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Mullvad vs. NordVPN (In-Depth Comparison)

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NordVPN and Mullvad provide solid VPN services and are renowned for their speed, security, and privacy. But how do their offerings differ?

I tested both providers on Windows and Android devices to compare their security, privacy, speed, consumption of data, streaming, torrenting, and usability.

Want to see what I found and decide whether NordVPN or Mullvad is better for you? Keep reading or grab these NordVPN or Mullvad exclusive discounts today!

Want a preview of what’s to come? Here’s an overview of the main comparisons!

Feature NordVPN Mullvad Winner (Tie)
Security & Encryption Nordlynx, OpenVPN protocols No leaks Kill switch can be enabled manually RAM-only servers WireGuard, OpenVPN protocols No leaks The kill switch is automatic and can’t be disabled Some servers are RAM-only NordVPN
Jurisdiction Panama Sweden (14 eyes) NordVPN
Audits & No-logging Policy No-logging policy. Verified by an audit. No-logging policy. An audit verified one product’s lack of logging in 2021. Tie
Sign-up Process Email and password, or Google/Apple No email / other identifiers required - you get a randomly generated membership number Mullvad
Server Range 5509 servers in 60 countries, and different server categories 800 servers in 38 countries NordVPN
Speed & Data Consumption Small speed reduction. NordLynx consumed the least amount of data Unnoticeable reduction in speed OpenVPN consumed the least amount of data Tie
Torrenting Only on some servers   On all servers Mullvad
Gaming & Streaming Streaming TV abroad possible (CTV) Works with Netflix Works with BBC iPlayer Works with games Streaming TV abroad possible (ABC News, SVT1) Doesn’t work with Netflix Doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer Works with games NordVPN
Devices & Compatibility Six devices Many major platforms Five devices Some platforms NordVPN
UX & Customer Support Easy Quick Connect & server picker tools Live Chat Simple interface No Live Chat NordVPN
Pricing & Best Deal Best NordVPN Deal Best Mullvad Deal Tie

NordVPN vs. Mullvad

Learn more about which VPN service performed better – NordVPN or Mullvad. Find out which is more robust, including security & privacy features, speed, streaming & P2P, test results, and other features.

So, is there an ultimate winner? Find out from my VPN reviews below!

Security & Encryption

Winner: NordVPN

When testing the security of NordVPN and Mullvad VPN providers, I looked into their tunneling protocols, server structure, and kill switches.

I also performed DNS and WebRTC leak tests. Both VPN services performed well, but was there a clear winner?

NordVPN Protocols

NordVPN offers three protocols for Desktop and Android- OpenVPN protocol (UDP), OpenVPN protocol (TCP), and custom-made NordLynx protocol.

The latter is based on WireGuard and incorporates its robust security features. 

It has also performed best in my speed tests.

For iOS users, NordVPN offers IKEv2 and NordLynx.

NordLynx is the best choice if you want speed and security.

OpenVPN UDP and TCP also offer speed and security.

TCP, however, is slower than NordLynx. UDP is faster than TCP but slower than NordLynx, though it’s more secure. And IKEv2 ensures both on your iOS device.

selecting vpn protocols in nordvpn settings

These protocols are very robust. The only missing one is L2TP/IPSec, but it’s largely obsolete anyway.

Mullvad Protocols

Unlike NordVPN, Mullvad offers only two protocols – OpenVPN and WireGuard. You can choose one yourself, or Mullvad can choose one automatically. Both are considered the most secure and fastest protocols today. So, both providers’ protocol offerings are on point.

Leak Tests

Leak tests such as DNS and WebRTC can show whether the VPN conceals your actual IP address.

I used IPLeak.net to test for DNS and WebRTC leaks when connected to NordVPN and Mullvad servers. Here’s what I saw.

NordVPN Leak Test

To test for leaks, I connected to a German NordVPN server.

The test only showed a German location and nothing about my actual location and IP. So, NordVPN isn’t leaking anything.

