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How Many Devices Does NordVPN Allow?

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Despite its standing as one of the most popular VPNs on the market, NordVPN allows users to connect only up to six devices simultaneously on a single account.

Luckily, there’s a backdoor to connect unlimited devices simultaneously and protect them with a VPN connection. In fact, you can also protect other devices, such as smart home devices, smart TVs, and devices that NordVPN doesn’t support.

But how? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know!

How to Connect Unlimited Devices to NordVPN Using a Router?

The easiest way to connect and use NordVPN on unlimited devices is to install it on the router. By doing so, all your devices connected to it are encrypted by default.

However, before installing NordVPN on your router, confirm if your router supports VPN installation. If you’re using a router that your ISP provided or an outdated or cheap router, it most likely doesn’t.

If your router is compatible, follow these steps to install NordVPN:

  1. Open the router’s login page on your desktop PC.
  2. Click “Advanced.”
  3. Click “VPN.”
locating vpn settings on router
  1. Visit this website to download a VPN server.
  2. Select the country, the server type, and the protocol.
nordvpn recommended server
  1. Click “Download config.”
download config on nordvpn
  1. Go back to your router’s settings page and click “Choose File” under the “Import ovpn file” section.
router import ovpn file
  1. Select the downloaded file.
  2. Click on “Upload” and allow a few seconds for it to upload.
  3. Now, log in to your NordVPN account and copy the username and password from the dashboard.
service credentials on router
  1. Head to your router’s settings page and enter your NordVPN username and password. Click “OK.”
router settings page
  1. Now, click “Save,” “Activate,” or something similar to turn on the VPN on your router.
router vpn activate

Advantages and Drawbacks of Installing NordVPN on a Router

Installing NordVPN on a router has both pros and cons. On the one hand, it increases the number of devices that can connect to NordVPN’s service simultaneously.

On the other hand, it may also limit your access to certain features and make it more difficult to configure settings. To help you weigh the pros and cons, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of installing NordVPN on your router:

Advantages of NordVPN on a Router: Disadvantages of NordVPN on a Router:
Share VPN protection with all the devices connected to your router. Switching servers and protocols is difficult.
Protect devices not supported by NordVPN. If your router doesn’t support the installation of a VPN out of the box, you’ll need to flash and install custom firmware like DD-WRT, which is tricky could damage your router.
It's a one-time setup. Accessing the most common VPN features can be a pain. Also, some VPN features are inaccessible altogether.

Why Is NordVPN Suitable for Multiple Devices?

Every device that is connected to the router has its internet connection encrypted. 

They can utilize NordVPN’s bypassing features to unblock geo-restricted streaming content, stay safe from DDoS attacks, and more.

Here are some additional advantages of using NordVPN to protect all of your devices through your router:

Unlimited Bandwidth

One advantage of installing NordVPN on the router is that it provides consistent and reliable speeds and unlimited bandwidth to all devices connected to the router.

5200+ Servers (Avoid Overcrowding)

Since NordVPN has over 5000 servers across 59 countries, users will experience connection speeds that are close to their actual speeds. This also leaves plenty of options for unblocking content in specific regions.

Multi-Platform Support

Since NordVPN is installed on the router, all devices capable of connecting to the internet are protected with a VPN connection. That said, you can also install the NordVPN app on any supported devices, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and some Smart TVs.

Is This Available?

The NordVPN app has features like a kill switch, threat protection, Meshnet, etc.

But can you use these features on your router?

Kill Switch

It depends. Some routers can turn on/off the kill switch, and some don’t support the kill switch functionality. You can use the NordVPN kill switch if your router has the feature to turn it on/off. If it doesn’t, you can install a custom router firmware such as DD-WRT, OpenWRT, or pfSense on your router to use it.


If you set up NordVPN on your router, you can torrent without any problems, but the regular servers’ speeds will be slower. Download P2P servers instead when configuring the VPN on the router.

nordvpn p2p

The connection speeds will be faster, plus you, your family members, and all the connected devices can download torrents safely.

Onion Over VPN and Double VPN

To “turn on” Double VPN and Onion Over VPN, download its servers and install them on your router.

nordvpn onion over vpn double vpn

Since the router doesn’t have an on/off toggle to enable or disable Double VPN or Onion Over VPN, you’ll need to download and install the dedicated servers each time you want to use them.

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Unlimited Connections With NordVPN

So does NordVPN provide unlimited simultaneous connections? It can! Install the VPN on the router; you’re protecting all your and your families’ devices with a single NordVPN account.

While you may not have access to all the features available on the app, you can still enjoy the full range of benefits that NordVPN has to offer.

So why wait?

Take action now and get NordVPN today to protect all your devices!

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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