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How to Get the NordVPN Cecilia Discount in 2024?

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You can get the NordVPN Cecilia discount using the discount coupon code, which is automatically applied once you click the coupon link. The NordVPN Cecilia deal features NordVPN’s 30-day refund policy to allow you to enjoy a lower price on the VPN’s features while retaining the option to cancel if it isn’t your cup of tea.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the NordVPN Cecilia Discount, what it offers, and more.

How to Get NordVPN Cecilia Discount?

Follow these quick steps to get the NordVPN Cecilia discount:

  1. Click this NordVPN Cecilia discount button.
  2. Click “Get the Deal.”
get nordvpn cecilia deal
  1. Pick a plan by clicking “Buy Now.” Two-year packages offer the best discounts.
  1. Enter your email address.
enter email to checkout on nordvpn
  1. Scroll down the same page and pick a payment method.
select a payment method for nordvpn subscription
  1. Click “Continue” after providing payment info.
click continue
  1. Create your password.
create nordvpn account password

You can now download the NordVPN app, log in, and enjoy the service.

Features Included in NordVPN Cecilia Discount

Not only does this discount offer a crazy bonus, but it also lets you access all of NordVPN’s offerings.

Below are the key reasons to get the NordVPN Cecilia discount.

Huge Savings

The Cecilia discount gives up to 59% off the VPN software, depending on the longevity of the pricing tier you choose with the deal. But if you want more Nord Security products, you can grab your bundle with up to a 68% discount.

Plus, should you dislike the service, a 30-day money-back policy lets you recoup your funds without question.

Privacy Features

NordVPN functions under Panama’s jurisdiction, a huge privacy-focused region, and outside the Eyes alliances.

Besides, NordVPN’s a no-log VPN; hence, it doesn’t store data on searches, downloads, or uploads. NordVPN also updates its Warrant Canary daily, an assurance that the government hasn’t strong-armed the brand into handing over user info.

nordvpn warrant canary

Furthermore, NordVPN’s Meshnet lets you create a private server connection with trusted gadgets. This feature allows me to securely share large files with my coworkers, access piHole on various devices, or play Doodle Army 2 with friends.

Security Features

Thanks to Threat Protection (Lite), you can cushion your PC and smartphone from ads, malware, and phishing links. I even streamed Brooklyn Nine-Nine via Peacock TV and enjoyed watching Detective Jake without losing five ad minutes every hour.

Moreover, NordVPN uses robust protocols like NordLynx that offer excellent speeds while maintaining top security.

An automatic kill switch ensures I don’t worry about IP and DNS leaks as I exploit Uber’s free Wi-Fi while shopping or perform other sensitive online tasks under the VPN’s coverage.

High-Speed Connection

NordLynx is the favorite protocol for its high-speed performance with reasonable data consumption. I tested it while watching Cocaine Bear and recorded an average 4% drop in speeds, compared to 12% with UDP and 18% with TCP.

NordLynx is also excellent over cellular networks. While its data needs are about 70% more than when unconnected, TCP has +100%, whereas UDP has +148%.

Here’s a summary of my findings for 10 minutes of streaming per protocol.

  Data Used Download Speed Ping
Unconnected 61.7 Mbps 3.93 Mbps 11 ms
NordLynx 104.7 Mbps 3.78 Mbps 260 ms
OpenVPN UDP 152.3 Mbps 3.44 Mbps 301 ms
OpenVPN TCP 119.7 Mbps 3.20 Mbps 553 ms

Vast Compatibility

The provider offers unlimited bandwidth for up to six simultaneously connected devices. In fact, I connected it to my router while transferring 10 GB of files via Meshnet and playing Asphalt 9 without lag.

Furthermore, you can use NordVPN on all major operating systems, from smartphones to tablets and PCs. Additionally, it includes SmartDNS for Apple or LG TVs and other devices without native VPN app support.

Server Options and Connectivity

With 5700+ servers in 60 countries, NordVPN seamlessly unblocks geo-restricted content like region-specific action movies on US Netflix, ABC iview’s crime shows, and South Korean dramas on Naver TV.

Besides the standard servers, the provider offers five specialty servers, including:

Connecting to a server only takes a few seconds. You can pick one manually, instantly connect by activating auto-connect, or find a reliable server nearby with Quick Connect.

How Long Does the NordVPN Cecilia Discount Last?

The NordVPN Cecilia discount lasts for the duration of your plan

However, VPN prices change frequently. So, it’s best to use the deal and grab the two-year offer to enjoy the biggest price cuts for the longest duration.

How to Cancel NordVPN Cecilia Discount?

You may find NordVPN’s services unfit for you. Or you may get a NordVPN alternative providing the features you need at better prices.

In any case, you can cancel the NordVPN Cecilia discount and get a refund within 30 days of using the coupon.

To cancel NordVPN Cecilia discount:

  1. Go to the NordVPN homepage and click “Log in.”
nordvpn log in menu on homepage
  1. Enter your NordVPN email and click “Continue.” You can also use your Google account, Apple, or a single-time code if that’s how you’ve accessed your account in the past.
nordvpn account log in enter email
  1. Insert your password and click “Log in.”
nordvpn account log in enter password
  1. Click “Billing.”
nordvpn billing dashboard
  1. Choose “Subscriptions.”
check nordvpn subscription
  1. Tap “Manage.”
manage nordvpn subscriptions
  1. Click “Cancel auto-renewal.”
cancel nordvpn subscription auto-renewal
  1. Finish by selecting “Contact support” and start an email or live chat refund discussion.
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