Mullvad Leak Test

I connected to a Norwegian Mullvad server to test for leaks.

My results showed the location of that same server.

Therefore, Mullvad isn’t leaking my IP, either.

Kill Switches

A VPN with a kill switch ensures that your traffic is protected even when you don’t have the VPN connection enabled or it drops.

Both NordVPN and Mullvad have kill switches – more on that now.

NordVPN Kill Switch

NordVPN is equipped with two kill switches that you can turn on in the app. One of them is the general Internet Kill Switch.

It completely disables your Internet access if your VPN connection breaks.

To activate NordVPN’s Internet Kill Switch, just enable the “Internet Kill Switch” toggle in the NordVPN app settings.

NordVPN also has an app kill switch. It allows you to customize which apps you want to close if the VPN connection is cut off.

For example, if you want to disable your browser but continue getting WhatsApp messages on Desktop if your VPN connection breaks, you can add your browser to the list of apps in NordVPN’s Kill Switch settings and switch on the “App Kill Switch” toggle.

activated kill switch feature on nordvpn settings

Mullvad Kill Switch

Like NordVPN, Mullvad has a kill switch. However, unlike NordVPN’s two customizable kill switches, Mullvad’s can’t be disabled.

It’s on at all times, making sure your traffic is safe if the VPN connection drops. That puts Mullvad ahead of NordVPN regarding traffic protection, as with NordVPN, you have to enable the kill switch yourself.

mullvad kill switch prompt

Server Structure

All NordVPN servers are RAM-only. That means that data on them is wiped each time the server is rebooted, and no trace of data is left.

This extra layer of security is something privacy-conscious users would appreciate!

Mullvad also has RAM-only servers, but only two in Sweden.

These diskless servers are currently in beta, but I certainly see it as a positive step towards Mullvad’s future infrastructure.

mullvad diskless server infrastructure prompt

Therefore, NordVPN is a winner in server structure, but Mullvad isn’t too far behind.

  NordVPN - Winner Mullvad
Protocols NordLynx OpenVPN (TCP & UDP) OpenVPN WireGuard
Leak Tests Passed Passed
Kill Switches Manual Automatic
Server Structure All servers are RAM-only Not all are RAM-only

Privacy & Jurisdiction

Winner: NordVPN

When it came to privacy, it was essential to review the providers’ logging policies, audit reports, and the laws of the countries where they’re based.

Is there a clear winner? Find out below.

NordVPN Jurisdiction

NordVPN operates from Panama, under the umbrella of Telefonica S.A. company. Panama doesn’t have data-retention laws and isn’t a member of 5/9/14 eyes, so its companies can’t be compelled to retain data or share it with the authorities.

Mullvad Jurisdiction

Mullvad’s parent company, Amagicom A.B., is in Sweden.

It explains on its website how specific Swedish laws might apply to Mullvad.

One law called the Swedish Covert Surveillance of Data Act will be in force until 2025 and is of particular interest. Mullvad delves into it in detail but does confirm that they can’t be forced to cooperate, as they’re not subject to a reporting obligation under the law.

I appreciate the provider’s transparency about this, and it does seem they’ve covered these bases. Nonetheless, Sweden is still a 14-eyes country, unlike NordVPN’s country of jurisdiction. That allows it to share intelligence with other members of the alliance.

Contrasting the Swedish laws and jurisdiction with Panama’s, NordVPN is the obvious winner.

No-Logging Policy & Audits

Both NordVPN and Mullvad claim to have a “no-logging policy,” which means they don’t log the traffic of users, their IP addresses, or connection logs.

NordVPN claims not to log “connection timestamps, bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses or browsing data.” It does monitor technical information and some anonymized data for better performance.

That information can’t be used to identify you.

Similar to NordVPN’s policy, Mullvad denies any logging of traffic, DNS requests, connections, IP addresses, bandwidth, activity.”

It does mention that it shares information with payment providers, and it’s fairly explicit that what they do with it is outside of Mullvad’s control.

