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NordVPN Restricted Countries: The Complete List

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NordVPN is restricted in 13 countries, including China, North Korea, Russia, and the Middle East. Governments primarily enforce these restrictions because NordVPN prevents surveillance and censorship.

The blocks utilize Data Packet Inspection (DPI), a method that detects VPNs in internet traffic. Some governments also force VPN providers to violate their no-logs policy. 

This is why NordVPN removed its Indian servers in 2022.

Read this guide to learn where NordVPN is blocked and how to use it without triggering alarms!

Where Is NordVPN Restricted?

NordVPN is fully or partially restricted in China, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Iraq, the UAE, Oman, India, Iran, Egypt, Turkmenistan, North Korea, and Uganda.

Here are the details: 

1. China

The Great Firewall of China blocks VPNs. But you can use NordVPN’s obfuscated servers to access restricted sites and apps within China without getting caught.

However, you can’t open the NordVPN website in China to download the app, so get APK or PC NordVPN files from a trusted friend outside China.

Alternatively, use NordVPN’s secondary domains or unregulated Wi-Fi in Chinese hotels. But beware that Chinese authorities randomly search phones to check for VPNs.

2. Russia

In 2017, Russia banned all unapproved VPN services, including NordVPN and alternative domains. Furthermore, you can’t access Russian content abroad since NordVPN lacks Russian servers.

However, you can use NordVPN inside Russia if it’s installed on your device before traveling there. Alternatively, people living in Russia can get the app files from a trusted outsider.

But as it stands, NordVPN won’t comply with the demands of the Russian government, as that puts users at risk. To avoid detection, stick to obfuscated servers, especially if you do risky work like investigative journalism

3. Belarus

NordVPN was banned in Belarus in 2015, and you can’t open the NordVPN website from within the country. Worse, citizens can be fined up to $120 if caught accessing such restricted websites, though protesters are fighting this censorship.

Fortunately, you can get a NordVPN APK and PC app files from someone outside Belarus. This allows you to use obfuscated servers to access foreign content without alerting Belarusian authorities.

Alternative NordVPN sites you can also use include cn.accelerator.site, cn-nord.info, nord-help.net, and nord-help.com

4. Turkey

NordVPN isn’t illegal in Turkey, but it’s heavily restricted. 

To support free speech, NordVPN included Turkey in its Emergency VPN assistance. This allows people under repressive regimes to request NordVPN access in dire situations. Furthermore, NordVPN shares discrete links like cn-nord.info that you can use to download the app.

5. Iraq

Iraq restricts VPNs like NordVPN, but the country still has a weak telecommunications network despite recent infrastructure investments

So, the ability to block NordVPN is inconsistent.

However, using services like NordVPN is punishable with varying jail terms. 

So, ensure you download NordVPN from alternative sources and use obfuscated servers to bypass restricted content in Iraq.

6. United Arab Emirates

The UAE government discourages using services like NordVPN, with penalties ranging from heavy fines of up to AED 2,000,000 to imprisonment.

Thus, if traveling to the UAE, download and install NordVPN before you arrive and use obfuscated servers.

7. Oman

While VPNs aren’t outlawed in Oman, you need the government’s permission to use a service like NordVPN. Additionally, using VPNs to access content that doesn’t conform to the country’s moral standards attracts jail sentences and huge fines.

Like the others on this list, you can bypass these restrictions by downloading NordVPN before traveling to Oman, getting the files from a trusted outsider, or using NordVPN’s secondary sites.

8. India

NordVPN shut down its Indian servers in 2022 when the government ordered all VPNs to collect and store user data. The punishment for going against this directive attracts a jail sentence of up to 5 years, plus fines.

However, you can still access the NordVPN website in India and install the apps. 

Still, use obfuscated servers or Double VPN to make tracking harder.

9. Iran

NordVPN is banned in Iran, so you can’t access the NordVPN website to download the app. Furthermore, you can be jailed for 91 days to 2 years or fined between 5,000,000 and 40,000,000 Rials for using the service.

To avoid this, download NordVPN before going to Iran or get the program files from a friend. You can also request mirror sites from NordVPN support through email (support@nordvpn.com).

10. Egypt

Services like NordVPN aren’t banned in Egypt, but you can be jailed or fined for using NordVPN to access LGBTQ-related content or sites that criticize the government.

