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Does NordVPN Work With Craigslist?

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NordVPN works with Craigslist, providing leak protection, 5700+ servers, and end-to-end encryption to ensure reliable Craigslist unblocking and help users evade IP bans.

In this guide, I’ll share how to set up NordVPN for Craiglist, how to fix Craigslist not working with NordVPN, and more.

How to Access Craigslist With NordVPN?

Follow these steps to access Craigslist with NordVPN if using a public IP, need to bypass geo-restrictions, or circumvent blocks/bans:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN. Don’t let these CRAZY DISCOUNTS pass you by.
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  1. Download and install the NordVPN app on your device.
nordvpn app on devices
  1. Sign in to the NordVPN app.
nord account log in
  1. Turn on the kill switch from the settings section.
nordvpn kill switch
  1. Connect to a server that supports your desired Craigslist location.
nordvpn connected to united states server
  1. Log into Craigslist in your browser’s incognito/private browsing mode.
craigslist on incognito browser
  1. Post ads and browse your preferred content while following rules (i.e., no spamming or advertising prohibited items).

What’s the Best NordVPN Server for Craigslist?

The best NordVPN server for Craigslist depends on which Craigslist location you want to access, what you want to do on the site, and the level of security needed.

For instance, I posted a California job ad for my warehouse without issues while visiting friends in Mombasa, Kenya.

All I needed to do was to connect to a NordVPN Los Angeles server with the Open VPN TCP protocol for enhanced security features like obfuscation to hide my VPN usage from the classifieds platform.

craigslist warehouse worker job

However, use the NordLynx protocol (usually the fastest) when posting a large file you don’t want to compress. In fact, I used it to upload two photos (62 MB and 54 MB) without getting the annoying “Craigslist is unresponsive” messages.

NordVPN Blocked on Craigslist? (Fixes)

Before tweaking NordVPN, check other reasons for Craigslist not working to save time. Try the following:

  • Ensure your internet speed is good
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies
  • Use another browser
  • Restart your device
  • Open Craigslist on another device

If none works, it’s time to make a few NordVPN adjustments.

Switch to a Different Server

Check that your IP address aligns with the Craigslist location you need. 

For example, I tried getting a seller’s contact information from Mendocino CL using a South African server, only to get denied after nine back-to-back Captcha requests.

access craigslist with nordvpn on south africa server

However, I had no issues doing the same while using a Los Angeles server.

access craigslist with nordvpn united states server

But if you’re still locked out while using a compatible server, pick a different one. 

Luckily, NordVPN’s 5700+ servers in 60 countries give you ample options to access most of Craigslist’s offerings.

Thanks to their enhanced security, you can reduce your CL blockage likelihood using NordVPN’s specialty servers. Alternatively, ask customer support for the newest servers; they gave me eight New York servers (all working with Craigslist) in just one minute!

nordvpn customer support on newest server

Use a Dedicated IP Address

Unlike other NordVPN specialty servers, a Dedicated IP comes at an extra cost

However, this is an excellent option to bypass Craigslist blocks if you don’t want to waste time finding a suitable non-banned server.

That said, there are a few things you must know while using NordVPN’s Dedicated IP:

  • New purchase required if banned on Craigslist: Unless you want to try other bypassing methods, you’ll need to get a new Dedicated IP if banned for scamming CL users or breaking posting rules.
  • Limited privacy: It’s email-tied and only has single-user traffic, making identification easier. So, it might not be suitable for privacy.
  • Works in a single location: Only functions in the server area you purchased, making it impossible to enjoy multi-location Craigslist posting as you do with the standard VPN servers.
nordvpn customer support on dedicated ip

Turn on the Kill Switch

Always turn on the NordVPN kill switch before connecting to a server, as it protects your info when your NordVPN connection drops. It ensures your real IP doesn’t leak while accessing Craigslist from a different location, resulting in restrictions, 24-hour blocks, or bans.

Turn Off Threat Protection

With Threat Protection on, you may experience problems like unending Captcha requests and error messages on Craigslist. So, ensure it’s off before opening the site.

For instance, I couldn’t access contact info for a Beverly Hills guy selling Nintendo Switch HAC-001 at half-price until I turned off the feature and reloaded Craigslist.

nordvpn threat protection lite
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