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55+ Disney Plus Statistics, Facts, and Trends

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Disney Plus launched in 2019 and immediately dealt a punch to Netflix, the top streaming service at the time. By pulling its rich catalog off Netflix, Disney+ had a compelling offering for users to switch to its platform.

A few years later, Disney+ continues to claim more market share, increase its user base, diversify its offering, and claw its way to the top of the streaming service provision ladder.

That’s why we researched and vetted recent Disney+ facts, trends, and statistics to better capture the streaming service’s state.

Top 6 Disney Plus Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Disney recorded the highest-paying subscriber count globally in Q4 2022.
  • 81% of surveyed UK adults in 2021 were satisfied with Disney+’s streaming services.
  • 11% of US adults streamed Disney Plus daily in 2022.
  • Only 6% of Disney Plus users canceled the service in 2021.
  • Disney Plus recorded $7.4 billion in revenue in 2022.
  • Disney+ got 71 Emmy award nominations for its movies and shows in 2021.


top 6 disney plus statistics
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General Disney Plus Statistics

1. There were 126.8 million Disney Plus app downloads in 2021.

In comparison, the Disney+ app was installed 110.9 million times in 2020.

2. “Raya and the Last Dragon” was streamed 27.3x more than the average Disney+ title in H1 2021.

Soul was in second place, viewed 24.5x more than the average title on the streaming platform in the reporting period.

The top five movies in this category are shown below:

Disney+ Title Above-Average Streaming Frequency
Raya and the Last Dragon 27.3x
Soul 24.5x
Frozen 2 18.4x
WandaVision 17.3x
Moana 13.4x

3. As of May 2021, there were 937 movies in the Disney+ US catalog.

In contrast, there were 661 TV shows in the regional library simultaneously.

Disney+ Subscriber Statistics

4. Disney recorded the highest-paying subscriber count globally in Q4 2022.

The streaming platform had 234.7 million paying subscribers by December 2022

In comparison, Netflix recorded 230.8 million paying subscribers in January 2023.

The Disney numbers contain Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscribers.

5. Disney Plus closed Q4 2022 with 164.2 million global subscribers.

At the end of Q3 2022, it had 152.1 million subscribers, up from 137.7 million in Q2 2022.

6. Disney+ lost 2.4 million subscribers in Q3 2022.

That’s the first time since 2019 (launch) that the streaming service would see a decline in user base.

Disney+ UK Statistics

7. Disney+ added 1.8 million UK subscribers between Q2 2021 and Q2 2022.

This brought its subscriber base in the region to 6.6 million.

8. In Q2 2022, Disney Plus was the third largest streaming provider in the UK.

17.1 million households preferred Netflix to make up 60% of the total UK streaming video on demand (SVoD) market share. It was followed by Amazon Prime Video, with a 46% share, while 23% of the market went with Disney Plus.

9. Disney Plus added about 90,000 new subscribers in Q2 2022 alone.

This accounted for just 5% of the total subscribers added between Q2 2021 and Q2 2022. However, the streaming service fared better than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which lost 210,000 and 590,000 subscribers (respectively) in Q2 2022.

10. 5.2 million unique UK households subscribed to Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video in Q1 2022.

In other words, 80% of Disney+ subscribers also grabbed the other two streaming services to increase their content range. Only 2% of Disney+ subscribers did not subscribe to either or both Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

11. 230,000 Disney Plus users in the UK also subscribed to Amazon Prime Video.

Data from Q1 2022 also shows that another 900,000 Disney+ subscribers have a Netflix account too.

12. 4% of Disney Plus UK users surveyed in Q2 2022 had recently canceled their Disney Plus accounts.

These users canceled their accounts in the previous three months. 

Disney Plus ties here with Amazon Prime Video cancelations (4%) in the same timeframe. Only 2% of Netflix users (this represents a higher number) also canceled their accounts in the past three months.

canceled disney plus subscriptions
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13. 35% of UK online persons aged 13+ have used Disney Plus to stream films or other video content.

The streaming platform was third in this Q1 2022 survey, following Amazon Prime Video (55%) and Netflix (69%).

14. Disney+ was UK children's most adopted streaming platform in Q1 2022.

As of Q1 2021, 31% of kids in the UK aged 3-12 were already using Disney+

This number increased by 6 points to clock 37% in Q1 2022.

15. 81% of surveyed UK adults in 2021 were satisfied with Disney+’s streaming services.

78% claimed the platform was easy to navigate, while another 74% cited the ease of getting something to watch. Finally, 7 in 10 users claim they liked that they could find shows to watch and discuss with others.

16. 35% of British video streamers used Disney+ to stream or download movies, shows, and other video content in 2021.

That’s growth from 26% in 2020, its first full year, placing Disney+ in the top 10 streaming services in the UK.

Streaming Service 2020 2021
Netflix 84% 83%
Amazon Prime Video 67% 63%
BBC iPlayer 62% 60%
YouTube 49% 51%
All 4 35% 37%
Disney+ 26% 35%
ITV Hub 26% 28%

17. 6% of Britons preferred Disney+ to other streaming platforms, unlike 4% of US users.