I’ve checked both policies and looked into ways they could’ve been verified, such as independent audits. Such third-party verification can assure users that a VPN provider truly doesn’t log anything.

Is NordVPN’s No-Logging Policy Verified?

Yes, PwC verified NordVPN’s no-logging policy independently in 2020

The audit confirmed that the service doesn’t breach the no-logs policy.

pwc switzerland no-log audit finding on nordvpn service

This audit means that users can have extra assurance that the no-logging policy is true to life and nobody can get access to their data – because there’s no data stored in the first place.

Has Mullvad Verified Its Logging Policy?

Like NordVPN, Mullvad promises that it doesn’t log anything that could reveal a specific user. Its policy confirms that.

Mullvad also underwent several security audits since 2018.

The latest one was done by Assured in 2021 and concerned Mullvad’s DNS over HTTPS service. It confirmed that the service doesn’t expose the clients via logs.

security audit findings about no-logs on mullvad service
audit conclusions and recommendations on mullvad

It’s a good sign that a Mullvad product has passed a security audit for logs. However, the audit doesn’t address the provider’s no-logging policy’s accuracy

Taking that into account, both NordVPN and Mullvad score high in terms of privacy. Given the audits both providers have undertaken, it’s a tie between NordVPN and Mullvad regarding no-logging policies.

Sign-Up Process

It’s also worth mentioning that one provider has a more anonymous sign-up process than the other, giving it an edge in terms of privacy.

For NordVPN, you have to sign up with your email address and create a password. It also allows sign-ups with Google and Apple, unlike Mullvad. 

There are security risks associated with such sign-ups, which puts the NordVPN sign-up process behind Mullvad’s.

For Mullvad, the process is more secure. Unlike NordVPN, Mullvad doesn’t require your email address or Google/Apple information, which means Mullvad users are safe from those operators’ potential data breaches.

All you have to do is generate a random account number on the website, add time to the account and download the app.

The login also just requires the number – no need to remember a password, like with NordVPN.

sign-up process flow on mullvad
Winner - Tie
NordVPN Mullvad
Jurisdiction Panama - no data retention laws Sweden - 14-eyes plus local laws
No-logging policy Audited by PwC Audited by Assurance concerning only one product
Sign-up process Email and password A randomly generated number

Server Range

Winner: NordVPN

NordVPN and Mullvad have extensive networks of servers around the world. However, NordVPN has 5509 servers in 60 countries, whereas Mullvad only has 800 in 38 countries. So, NordVPN has almost seven times more servers than Mullvad in nearly twice as many countries!

Obviously, NordVPN is the clear winner for server range.

But Mullvad still boasts a decent offering. Here’s an overview of what servers both VPNs offer around the world:

Provider Europe APAC The Americas Africa The Middle East
  • UK (440+)
  • Germany (240+)
  • The Netherlands (200+)
  • France (230+)
  • Sweden (140+)
  • Switzerland (100+)
  • Belgium
  • Denmark (70+)
  • Norway (60+)
  • Poland (70+)
  • Ireland (50+)
  • Czechia
  • Italy (60+)
  • Spain (60+)
  • Finland (60+)
  • Serbia
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Latvia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Portugal (20+)
  • Luxembourg
  • Ukraine (20+)
  • Greece
  • Estonia
  • Albania
  • Cyprus
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Bosnia and
  • Herzegovina
  • Georgia
  • North
  • Macedonia
  • Lithuania
  • Australia (190+)
  • Singapore (110+)
  • Japan (80+)
  • Hong Kong (70+)
  • New Zealand (20+)
  • Taiwan (120+)
  • Vietnam (10+)
  • Indonesia (3)
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea (10+)
  • Thailand (7)
  • India (30+)
  • Turkey (8)
  • USA (1970+)
  • Canada (480+)
  • Brazil (20+)
  • Argentina (20+)
  • Mexico (10)
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • South Africa (50+)
  • Israel UAE (5)
  • UK (42)
  • Germany (32)
  • The Netherlands (17)
  • France (20)
  • Sweden (73)
  • Switzerland (30)
  • Belgium (10)
  • Denmark (11)
  • Norway (13)
  • Poland (14)
  • Ireland (4)
  • Czechia (11)
  • Italy (12)
  • Spain (11)
  • Finland (10)
  • Serbia (5)
  • Austria (10)
  • Bulgaria (6)
  • Latvia (2)
  • Hungary (5)
  • Romania (10)
  • Portugal (2)
  • Luxembourg (4)
  • Greece (1)
  • Estonia (3)
  • Albania (1)
  • Moldova (2)
  • North Macedonia (1)
  • Australia (26)
  • Singapore (8)
  • Japan (20)
  • Hong Kong (10)
  • New Zealand (3)
  • USA (335)
  • Canada (34)
  • Brazil (3)
  • Israel (1)
  • UAE (1)

