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Does VyprVPN Offer a Dedicated IP Address?

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VyprVPN offers a dedicated IP address, but it’s only available to VyprVPN business customers as part of its Business Cloud Package. In other words, getting a dedicated IP address isn’t available for VyprVPN’s B2C customers who purchase the VPN.

In this piece, I’ll explain how you can get Dedicated IP for your business with VyprVPN and how much it’ll cost.

How to Get VyprVPN Dedicated IP for Business?

Here’s how you can get a VyprVPN Dedicated IP address with the VPN provider’s business package:

  1. Go to the VyprVPN business webpage. Grab this discount offer to save on your plan.
vyprvpn business plans
  1. Choose the “VyprVPN for Business Cloud Plan.” The Dedicated IP is only available on the Business Cloud plan.
  2. Enter your personal and business information, then click “Continue to Secure Payment.”
  1. Choose your payment method, enter your details, and click “Complete Purchase.”
  1. Now, download the VyprVPN software on your team’s devices.
That’s it! You can now use VyprVPN’s Dedicated IP functionality!

How Much Does VyprVPN Dedicated IP Cost?

The VyprVPN Dedicated IP is included in the VyprVPN for Business Cloud, which costs $349 per year. The plan also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test your dedicated IP functionality before going a long way with the VPN provider.

vyprvpn support on the cost of their dedicated ip address

In addition, this plan allows you to use the VyprVPN Dedicated IP business solution on up to 5 devices simultaneously. These devices include all major OS, including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and routers.

Can You Add VyprVPN Dedicated IP to Your Existing Subscription?

The VyprVPN support team confirmed that adding VyprVPN Dedicated IP to your existing personal subscription is impossible. That’s because VyprVPN doesn’t offer Dedicated IP to consumers.

To get the Dedicated IP, you’ll have to create a VyprVPN for Business Cloud account and pay for the business subscription, which includes the Dedicated IP.

If you already have a VyprVPN subscription but want a Dedicated IP, you can contact VyprVPN’s support team via their Live Chat for a refund on your account if you’re still eligible. You can then sign up for the business Dedicated IP package with a different email address.

But if you’re looking for a personal VPN that offers cheaper dedicated IP addresses, consider another provider, like NordVPN.

Can You Buy VyprVPN Dedicated IP With Cryptocurrency?

No, it’s not possible to buy VyprVPN Dedicated IPs with cryptocurrency.

vyprvpn billing info

The Dedicated IP is only on offer with the VPN provider’s business package, where the only acceptable payment methods are credit/debit card and PayPal

Most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay, are accepted.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, not everyone can get VyprVPN’s Dedicated IP! If you’re a regular consumer rather than a business, the VyprVPN Dedicated IP option isn’t for you.

However, if you’re looking for a VPN business solution with Dedicated IP, I recommend VyprVPN for Business Cloud. You can add up to 3 users to the plan, provide them with a Dedicated IP, and ensure that your business operations are secure in the VyprVPN cloud.

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