Does Surfshark Have a Dedicated IP Address?

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You might be drawn to dedicated IP servers for extra comfort, reliable internet access, and privacy. But Surfshark doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses, mainly because they don’t offer a higher level of security to justify their comfort. It’s also more expensive and doesn’t provide full anonymity.

Rather, Surfshark offers static IP addresses.

In this post, I’ll explain why Surfshark doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses, its static IPs, and everything else you need to know.

Why Doesn’t Surfshark Offer Dedicated IP Addresses?

Surfshark doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses because of the disadvantages of using one. I’ll list some of these below.

  1. More expensive: A dedicated IP address is assigned to you alone, which is why it’s charged extra than the shared IPs. Thus, making it costlier than shared IP address.
  2. Less anonymity: The goal of using a VPN is to keep you anonymous, made possible by having many people using the same address. So, a dedicated IP can make you stick out enough to be anonymized on the network.

Are Dedicated IPs the Same as Static IPs on Surfshark?

surfshark static ips

Dedicated IP addresses are similar to Static IP Addresses on Surfshark but differ in how they work.

Contrary to a shared IP address which has a finite lifespan and could vary with each connection, a static or dedicated IP address will remain the same whenever the user connects.

However, the concepts of how both addresses are used vary.

Dedicated IP addresses are static IP addresses set up exclusively for a single user or business. On the other hand, Surfshark’s static IPs are shared by all users (like the regular servers), so you don’t get exclusivity.

However, given that internet data can’t be traced back to a single user on shared static IPs, as opposed to dedicated IPs, shared static IPs may be considerably better.

Shared IPs also offer the user more locations under the basic VPN plan, while you’ll have to purchase every (limited) location you need under a dedicated IP plan.

Which Is the Best VPN for Dedicated IPs?

The best VPN for dedicated IPs is NordVPN. Other notable VPN providers for dedicated IP addresses are CyberGhost and PrivateVPN for better pricing and location offering than NordVPN.

get nordvpn dedicated ip

NordVPN charges an extra $70 yearly on top of the basic NordVPN membership for dedicated IP addresses. If the cost of NordVPN is a turnoff, consider CyberGhost, which is more affordable and rivals NordVPN in terms of overall quality.

But the best bet is PrivateVPN, which offers free dedicated IP addresses in more locations than the other two.


No, you don’t need a dedicated IP address for custom SSL. So, you can use Surfshark’s Static IP addresses to encrypt your website or anonymous blogging activities freely.

To Round Off

Surfshark doesn’t currently offer dedicated IP addresses for security and privacy reasons.

While the concept of having one IP to yourself is enticing, it has some downsides the extra cost and having less anonymity.

However, if you still want dedicated IP addresses, you can try NordVPN, which is my top option.

Otherwise, take advantage of Surfshark’s current discount and get a 30-day money-back guarantee fitted with shared static IPs and regular servers.

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