As you can see, both providers have comprehensive European coverage. 

However, Mullvad falls behind NordVPN in that respect as it doesn’t have servers in most Eastern European countries, like Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Georgia. NordVPN, on the other hand, has a presence in those countries, as well as in the African continent.

NordVPN Server Categories

In addition, NordVPN has a unique edge against Mullvad because it offers different server types:

nordvpn live chat server categories

NordVPN’s servers in all countries fall under “standard servers” and offer top-level encryption and structure I discussed previously.

Other server categories offer additional features. These include:

  • P2P servers, which ensure that file sharing over your torrent client is fast and secure. These are located in all countries in the Americas, excluding Argentina and Costa Rica, all European countries excluding Ukraine, Cyprus, Georgia, and some APAC and Middle East countries.
  • Obfuscated servers, which allow users to connect from countries with Internet restrictions that block VPN traffic. They’re available in the USA and Canada, some European countries, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, UAE, and Turkey.
  • DoubleVPN servers, which encrypt your traffic twice. You can find them in the USA, Canada, some countries in Europe, and Taiwan.
  • Onion Over VPN servers give users the advantages of Tor browser without downloading it. Plus, they secure your traffic by routing it through a NordVPN server as you browse Tor-enabled content.
  • NordVPN also offers specialty servers in the USA and some European countries for users who purchase Dedicated IPs.

Does Mullvad Offer Specialized Servers?

Mullvad’s servers don’t have any extra features like NordVPN’s.

They all offer traditional encryption and protection against leaks, but nothing more like obfuscation. However, I did test them to discover if they allow streaming and torrenting. Find out my results in a bit.

  NordVPN - Winner Mullvad
Server amount 5509 800
Server coverage 60 countries 38 countries
Different types of servers? Yes: Standard P2P Obfuscated Double VPN Dedicated IP No

Speed & Data Consumption

Winner: Tie

Both NordVPN and Mullvad have decent speeds, which is vital for users who like gaming and streaming or simply hate slow Internet.

I tested both NordVPN and Mullvad to determine if one is faster than the other and if one consumes more data than the other.

A VPN’s data consumption is essential to know so that users can avoid additional charges.

Find out below if there’s a winner.

NordVPN’s Speed & Data Usage

I tested NordVPN’s speed on my Android device using the Speedtest app.

I used two NordVPN servers to test the speed against my baseline speed – a server in Paris, France, and New York, USA.

Here are my results:


When connected to a French server:

When connected to a New York server:

Generally, the speed reduction was relatively small with NordVPN on both Paris and New York servers. As I’m pretty far away from New York, however, the ping for that server was much higher than baseline.

Here are NordVPN speed tests results:

Servers Ping Download Speed, Mbps Upload Speed, Mbps Download Speed Reduction With NordVPN
Baseline (London, UK) 8 71.8 20 N/A
Paris, France 14 67.6 19.5 6%
New York, USA 87 71.7 19.5 0.02%

I also tested NordVPN’s data consumption using the GlassWire program.