The 2021 data also revealed that 31% of the online British populace would subscribe to Disney+’s service alone or in combination with other streaming services.

18. 17% of Disney Plus UK users shared an account with someone outside their household in Q2 2022.

Additionally, 63% of surveyed users paid directly to the provider rather than getting the service as a bundled offering to another service.

Disney+ USA Statistics

19. 44% of American video streamers used Disney+ to watch/download movies, shows, and other video content in 2021.

The figure was the same for 2020, helping the provider become the fourth overall preferred US streaming service in its first full year of launch

But retaining a 44% market share in 2021 saw it pushed to the fifth position while Hulu gained the fourth spot (48%).

Streaming Service 2019 2020 2021
Netflix 80% 81% 76%
Amazon Prime Video 60% 68% 64%
YouTube 48% 59% 53%
Hulu 44% 42% 48%
Disney+ - (Launch year) 44% 44%

20. Only 4% of American streaming service users preferred the Disney+ streaming service to others in 2021.

However, 41% of the American online population subscribed to the platform, alone or in combination with other top streaming providers.

21. 2.2% of US Hispanics' TV-watching time was spent on Disney Plus.

According to July 2022 data, video streaming made up 43.6% of all TV time generated by this demographic. In other words, Disney Plus made up 5% of all video streaming time by US Hispanics in July 2022.

22. Disney+ added nearly 200,000 US and Canadian subscribers in Q4 2022.

This took its subscriber base to 46.6 million across both regions.

23. 11% of US adults streamed Disney Plus daily in 2022.

6% of the respondents to the November 2022 study claimed to watch Disney+ content more than once a day. Whereas 5% streamed content on the app only once daily.

24. 7% of US adults aged 18 or older streamed Disney+ content once a week.

This behavior was more common among males (8%) than females (6%) in this November 2022 survey.

25. 55% of American adults had never watched a video on Disney+ as of November 2022.

This is further broken down into male (57%) and female (54%) respondents.

26. 4% of Disney+ adult users in the US only ever watched one video on the platform once.

As of November 2022, 5% of adult males aged 18 and above and 4% of females in the same age range had never watched Disney+ content more than once.

Disney+ Europe Statistics

27. Disney Plus has been a top-four streaming provider in Germany since its launch.

The streaming service launched in 2019 and was used by 19% of German streamers in 2020. By 2021, its share of the German streamers market had grown to 33% to retain its fourth position.

28. 5% of the German streaming population exclusively preferred Disney+ in 2021.

However, 24% of the German online population subscribed to Disney Plus’s content in the same year.

percentage of germans who prefer disney plus
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29. Disney Plus was Denmark's sixth most preferred streaming service in 2021.

It managed a 29% share of the Danish streaming population to edge out HBO Nordic (now HBO Max), previously in sixth place.

30. In 2021, 6% of Danes who streamed content preferred Disney+ exclusively.

But 23% of the Danish online population would subscribe to Disney+.

31. Disney Plus was Sweden's 6th most preferred streaming service for 2020-2021.

The streaming video-on-demand provider debuted at 6th in its first full year, capturing 22% of the Swedish streaming users. By 2021, it was serving 29% of the Swedish video-streaming population to retain its sixth spot.

32. 5% of Swedish streamers were okay with having Disney+ as their exclusive streaming platform.

In contrast, 22% of Sweden’s online population in 2021 either had Disney+ subscriptions as a standalone service or in combination with other streaming services (like Netflix).

33. Norwegian video streamers preferred Disney+ to Viaplay in 2021.

In its first full year (2020), Disney+ was used by 28% of all Norwegian streamers, coming in fifth behind Viaplay (30%). However, Viaplay stagnated at 30% in 2021, while Disney+ leapfrogged it with 1% to earn fourth place.

34. Norwegian streamers were tied with Danish video streamers in preferring Disney+ content exclusively.

In 2021, 6% of video streamers from both countries would choose Disney+ as their exclusive streaming platform. However, over 2 in 10 (22%) of the Norwegian online population subscribed to a Disney+ account in the same period.

35. 8% of Finnish video streamers preferred to watch content on Disney+ exclusively in 2021.

Disney+ grew its share among Finnish streamers by 10% between 2020 and 2021 to edge Viaplay out of the sixth position in the region. It was also subscribed to by 17% of the Finnish online population in the year, tying with Ruutu.

Disney+ Asia Pacific Statistics

36. Disney Plus was the second most popular streaming platform among Indonesian moms.

44% of surveyed Indonesian moms in 2022 subscribed to Disney Plus

Only Netflix performed better, with a 68% subscriber share among these moms.

Disney Plus Usage Statistics

37. 88% of Disney Plus users were satisfied with the services they got in 2022.

The number was the same for 2021, keeping steady at 88%. However, Netflix saw a drop from a 90% satisfaction rate among users in 2021 to 80% in 2022.

38. 87% of Disney Plus users in 2022 were “likely” and “very likely” to keep using the service.

The service slightly improved from 86% in 2022. On the other hand, brands like Netflix (93% vs. 81%), Hulu (89% vs. 88%), and Discovery+ (70% vs. 69%) saw drops.

