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Can You Play FFXIV Using NordVPN?

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Recently, I started experiencing lag and skyrocketing ping while playing FFXIV.

Luckily, playing FFXIV with NordVPN solved everything.

Now, I have ultra-fast speeds, and my ping is stable, so playing the latest deep dungeon is easy. NordVPN also packs DDoS protection, 5,000+ servers, and a proprietary protocol built for speed and security (NordLynx).

Plus, if you play FFXIV on PlayStation, you can still use NordVPN to eliminate slow speeds or high pings.

How to Play FFXIV With NordVPN?

To play FFXIV with NordVPN on PC, you can install the NordVPN app on Mac or Windows and connect to one of its VPN servers.

But if you play on PlayStation, you’ll need a virtual router to connect your PlayStation to NordVPN. I’ll show you how to set up NordVPN on all of the above, so continue reading.

How to Play FF14 With NordVPN on PC?

Here’s how to connect Final Fantasy 14 with NordVPN on PC. 

I’ll use Windows for my example.

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Download and install NordVPN on your PC.
  3. Open the app and click the cog icon in the bottom-left corner.
  4. Select “General.”
locating general settings on nordvpn
  1. Under “VPN Protocols,” select “NordLynx.” For FFXIV, this protocol provides the ideal mix of security, speed, and low latency.
selecting nordlynx protocol on nordvpn
  1. Pick a local server and connect.
  2. Open the FFXIV launcher and queue up for Eureka Orthos!
playing FFXIV with nordvpn on austria server

How to Play FFXIV With NordVPN on PlayStation?

The best way to play FFXIV with NordVPN on PlayStation is to create a virtual router.

I’ll use Windows in my example. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a subscription to NordVPN and install it on your PC.
  2. Click the Windows “Start” button and search for “Mobile hotspot.”
locating mobile hotspot on windows
  1. Turn on “Share my Internet connection with other devices.”
mobile hotspot on
  1. Click “Edit” under “Network Name” and “Network Password” to change the name and password.
locating edit button on network properties in windows
  1. Click “Change adapter options” under “Related settings.”
  2. Note the number displayed in “Local Area Connection.”
locating local area connection on windows
  1. Locate “TAP-NordVPN Windows Adapter” and right-click it.
selecting tap-nordvpn windows adapter on windows
  1. Select “Properties” and click the “Sharing” tab.
  2. Select the checkbox “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.”
  1. Choose the Local Area Connection corresponding to the number under “Home networking connection:” and click “OK.”
  1. Open the NordVPN app.
  2. Repeat steps 3–6 in the FF14 PC setup above.
  3. Turn on your PlayStation and open settings.
  4. Go to “Network” settings and connect to the virtual router.
  5. Hop on FF14 and start leveling your island!
playing ffxiv with nordvpn on austria server

Why Is NordVPN Good for Playing FFXIV?

Here’s why I prefer NordVPN for playing FFXIV:

  • It eliminates lag and latency no matter which data center you’re playing on.
  • NordVPN has 5,400+ servers across 60 countries, so you can connect to a nearby server for improved gameplay and reliable connection.
  • You can also connect to a server near other DCs if you visit overseas friends. This eliminates unstable connections.
  • NordVPN is installable on Windows, Mac, and PlayStation.
  • It offers dedicated IP addresses for an even stabler and faster connection, so you can run FATE trains without lag.
  • Finally, NordVPN encrypts all its connections with AES-256-bit encryption and offers a kill switch and IP leak protection. This is advantageous if you live in China and want to connect to non-Chinese DCs (perhaps to check interior designs)!
ffxiv gameplay
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NordVPN has an impressive server network for lag-free gaming and stable ping when playing Final Fantasy XIV. Plus, no matter what device you use, NordVPN is compatible!

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