I observed the consumption for 5 minutes each time when connected to the same NordVPN servers in Paris and New York, using OpenVPN (UDP) and NordLynx protocols. Here’s what I found:

Baseline data consumption over 5 minutes:

Data consumption when connected to a Paris server:

OpenVPN Traffic

NordLynx traffic

When connected to a New York server:

OpenVPN Traffic

NordLynx Traffic

Protocol Baseline Data Consumption NordVPN Paris Server Data Consumption NordVPN New York Server Data Consumption
  • Total - 3.4 MB
  • Incoming - 2.2 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.2 MB
  • Total - 10.9 MB
  • Incoming - 9.1 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.8 MB
  • Total - 31.4 MB
  • Incoming - 28.2 MB
  • Outgoing - 3.2 MB
NordLynx N/A
  • Total - 2.3 MB
  • Incoming - 1.2 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.1 MB
  • Total - 9.8 MB
  • Incoming - 7.9 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.3 MB

As you can see, the OpenVPN connection consumes a lot more data than NordLynx. New York connection’s data consumption was higher on both protocols, but NordLynx’s was lower overall.

Mullvad’s Speed & Data Consumption

Did Mullvad outperform NordVPN’s speedy connection and NordLynx’s low data consumption?

Let’s find out!

As with NordVPN, I tested Mullvad’s speed using the Speedtest app on my Android device. I used two Mullvad servers – a Swedish one (Malmo) and a US one (Denver, CO). This is what I found:


When connected to a Swedish server:

When connected to a US server:

There was minimal speed reduction on both Swedish and American servers of Mullvad. The ping was quite high compared to the baseline, however, which might introduce latency issues.

Overall, though, the speed barely impacted me when browsing with Mullvad on.

Here are the Mullvad speed test results:

Servers Ping Download Speed, Mbps Upload Speed, Mbps Download Speed Reduction With Mullvad
Baseline (London, UK) 10 71.2 19.9 N/A
Malmo, Sweden 30 70.9 19.8 0.04%
Denver, USA 117 71.6 19.4 0%

I also tested Mullvad’s data consumption using GlassWire on a Swedish and a US server. I compared the consumption of data over 5 minutes of use when connected via OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols.

Here’s what I found:

Baseline data consumption over 5 minutes:

Data consumption when connected to a server in Malmo, Sweden:

OpenVPN Traffic

WireGuard Traffic

Data consumption when connected to US Mullvad servers in LA (OpenVPN) and Denver (WireGuard):

OpenVPN Traffic (LA)

WireGuard Traffic (Denver)

Protocol Baseline Data Consumption Mullvad Malmo Server Data Consumption Mullvad LA Server Data Consumption Mullvad Denver Server Data Consumption
  • Total - 27.8 MB
  • Incoming - 26.4 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.4 MB
  • Total - 19.8 MB
  • Incoming - 15.7 MB
  • Outgoing - 4 MB
  • Total - 19.4 MB
  • Incoming - 17.5 MB
  • Outgoing - 1.9 MB
WireGuard N/A
  • Total - 27.2 MB
  • Incoming - 22.4 MB
  • Outgoing - 4.8 MB
  • Total - 39.2 MB
  • Incoming - 34 MB
  • Outgoing - 5.2 MB

The WireGuard servers consumed almost twice as much data as their OpenVPN counterparts.

Thus, in terms of speed and data consumption, it’s a tie between NordVPN and Mullvad. Both VPNs showed slight speed reduction and small increases in data use on some protocols.

Winner: Tie
  NordVPN Mullvad
Smallest speed drop and data increase (European server) 4.1 Mbps 0 Mb (NordLynx)   0.13 Mbps 0 Mb (OpenVPN)
Smallest speed drop and data increase (US server) 0.01 Mbps 6.4 Mb (NordLynx) 0 Mbps 0 Mb (OpenVPN)
Least data-hungry protocol NordLynx OpenVPN


Winner: Mullvad

Using a VPN when torrenting protects the user’s IP and the security of file transmission. For that reason, you need a VPN that allows torrenting and ensures your IP is hidden.

