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NordLynx Wants to Use Your Confidential Information: Here’s What to Know

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If you use macOS, NordLynx needs to know the NordVPN login information stored in your keychain to function properly.

It will ask you to type in your Mac password, which is safe since NordLynx can only access information in the “NordVPN” folder.

However, I’ve also added solutions if entering your password doesn’t work. 

Keep reading for the breakdown!

What Does NordLynx Use My Confidential Information For?

NordLynx uses your confidential information to automatically log in to the NordVPN app. Specifically, it wants the username and password stored in your macOS keychain.

NordVPN will only use your username and password from the “NordVPN” folder and can not access other folders. It will save your keychain password so it can continue to access the folder while the app is in use.

What Is a Keychain & Can NordLynx Access Everything in It?

The keychain is macOS’s password manager. It creates a secure folder that stores all the login information for your apps. So if anyone gains access to your computer, they still need your Mac’s password to steal any passwords or confidential information. 

For example, you’ll see this popup if you save NordVPN’s login information:

nordvpn save login information popup

NordLynx cannot access all the contents in your keychain since it only requests access to the “NordVPN” folder.

NordLynx Keychain Causing Pop-Up? (Fixes)

I’ll demonstrate how to stop the NordLynx keychain popup in the next sections. 

This can be as simple as using your Mac password, but if not, one of my other solutions should work.

Type in Your Mac User Password

Using your Mac user password and granting access to NordLynx is the most common fix for the NordLynx keychain popup. Simply type in your password and hit the “Always Allow” button. Here’s a screenshot:

nordlynx keychain popup

However, once you do, you may need to do it up to 5 more times before the pop-up disappears. If it’s fixed, NordVPN will start, and you should be able to connect to a server. If not, continue reading for more fixes.

Change Your Protocol

If you already typed in your Mac’s password and the pop-up keeps happening, try changing the protocol to OpenVPN (TCP) or OpenVPN (UDP).

Lock Keychain "Login"

Locking your keychain log-in is a simple fix to resetting your “NordVPN” folder to stop the popups. This is how you do it:

  1. Select macOS Launchpad and type “Keychain Access” to open the program.
  2. Right-click the “login” tab on the left side of the window. Select Lock keychain Login.”
nordlynx keychain access
  1. Rick-click it again, and now select to unlock it. This should “reset” the folder, so you may need to log in again.

Delete NordVPN Entry in the Keychain

This solution will be done in the Keychain Access program again. Find the “NordVPN” folder in the list and right-click to delete it. You will have to relaunch and log into the NordVPN app again, so it will create a new file. After this, the pop-up will return, but using your Mac user password should make it disappear.

Reinstall NordVPN

Uninstall NordVPN on your Mac. You can do this by using the Mac Launchpad to delete the app if you downloaded it from the app store. Or use the Finder program to search for NordVPN and drag it to your “Trash” icon. You will need to reinstall NordVPN after this.

After, re-log into the app and enter your Mac user password to the “NordLynx Wants to Use Your Confidential Information” pop-up again.

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Allowing NordLynx to access your personal information is safe. 

NordLynx can only access one folder, so it can’t see other user login data. Additionally, NordVPN has 256-bit encryption to protect your Mac user password (which it will log to continue accessing the folder).

You can’t opt out of sharing your confidential information with NordLynx if you want to use NordVPN on Mac. Otherwise, NordVPN can’t log you into its app properly, and you will have trouble connecting to servers or using other features.

If you stop using NordVPN, the VPN will delete your Mac user password and no longer have access to your keychain.

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NordLynx cannot access any other information inside your keychain, so you can safely permit it to use your Mac password.

Furthermore, NordVPN is a reliable VPN with strong 256-bit encryption and a no-logs policy that will ensure your password is secure.

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