39. Only 14% of almost 2,500 surveyed persons would keep Disney Plus exclusively in 2022.

That’s an improvement over 9% that claimed they would choose the service exclusively over others in 2021. In contrast, 41% of participants would keep Netflix solely, and another 21% would pitch their tent with Hulu.

percentage of users who prefer disney+ exclusively
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40. Over 3 in 4 users were satisfied with Disney Plus’ content spread in 2022.

More than 75% of users were either satisfied or very satisfiedwith Disney Plus’s movies, original series, and library series. Only HBO Max also claimed over 75% satisfaction from its users across all three categories.

41. Almost 80% of Disney Plus users were “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with the variety of its movies.

A 2022 survey also revealed that over 75% of users were satisfied/highly satisfied with the variety of original series and library series carried by the platform.

42. Over 8 in 10 Disney Plus users had a satisfying experience on the platform in 2022.

82% of surveyed Disney+ users claimed they enjoyed their experience on the platform. Of the top streaming services, Disney Plus fell behind only Netflix, with 88% of the rival service’s customers loving their experience.

43. 62% of Disney Plus users were at least “satisfied” with the content platform’s recommendations.

This was behind HBO Max (63%) and Netflix (71%) in H1 2022.

44. 83% of Disney Plus subscribers got value from the platform in H1 2022.

In contrast, 5% of its subscribers claimed they weren’t satisfied by the value they got. 

This was lesser than Netflix’s 20% of users sharing the same opinion.

45. Only 6% of Disney Plus users canceled the service in 2021.

As of H1 2022, the number remained steady at 6% of users. However, Disney Plus’s user base grew between 2021 – 2022, accounting for different values of the 6% cancellation rate.

46. The majority of Disney Plus’s unsubscribers in 2022 left for lack of value offerings.

This accounted for 45% of users canceling their Disney+ subscriptions in H1 2022. Another 44% of users claimed they canceled after seeing all the shows/movies/content they wanted.

47. 26% of Disney+ users canceled their subscriptions due to an uninviting content spread.

As of H1 2022, only 13% of HBO Max users were in the same boat, while Netflix fared worse at 29%.

48. Another 19% of users left Disney Plus for lack of compelling original programming.

Out of 143 Disney+ subscribers surveyed in H1 2022, another 5% said they didn’t like that Disney+ does not allow them to pay to watch movies at the same time they were released in theatres.

49. 25% of US adults used Disney+ in the month leading to July 2021.

In second place were the months leading to April 2021, January 2021, and October 2020, where 24% of US adults reported using the streaming service.

Disney Plus Revenue Statistics

50. Disney Plus recorded $7.4 billion in revenue in 2022.

This was higher than the $5.2 billion revenue in 2021 and an even lesser $2.8 billion in 2020.

51. Q3 2022 is Disney Plus’s highest earning quarter so far.

Disney Plus made $1.984 billion in Q3 2022, making it its highest-earning quarter. 

Q4 2022 and Q2 2022 were its second and third-highest quarters, scoring $1.926 billion and $1.796 billion, respectively.

disney+ revenue in 2022
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52. Disney Plus’s average revenue per user (paying subscribers) in Q4 2022 was $3.91.

In general, its average revenue per user (ARPU) was $4.25 for the entire year.

53. Disney+ made its highest ARPU in Q2 2022.

The video streaming service provider averaged $5.63 per paying consumer in those three months. In contrast, it had its lowest ARPU in Q4 2022, at $3.91.

54. In December 2022, 1 in 4 new SVOD signups in the USA was to Disney+.

It only had a better performance in July 2020, when Disney+ accounted for 27% of all streaming video-on-demand signups.

55. Disney+ accounted for 15% of all SVOD signups in Q4 2022.

This was the same as in Q4 2019, then getting 16% in Q1 2020 and 17% in two consecutive quarters (Q2 and Q3 2020). Its highest share of SVOD signups per quarter (so far) was 18%, recorded in Q4 2020.

Fun Disney Plus Statistics

56. Disney+ got 71 Emmy award nominations for its movies and shows in 2021.

In that period, it made up 48.6% of the total Emmy award nominations gotten by its parent company, The Walt Disney Company.

57. 80% of the top ten streaming films in the USA in 2021 were on Disney+.

Luca (2021) was streamed for over 10.592 billion hours in 2021, followed by Moana (8.896 billion hours) and Raya and the Last Dragon, with 8.34 billion hours of streaming time.

Netflix only broke the Disney+ dominance at positions #5 (Red Notice – 5.528 billion hours) and #9 (Mitchells vs. The Machines – 4.517 billion hours).

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So, Disney Plus What?

The Disney+ streaming service continues to see reasonable user base growth rates. However, it is combined with other streaming services (like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video) to get the ultimate streaming experience.

However, the easy-to-use streaming platform enjoys high customer loyalty and low churn. So, it is in an excellent place to continue its stellar run and become the top streaming platform.

If you don’t have access to Disney+ in your region, or some titles are unavailable in your country, grab the best VPNs to unblock Disney+ content anywhere.

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