Let’s find out whether you can torrent with NordVPN and Mullvad and which VPN offers the better torrenting experience.

Can You Torrent With NordVPN?

Yes, NordVPN allows torrenting. It even offers specialized servers optimized for P2P file sharing.

So, if you want to torrent with NordVPN, use its specialty P2P servers closest to you. Otherwise, NordVPN will redirect you to a P2P server if it detects P2P traffic.

nordvpn live chat p2p server
nordvpn customer support live chat about auto-connect feature on p2p server

That could be inconvenient for users with poor Internet connections who don’t have a NordVPN P2P server nearby, as it can negatively affect your P2P speed.

Does Mullvad Work With BitTorrent?

Mullvad also allows torrenting and works with BitTorrent and other torrent clients. In fact, all its servers allow for torrenting, unlike NordVPN.

So, if you’re living in a country with Mullvad servers, you can simply connect to any of those servers and use the BitTorrent/uTorrent clients for P2P file sharing. With NordVPN, it’s only possible for specialized servers, unlike Mullvad.

Torrenting Testing Results

I used a NordVPN UK server optimized for torrenting and Mullvad’s Swedish WireGuard server to test their P2P capacities.

The downloadable files were 2.8 GB each. Here’s what I found:

Provider Average Download Speed Download Completion Time
NordVPN 2.7 MiB/s 20 minutes
Mullvad 4.6 MiB/s 13 minutes

The tests have shown that P2P file sharing is faster with Mullvad.

I did the DNS Leak Tests when connected to the VPN servers, and my IP wasn’t leaking in either case.

So, Mullvad is the winner for torrenting.

  NordVPN Mullvad - Winner
Torrenting possible? Yes, on some servers Yes, on all servers
Average download speed 2.7 MiB/s 4.6 MiB/s

Streaming & Gaming

Winner: NordVPN

If you need a VPN that can unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer, there’s one VPN that performs much better than the other.

If you’re looking for a VPN to allow you to stream TV from your homeland when you’re traveling, both NordVPN and Mullvad deliver on that front.

And it’s the same with gaming, as both providers allow for a good gaming experience.

So, who’s the ultimate winner in streaming and gaming? Find out now!

Streaming Netflix With NordVPN

NordVPN works with Netflix. I tested this by connecting to a German server and browsing the local library. I enjoyed German shows like “Mord mit Aussicht” with no problems!

streaming netflix with nordvpn on german server

Streaming BBC iPlayer With NordVPN

NordVPN also works with BBC iPlayer. That means users can enjoy their favorite British shows like “Doctor Who” and the new series of “MasterChef” to their heart’s content!

streaming bbc iplayer with nordvpn on uk server

Does Mullvad Work With Netflix?

I tested Mullvad with Netflix by connecting to three of its servers – one in the USA, one in the UK, and one in Sweden.

When I connected to the US server, Mullvad wasn’t working with Netflix.

I got an error when I browsed the library and couldn’t watch anything.

netflix error using mullvad on us server

When I connected to a Mullvad UK server, the same result – it didn’t work with Netflix. The episode didn’t load at all.

mullvad netflix error uk server

And when I connected to Mullvad’s Swedish server, I also got an error.

So, I can conclude that Mullvad tails behind NordVPN in terms of streaming as it, unfortunately, doesn’t work with Netflix.

netflix error using mullvad on sweden server

Does Mullvad Work With BBC iPlayer?

Unfortunately, my tests revealed that, unlike NordVPN, Mullvad doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer.

I connected to a UK server to test and got the “iPlayer only works in the UK message.” Since I was in the UK at the time of testing, that failure was particularly acute. It meant that while my IP wasn’t leaking, BBC could detect that I was using a VPN.

streaming bbc iplayer using mullvad on uk server

Streaming Local TV Abroad With NordVPN

NordVPN allowed me to watch the Canadian TV channel CTV – all I had to do was connect to one of its servers in Canada.

