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Does IPVanish Have a Dedicated IP?

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IPVanish doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses but relies on only its dynamic shared IPs to help users maintain anonymity on the internet.

Thus, you can’t get a static IP address from IPVanish to whitelist for remote access, bypass VPN IP bans, or ensure you’re not operating on a bad server.

Thankfully, there are alternative VPNs that are just as reliable as IPVanish, which offer dedicated IP addresses, as I’ve discussed in the rest of this guide.

IPVanish Dedicated IP Alternative: Dynamic IPs

IPVanish only offers dynamic shared IPs assigned automatically upon connection and shared randomly among the VPN’s users. This makes it such that no user is tied to any specific IP address.

Below is a comparison of dynamic and dedicated IPs to help you grasp what they offer:

Dynamic/Shared IPs Dedicated IPs
Guarantee anonymity by ensuring your online activity is untraceable to one IP address. Your online activity can still be traced back to you.
Explore thousands of server locations in numerous countries. Only available in a few locations the VPN client provides.
No extra cost as they’re the primary offering of the VPN client. Mostly come as an add-on feature at an extra cost.
Typically slower than dedicated IPs because several users share them. Significantly faster speeds as you alone use the IP address.
Building an FTP server to share files with dynamic IPs is less secure than dedicated IPs. Dedicated IPs allow you to build a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server to share files within an organization.

IPVanish VPN Alternatives Offering Dedicated IPs

Since IPVanish doesn’t offer dedicated IPs, there are alternative VPNs that do. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of a few reliable picks:

Private Internet Access

private internet access dedicated ips

Private Internet Access offers a dedicated IP as a paid add-on. 

You can choose from 21 locations in 7 countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the US. It costs $5/month, $51/year, or $90/three years.


nordvpn dedicated ip

NordVPN’s dedicated IP, like PIA’s, is also paid for ($4.19/month) separately. 

The dedicated IP is available in 19 locations in 13 countries: the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, and Spain.


surfshark dedicated ip

Surfshark is another reliable VPN service that offers dedicated IPs as a paid add-on feature at $3.75/month. Being a newcomer to the game, its dedicated IP servers are only available in 4 locations in 4 countries: Los Angeles, USA; London, UK; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Frankfurt, Germany.

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Enjoy Dynamic IPs With IPVanish

IPVanish doesn’t offer dedicated IPs, opting to stick with its shared dynamic IPs so users don’t get found out on a static server. You get 2000+ servers in 75+ locations to unblock content from anywhere, stay private on the web, and bypass major firewalls.

But if dedicated IPs are a dealbreaker for you, switch to Surfshark, NordVPN, or Private Internet Access which provide the option.

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