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Does CyberGhost Work in South Africa?

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CyberGhost works seamlessly in South Africa. So, you can use the VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Call the Midwife on Netflix or securely play League of Legends on your Xbox without restrictions and DDoS attacks.

Furthermore, CyberGhost has 29 servers in Johannesburg and 10,000+ servers globally. You can connect to any of these to enjoy secure online banking, P2P and access geo-blocked content without alerting MTN, Vodacom, and other South African ISPs.

Let me show you how to set up CyberGhost in South Africa and connect to the South African servers on any device.

How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost on Mobile/PC in South Africa?

You can set up CyberGhost on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Follow these steps to make it happen:

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  2. Click “Get CyberGhostVPN” to claim the exclusive deal.
get cyberghost vpn
  1. Select a VPN plan based on your requirements. I recommend the 2-year plan for long-term benefits at the best price.
  2. Click “Continue to Checkout” to continue.
cyberghost plans
  1. Choose your preferred payment method, enter your payment information, and click “Buy now” to complete the purchase. You’ll also have the option to get CyberGhost’s Dedicated IPs.
cyberghost order summary
  1. Upon a successful payment, you’ll get an email confirming your subscription.
  2. Download the CyberGhost VPN app on a PC (from this page) or smartphone (Google Play Store or App Store).
download cyberghost vpn for pc
  1. Open the app and “Log in.” I’m using my Windows PC for this demonstration.
cyberghost log in
  1. Click the Settings/Gear icon at the bottom left corner.
cyberghost settings icon
  1. Go to “CyberGhost VPN” and select a VPN protocol. I recommend the WireGuard protocol for high speeds when unblocking content on Netflix, Hulu, etc.
cyberghost vpn protocols
  1. Click “CyberGhost VPN.”
cyberghost general settings
  1. Go to “Privacy settings.”
cyberghost privacy settings
  1. Enable the “Automatic Kill-Switch” to prevent IP leaks or ISPs like Vodacom and Telkom from seeing your online activities if your internet connection gets interrupted.
cyberghost automatic kill switch enabled
  1. Connect to your preferred server, watch Netflix with CyberGhost, or unblock any other content channel without proxy/VPN errors.
streaming netflix with cyberghost los angeles server

How to Use CyberGhost on Smart TV/Gaming Console in South Africa?

CyberGhost is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems but isn’t DIRECTLY compatible with non-Android Smart TVs and gaming consoles. 

However, you can still set up and use the VPN app with them in a couple of ways.

Method 1: Set Up CyberGhost on Your Router

CyberGhost is compatible with various routers, such as DD-WRT, Raspberry Pi, Tomato router, etc. Check if your router is on the list of compatible routers and follow these steps:

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  2. Learn how to set up CyberGhost on your router.
  3. Connect your Xbox or Apple TV to the VPN-enabled router network.
  4. That’s it! Now, you can stream Hulu on your Apple TV or play League of Legends with CyberGhost on your Xbox or PlayStation connected to the router.

Method 2: SmartDNS

If you want to access and stream geo-restricted U.S., U.K., Japan, and Netherlands content, the SmartDNS feature can help. However, please note that SmartDNS doesn’t change your IP address or encrypt your connection, unlike a VPN.

To set up SmartDNS:

  1. Sign up for CyberGhost with the BEST discount deal.
  2. Open your web browser, visit the CyberGhost website, and click “My Account” at the top right corner.
cyberghost web home
  1. Enter your credentials and click “Log In.”
cyberghost web log in
  1. On the dashboard menu, click Smart DNS > Enable Smart DNS.
cyberghost smart dns
  1. Choose the device you wish to connect with CyberGhost VPN’s Smart DNS. Keep the window open since you’ll need to use one of these IP addresses.
cyberghost smart dns devices
  1. Now, access the settings menu on your smart TV or gaming console.
  2. Update the DNS settings. Follow the video guides below and adapt them to your console/TV.
    1. Smart TV.
    1. Xbox
    1. PlayStation
  1. Play Fortnite with CyberGhost on your gaming console at high speeds or access BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix libraries from anywhere in South Africa.

How to Get a South Africa IP Address With CyberGhost?

You can get a South Africa IP address to securely connect to local gaming peers, access your Investec bank account from abroad without raising red flags, or use the IP for other reasons.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the CyberGhost App on your device and click on the encircled left arrow.
cyberghost connected to us server
  1. Click “All servers” on the left panel and search for “South Africa.” Double-click the server to connect.
cyberghost south africa server
  1. You’ll now have a South Africa IP address from Johannesburg. I connected to this server and established a secure connection to my Capitec bank account while I was on vacation in Maldives.
access capitec bank with cyberghost on johannesburg server
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See? Setting up CyberGhost on your devices in South Africa is just that simple!

On the one hand, you can connect to the South Africa server to enjoy a secure banking experience. Alternatively, you can access international content on iPlayer/Netflix/Hulu, evade ISP throttling, and avoid unnecessary copyright trouble with CyberGhost.

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