Streaming Local TV Abroad With Mullvad

Like with NordVPN, I was able to watch a foreign TV channel when connected to a Mullvad server – specifically, a Swedish TV channel SVT1.

I did that by connecting to a Swedish server.

Same with Australian TV – when I connected to Mullvad’s server in Sydney, I could watch the live stream of ABC NEWS:

streaming abc news on local sydney channel with mullvad

Gaming With NordVPN and Mullvad

I tested NordVPN and Mullvad for gaming while playing “Among Us.”

I was happy to see that NordVPN and Mullvad allowed me to play.

among us gameplay map with nordvpn

The latency was lower with Mullvad than with NordVPN – almost 80 ms difference!

playing among us game with mullvad

So, both VPNs are suitable for gaming, though Mullvad provides a better experience than NordVPN, thanks to lower latency and less lag.

Here’s an overview of the performance of NordVPN and Mullvad for streaming and gaming:

Service NordVPN - Winner Mullvad
Local TV Yes (CTV) Yes (ABC News, SVT1)
Netflix Yes No
BBC iPlayer Yes No
Gaming (Among Us) Yes - Ping 138 ms Yes - Ping 50 ms

Number of Connections & Compatibility

Winner: NordVPN

Both NordVPN and Mullvad offer multiple connections with the same account. NordVPN allows six different connections, and Mullvad isn’t far behind with five. Find out what devices they’re compatible with and whether there’s a winner (spoiler alert – yes!).

What Can You Use NordVPN On?

nordvpn compatible operating systems
compatible devices on nordvpn

NordVPN works on many devices, from Windows and macOS to iOS, Android, Linux, and most browsers. It also can be installed on your Xbox, Playstation, and other gaming devices!

The six simultaneous connections mean you can use one account for the entire household and be safe while playing games, browsing your laptop, shopping from your phone, and streaming!

What Platforms Does Mullvad Work With?

compatible operating systems on mullvad
configuration files download options for mullvad

Mullvad works on fewer devices than NordVPN.

It works on major operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, it only offers a browser extension for Firebox.

You can also install OpenVPN or WireGuard clients on your devices – but it’s not as straightforward as NordVPN’s installation and connection.

So, if you want a VPN that can be used by the entire family hassle-free on different devices, NordVPN is for you!

  NordVPN - Winner Mullvad
Number of connections Six Five
Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android TV, Xbox, Playstation, Raspberry Pi, Firestick, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Roku, router. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Firefox, router

UX & Customer Support

Winner: NordVPN

It’s important for a VPN to be convenient to use across all platforms and for users to seek help when they need it.

Both NordVPN and Mullvad have simple interfaces in Desktop and mobile apps alike. But what about customer support?

Both providers have very solid knowledge bases and FAQs that answer common questions and provide guidelines.

For instance, NordVPN clarifies how to use BBC iPlayer in simple terms.

secure streaming on bbc with nordvpn

On the other hand, here’s an example of Mullvad’s clear response to a common installation question:

mullvad response to common installation question

Find out below if one VPN offers better customer service than another (spoiler alert – it’s NordVPN).

How Good is NordVPN Customer Support & Experience?

NordVPN has an edge against Mullvad with its Live Chat feature.

I was able to get a response from them in under two minutes, despite being the second person in the queue!

The NordVPN app allows users to connect to the best server by clicking the “Quick connect” button. The server picker tool is also straightforward – all you have to do is click on the country or server category you want to connect to, and it’ll connect you!

nordvpn quick connect feature

Does Mullvad Have Good Customer Support & UX?

In terms of usability, Mullvad is on par with NordVPN.

The interface (desktop and mobile) is also easy to navigate – you can choose a country, and it automatically connects you to the best server.

Here’s a screen recording of me using the Mullvad app on my Android device to connect to a server in Sweden.