So, use obfuscated servers in Egypt to hide your online footprints and bypass any VPN blocks.

11. Turkmenistan

NordVPN is completely blocked in Turkmenistan. Citizens are only allowed to use a government-owned network called Turkmenet, and breaking this directive can result in jail time. Further, some citizens are forced to swear on the Koran to never use VPNs.

In fact, dozens of people were arrested for VPN use in 2020 after authorities raided cybercafes and electronic repair shops. Most were jailed for up to 20 days with huge fines.

Thus, to use NordVPN in Turkmenistan without detection, install the apps before traveling there and stick to obfuscated and double VPN servers.

12. North Korea

Like Turkmenistan, you can’t use NordVPN in North Korea, as it’s heavily censored. Citizens can only access a limited version of the internet through a nationally controlled intranet called Kwangmyong.

Possible penalties if caught using a VPN include heavy fines and imprisonment.

You can still install NordVPN on your devices before traveling to North Korea, but that’s risky since your devices could be checked, and you could be denied entry. 

If you risk it, consider hiding the VPN app in a Secured Folder (etc.).

13. Uganda

You can use NordVPN in Uganda by installing it on your devices and connecting to any server to bypass all forms of government censorship.

However, the Ugandan government is known to shut down the internet and arrest people for VPN use during elections. Thus, install NordVPN before/after elections and use obfuscated servers.

How to Connect to NordVPN in Restricted Countries on Windows?

Follow these steps to connect to NordVPN in restricted countries on Windows:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
nordvpn app for mac
  1. Open the app “Settings” by tapping the gear icon near the bottom right corner, then tap “General,” go to “VPN Protocol,” and switch to NordLynx protocol.
nordvpn nordlynx protocol
  1. Connect to a server of your choice and access any website and app.
nordvpn locations
  1. If you run into connection issues, switch to OpenVPN, then use Obfuscated servers to bypass possible VPN blocks.

How to Connect to NordVPN in Restricted Countries on macOS?

If you’re on macOS, follow these steps to connect to NordVPN in countries like China, Turkmenistan, and Russia:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN through these fantastic discounts.
  2. Download the NordVPN IKEv2 certificate to your Mac from this link.
  3. Locate the file in the Downloads folder and open a “root.der file.
nordvpn root.der file
  1. A window titled “Add Certificates” will appear on your screen. Tap “Add” for the certificate to be added to the login keychain. Make sure the “Keychain” section is changed from iCloud to login.
add certificate
  1. Search “NordVPN Root CA” in the search box and right-click it. Select “Get Info” from the dropdown list.
nordvpn root ca
  1. Click the Trust dropdown menu.
trust dropdown menu
  1. Now click the “When using this certificate” option, and find “Extensible Authentication (EAP)” and “IP Security (IPsec).” Select “Always Trust” for both. Maintain the default “no value specified” for the rest of the fields.
nordvpn root ca settings
  1. You’ll be prompted to enter your Mac password to complete the process.
mac password
  1. Now click the Apple icon at the top of your screen and select “System Preferences.” Go to “Network.”
mac network settings
  1. At the bottom far-right of the small window that appears, tap on the three-dotted sign (). Then, choose “Add VPN Configuration” and select “IKEv2.”
vpn configuration
  1. Take note of the following addresses and IDs.
nordvpn addresses and ids
  1. In the Display name, type “NordVPN.”  In the Server address and Remote ID, enter the information from the screenshot above.
server address and remote id
  1. Enter your Shared secret, which in this case is your macOS password. Leave the rest of the options as-is and tap “Create.”
shared secret
  1. You’re now connected to NordVPN. You should see the NordVPN icon at the top.

How to Connect to NordVPN in Restricted Countries on Linux?

Setting up NordVPN to connect on a Linux device in a restricted country is simple.

Here’s a detailed guide for avoiding local internet restrictions on strongSwan.

How to Connect to NordVPN in Restricted Countries on Android?

