This redirects you to the “Manage Devices” page.
save cyberghost configuration
  1. Locate the name of your configuration (chosen in Step 8) and tap “View” next to it.
cyberghost view routers or other devices
  1. Click “Download Configuration.” Then, create a particular folder for the downloaded zip file for easy and safe extraction of its contents.
download cyberghost configuration
  1. Open your router interface, then configure its settings by uploading the downloaded configuration zip file. This will depend on your router firmware, whether DD-WRT, TomatoUSB Merlin Build, or Tomato.
  2. Once you’ve completed the settings, connect your smart TV to the VPN-configured router WiFi network to enjoy protected access to geo-restricted content and online privacy from Denmark!

CyberGhost Smart DNS Service

This method lets you unblock content with CyberGhost on smart TVs in Denmark when your router isn’t VPN-compatible. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Visit the CyberGhost website and log in to your account dashboard.
  2. Click “Smart DNS” on the left side menu.
cyberghost smart dns tab
  1. Go to the “DNS Addresses for TV” or “Streaming” tab to find the available DNS addresses. Copy one DNS address, depending on the streaming service you want to access and its location.
cyberghost dns addresses for tv or streaming
  1. Open your smart TV and head to Network settings.
  2. Change the DNS address by pasting the respective CyberGhost DNS address from Step 3, as shown in the video below.
  1. Restart your smart TV to enjoy unlimited access to region-specific content in Denmark!

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost in Denmark on Gaming Consoles?

Setting up CyberGhost VPN on gaming consoles in Denmark employs the router and Smart DNS methods, just like in smart TVs.

The only difference in the router procedure is that you’ll now connect your gaming console(s) to the WiFi network provided by the VPN-configured router to safeguard your gaming session against DDoSing.

For the Smart DNS method, CyberGhost offers separate DNS addresses for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

So grab your preferred PlayStation DNS address and update it, as shown in the video below.

Or get CyberGhost’s Xbox DNS addresses to secure your gaming endeavors.

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost VPN Extension in Denmark?

CyberGhost offers a 100% free VPN service via its Google Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Therefore, you can access geo-restricted content and secure your traffic over 8 VPN servers in 4 countries on your PC in Denmark at no cost.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit CyberGhost’s website on your PC’s browser.
  2. Scroll to choose your preferred browser extension under “Products.” I’ll select “VPN for Google Chrome” to demonstrate this example.
cyberghost browser extentions
  1. Click “Add CyberGhost to Chrome.”
cyberghost google chrome extension
  1. Click “Add to Chrome.”
add cyberghost extension to chrome
  1. Confirm your decision by clicking the “Add extension” prompt.
cyberghost add extension prompt
  1. Click the extensions icon on the top left corner of your PC screen.
google chrome extensions icon
  1. Locate “Stay secure with CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy” from the pop-up menu and click it.
  1. Click the power button to connect to the best server location.
  1. Alternatively, click the location on display to choose your preferred location (the United States, Romania, Netherlands, or Germany).
  1. That’s it! Your browser traffic is now protected.

How to Get a Danish IP Address With CyberGhost?

A Denmark IP address lets you access country-specific local content and transact via Danske Bank, Nykredit, and Arbejdernes Landsbank while protecting your online connection.

So, here’s how to get a Danish IP address on CyberGhost:

  1. Launch the CyberGhost VPN app on your device and sign in.
  2. Choose a suitable VPN protocol, preferably WireGuard.
  3. Click “Best server location,” then “More servers …
  1. Search for “Denmark” under “All servers.”
cyberghost denmark server
  1. Double-click to connect.
  2. Verify your IP address to ensure you’re assigned a Danish IP.
cyberghost denmark ip address leak test
  1. Access Denmark’s geo-restricted streaming services and websites while maintaining online anonymity and security.

Which CyberGhost Server Performs Best in Denmark?

The best CyberGhost server in Denmark ultimately depends on your preferences and requirements.

For instance, choose CyberGhost‘s “For torrenting” servers to securely download torrents over the VPN’s P2P-optimized servers. Thankfully, there are also P2P-optimized CyberGhost servers in Denmark, so use them to enjoy fast torrent download speeds because they’re the nearest.

Furthermore, you can rely on CyberGhost’s Denmark servers to access Netflix DK, DR TV, and Kanal 4 anywhere. These are also your best bet to safely transact via Danske Bank, Nordea Bank Danmark, and Nykredit without raising remote location red flags.

However, look for country-specific “For streaming” servers to unblock your target international streaming services.

Here are some of CyberGhost’s best servers versus the streaming services they unblock flawlessly in Denmark.

For Streaming Server Streaming Services
United Kingdom BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime UK
United States Hulu, ESPN+, Crunchyroll, NBC
Australia Netflix AU
France FranceTV, MolotovTV
India Voot, Disney+ Hotstar

Also, the best CyberGhost server in Denmark will work best on the proper VPN protocol. That said, WireGuard is Denmark’s best CyberGhost VPN protocol, offering a good balance of security, speed, and stability.

But depending on your network condition and device type, IKEv2 is the second in command, especially if WireGuard fails.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CyberGhost VPN doesn’t support port forwarding, so you won’t get the feature in Denmark either. Even so, CyberGhost’s torrenting capabilities in Denmark are impressive despite lacking port forwarding.

No, CyberGhost doesn’t have Dedicated IPs in Denmark. Instead, the VPN offers these static IPs in Germany, the US, France, Canada, and the UK at an additional cost.

Unblock Anything in Denmark!

CyberGhost offers smooth, lag-free content unblocking and torrent download experiences in Denmark while protecting your online connections. 

That’s thanks to its generous 9500+ server spread in 90 countries.

Plus, being compatible with multiple devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, etc., you can secure and unblock content on all your devices across seven simultaneous connections.

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