Connecting Mullvad to UK server

However, Mullvad doesn’t have a Live Chat feature.

The only way to get in touch with them is by email.

That’s not very convenient, especially compared to NordVPN’s instant Live Chat response.

The website also says you can contact them on social media – but Mullvad’s Twitter doesn’t have DMs enabled. Nor does their Facebook.

So the email below is the only reliable way to get in touch.

customer support email address of mullvad

I’ve sent Mullvad an email to see how quickly they’d reply.

They got back the next day, about 15 hours later.

Needless to say, the Live Chat feature would’ve resolved my query much quicker!

  NordVPN - Winner Mullvad
UX Easy to use. Quick connect tool chooses the best server Simple interface. Connected to the best server automatically after location is chosen
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Pricing, Money Back Guarantee & Payment Methods

Winner: Tie

A VPN needs to be affordable and a good value for money – and the providers’ pricing plans, payment methods, and trial options are the criteria that reflect it.

And yes, one VPN is more affordable than the other – but it’s not that simple. Let’s review them now and see if there’s a winner.

NordVPN Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

NordVPN pricing
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NordVPN offers 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year plans.

You save the most if you buy the long-term plans.

available payment options for nordvpn

You can pay for NordVPN with most credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency, Amazon Pay, iTunes, or Google Play (via App Store / Play Store).

If you buy a subscription at a retail store, you can also pay cash.

partner retail stores as payment options for nordvpn

NordVPN also offers add-ons you can purchase, such as Dedicated IP and NordPass.

nordpass premium purchase add-on on nordvpn

Mullvad Pricing and Payment Methods

mullvad pricing

Mullvad is different from NordVPN because it offers a flat monthly rate for all its plans. It allows for monthly and yearly payments.

You don’t save money on long-term payments due to the flat rate.

That does make it more expensive than NordVPN – but it also allows more flexibility. For example, if you just need a VPN for one or two months, you can top up your Mullvad account for that period without being locked into a year-long deal.

Unlike NordVPN, Mullvad doesn’t offer any “extras” for an additional price – all features are available at a flat monthly rate.

mullvad payment methods

Mullvad offers a wide range of payment methods – more than NordVPN.

In addition to cards and cryptocurrency, you can pay with PayPal, bank transfer, cash in 10 different currencies, and other payment methods.

So, users who don’t have specific payment methods available have several options to choose from.

Do Mullvad & NordVPN Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, both Mullvad and NordVPN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. Keep in mind that the plans bought via App / Play Store require you to contact them for a refund rather than the VPN providers.

Winner: Tie
NordVPN Mullvad
Price NordVPN Price 1 month, 1 year, 2 year plans Mullvad Price Flat monthly rate
Payment methods Credit / debit cards, cryptocurrency, iTunes, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, cash Credit / debit cards, bank transfer, Swish, Giropay, iDeal, cash, cryptocurrency, PayPal. 
Money-back guarantee 30 days 30 days
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Both VPNs have equally decent speed.

However, my tests showed Mullvad to be slightly faster than NordVPN across most servers with WireGuard. For that reason, Mullvad would probably be better if speed is important to you.

Both VPNs have robust security features. However, Mullvad only has two RAM-only servers out of 800. Whereas all 5509 servers of NordVPN are RAM-only. That means any data on those servers is wiped out, ensuring privacy. So, Mullvad is not more secure than NordVPN – but it does come close.


After my analysis of both providers, I can say NordVPN is the better choice if you want streaming options and secure browsing.

Users who want a long-term subscription on several devices and prioritize fast customer service might also consider NordVPN.

Meanwhile, if you’re a user who wants speed, security, and seamless P2P file sharing and wants a VPN for only a month or pay for it on a monthly rather than a yearly basis, Mullvad might be the choice for you.

Whatever your choice might be, both VPNs score very high in terms of speed, security, and privacy.

Want to try them out? Get the NordVPN or the Mullvad discount today!


Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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