The Fastest VPN Service Providers Reviewed

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Virtual Private Networks, also referred to as VPNs are services dedicated to strengthening the privacy of online users.

They’re usually a large network of servers that take your internet connection and route it through one of the nodes in a location different from yours.

This means that all the requests made from your IP address (the essence of your online activity) will reach a server in the VPN before finally interacting with any websites or services. As it goes through the VPN, your traffic also gets encrypted.

This means, firstly, that websites will be fooled into responding as if you were connecting from the location of the VPN server. Secondly, that neither your ISP nor anyone who might be spying will be able to track your real online activity.

All they will be able to rescue from it are your connections with the VPN servers, and it will be encrypted, which takes us to the third benefit.

Thanks to the fact that it is servers in the VPN which are actually making all the requests, websites respond to your activity as if you were making them from the location of that node. That means you can choose to connect to certain servers in order to fool websites and services’ geo-restrictions.

Many people in different places in the world use VPNs to unblock content from media sites like YouTube and Netflix, which put a lot of restrictions on the availability of their content depending on the country you’re connecting from.

What Is The Fastest VPN?

1. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish website

IPVanish is renowned among technology fans. It has been reviewed by a lot of tech websites, always beating the competition thanks to all the perks packaged within its client and the reasonable price of their service.

IPVanish is a logless VPN, which means they do not keep any logs of their users’ online activity on their servers. This ensures that even if a law enforcement agency tries to breach into their servers for any reason, there will be no data to seize.

They feature the strongest and fastest encryption protocols in their more than 800 servers, which are conveniently located in more than 60 countries around the world. This high-speed VPN does not limit the bandwidth of their users, making it ideal for power users who are constantly downloading large amounts of data and streaming high-definition movies and series.

In case you are unsure, you’re free to try their service without much compromise thanks to their money-back guarantee in any of their subscription plan.

IPVanish is without a doubt one of the fastest VPNs available in this overflowed market.

2. PureVPN

PureVPN website

On top of being a really fast VPN service, PureVPN has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its incredibly large list of server locations.

You can be sure that geo-restrictions won’t be an issue when you have more than 140 countries to connect from. They have fewer servers available than IPVanish, but all of them are equally fast, and they also feature all the things you might expect from proficient VPN service providers.

They have the safest encryption protocols, a very competitive subscription price and they allow P2P connections over their network, making it a solid choice for those who enjoy sharing heavy torrents, given they don’t put any bandwidth restrictions on their users.

On top of this, their 2-year subscription plan has one of the most competitive prices you will ever see from a respectable VPN provider, and it’s backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee that ensures your satisfaction.

Reasons to Get a VPN

As you may have already figured, VPNs are a powerful tool that protects your online privacy. Whether you’re using them from a laptop or a mobile device like a phone or a tablet, VPNs let you hide your private data and all your interactions from the ill-intentioned.

It may not look like it to you, but we’re living in an era where our privacy is at risk all the time. Many governments use surveillance agencies to spy on their citizens’ online activity to supposedly help law enforcement.

Many others force the companies who provide internet connectivity to retain their subscribers’ navigation data with the same goal; this includes all the things they’ve shared with websites from web searches to private information such as addresses and credit card data. Storing such amounts of data makes it vulnerable to the access of hackers who might end up creating a real privacy disaster like the Equifax leak in the US earlier this year.

As if it weren’t enough, there is also a series of companies dedicated to tracking all the interactions you make with websites, services, and social media in order to create a personality profile that is useful to advertising companies.

This is the specialty of companies like Google and Facebook who are constantly improving their advertising algorithms to tailor ads that fit the profile associated with your IP address and accounts.

Why Look for the Fastest VPN?​

It should be pretty clear by now that the need for a VPN is real.

Many people have realized this in recent years, which has consequentially increased the demand for VPN services. This has led to the birth of a lot of VPN service companies who want to respond to this demand, and as you may imagine, not all of them are what you’d call competent.

Having your traffic reach a server on the other side of the planet before actually interacting with the website you want to go to might slow down your navigation significantly. To pick a good VPN service, you have to take many factors into account, but the main difficulty most VPNs face is, as you may imagine, speed.

The fastest VPNs are those that slow down your connection as little as possible, and if you use this factor to narrow your search for a good provider, you’ll arrive at the best VPN services pretty fast. Here we present you with what we consider to be among the fastest VPN services you can find out there if you want any suggestions on where to start:

What Do You Need to Know About Speed and VPNs

As we’ve told you, the reason we’ve recommended these VPN providers is that their impact in your navigation is minimum, and that, along with the protection of your privacy, are the goals you should expect from a good VPN provider.

One of the main reasons why VPNs slow down connections is the distance traveled by your internet traffic in order to get to the VPN server, so if you want to ensure you’re getting the fastest connection from your VPN, you should pick a server location that’s as close to you as possible.

Even if you’re using the VPN to bypass your country’s firewall, you should connect to a server in the nearest country you can to avoid increasing the travel distance of your requests. Still, there are many other factors you have to consider.

For instance, you should know that the minimum internet speed required to stream Netflix on standard quality is 5Mbps, which is normally below most connections’ speed but if you happen to have a connection close to this threshold, then you should expect difficulties if you start using a VPN to stream videos.

Also keep in mind that the minimum speed recommended for 4k streaming is 25Mbps and that, in general, your base internet speed will play a major role in the final stability of your VPN connection.

Whatever your intentions are, you can be sure that the services we’ve recommended are the best options you can pick. They are services that have been properly tested and have made themselves a name thanks to the quality of the service they provide and the benefits they offer.

A quick note, if you are from Australia, you can check our review about the fastest VPNs in Australia.

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