To connect to NordVPN in restricted countries on Android devices, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the NordVPN APK. You may get a “File might be harmful” notification. Click “Download anyway.”
nordvpn apk download
  1. Launch the VPN.
  2. Click “Profile” near the bottom right corner.
nordvpn mobile app profile
  1. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open “Settings.”
nordvpn mobile app settings
  1. Tap the Protocol tab.
nordvpn mobile app protocol tab
  1. Ensure the VPN is on OpenVPN protocol (TCP or UDP).
nordvpn mobile app openvpn
  1. Tap on the “Specialty servers” option next to an icon resembling a blue folder.
nordvpn mobile app specialty servers
  1. Scroll down and tap “Obfuscated” to open the server list.
nordvpn mobile app obfuscated
  1. Connect to any. Now, you can use NordVPN in restricted regions.
nordvpn mobile app connected to us server

How to Connect to NordVPN in Restricted Countries on iOS?

Follow these steps to connect to NordVPN in restricted countries on iOS:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN using these exclusive deals.
  2. Launch your Safari browser and download the NordVPN IKEv2 certificate directly to your iPhone.
  3. An installation screen will appear. Tap “Install” to begin the process.
  1. Tap “Done” to complete the installation.
  1. Open “Settings,” then tap on “General” and “VPN.”
  1. Tap on “Add VPN Configuration.”
  1. You will see several fields. Compete them with the following details:
  • Type: IKEv2
  • Description: Any preferred name for the VPN connection
  • Server: server IP from the list below
  • Remote ID: server hostname from the list below
  • Local ID: Leave empty
  • User Authentication: Username
  • Username: Your NordVPN service credentials
  • Password: Your NordVPN service password
  • Proxy: Off
  1. For your server IP and Remote ID hostname, choose any pair:
server ip and remote id hostname
  1. Tap “Done.”
  2. Return to “Settings” and enable the VPN connection by tapping the toggle switch. That’s it.

Other Ways to Bypass NordVPN Restrictions?

Besides the above setups, you can bypass NordVPN restrictions in countries like China and Turkmenistan through the following methods.

Switch Protocols

Some VPN blocking methods focus on ports used by VPN connections, and since each VPN protocol uses different ports, you can switch to a new protocol. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch NordVPN.
  2. Open ”Settings” by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner, then tap “General” and the “VPN Protocol” tab.
nordvpn openvpn protocol
  1. Switch to another protocol besides the one that’s blocked.

Change DNS Settings on Your Device

You can manually change your device’s DNS settings to NordVPN DNS server addresses to bypass VPN blocks. For macOS:

  1. Open “System Preferences” and go to “Network.”
mac network settings
  1. Choose the Network interface you’re using and tap on “Details.”
mac network interface details
  1. Open the “DNS” tab.
mac dns tab
  1. Tap on the plus sign “+” near the bottom.
mac dns server
  1. Enter the two DNS server addresses. The current ones are and (they change constantly), and press “OK.”
two dns servers addresses
  1. You successfully changed your macOS DNS servers and can now connect to the internet privately.
Here are guides for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Connect to the Newest Servers

NordVPN constantly removes and adds new servers. When the VPN is blocked on a network, you can bypass this by connecting to newly added servers. 

Each NordVPN server comes with a number before it alongside the # symbol.

nordvpn united states servers

Newer servers usually have the highest server numbers. 

For example, “United States #5058” is newer than “United States #5050.”

Use Double VPN

NordvPN offers Double VPN, which routes your traffic through two servers, encrypting everything twice for double security.

To activate Double VPN on NordVPN:

  1. Launch NordVPN.
  2. On the left panel, scroll to the bottom until you see the “DoubleVPN” option.
nordvpn double vpn
  1. Tap on it once, let it route, and re-route your traffic through two servers. You’re now protected with two layers of encryption.
nordvpn canada server
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Different penalties are imposed when caught using NordVPN illegally, depending on your country. You can get jailed in highly restrictive countries like Turkmenistan and North Korea. In the UAE, you can be fined if you use NordVPN to access banned sites like Pornhub or online gambling.  Therefore, know the rules of each country you travel to before unwittingly breaking serious laws.

Bypassing NordVPN Blocks in Restricted Countries Is Possible

NordVPN is a reliable VPN, but it’s blocked/restricted in 13 countries like China and Russia. Luckily, there are reliable methods of getting around this.

As the guides above demonstrate, you can manually set it up on different devices or switch to obfuscated servers and Double VPN.

However, be aware of VPN laws in any country you visit to know the appropriate measures. Remember to grab your NordVPN subscription with these fantastic deals to safely use it in any restricted country.

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