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Can You Play FFXIV With Private Internet Access?

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Private Internet Access (PIA) works with FFXIV to evade ISP throttling, access low ping servers, and unblock the title anywhere.

Thus, you can securely travel through the Kingdom of Eorzea as a Dark Knight or Ninja, free of speed drops or FFXIV connection issues with PIA.

Ready for a fast-paced, realistic, and addictive FFXIV experience?

How to Set up PIA for FFXIV?

You can securely run the Sastasha dungeons, craft Chocobo bardings, and participate in The Royal Menagerie trial free of ISP throttling or server connection issues by activating PIA for FFXIV on your devices.

However, the setup procedures vary between devices, so I’ll provide detailed set-up guides for PC, Console (PS4), and mobile in this guide.

How to Set up PIA for FFXIV on PC?

PIA works on different PC systems allowing you to access the challenge log, gain EXP, and unlock mounts on your PC.

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription. Grab these discounted PIA Deals to enjoy massive savings while at it.
  1. Download and install the PIA app. I’ll download the PIA Windows app for this guide.
pia compatible with windows
  1. Launch the PIA Windows app and log in with your credentials.
  1. Connect to the WireGuard protocol for its speed, security, and stability. Start by clicking the three vertical dots on the upper right-hand corner of the PIA app, followed by Settings.
  1. Go to Protocols > WireGuard to connect.
wireguard protocol on pia
  1. I recommend connecting to the lowest ping servers for the best FFXIV gaming. Click the large power button to connect to the nearest/fastest or best VPN-determined PIA server for fast speeds.
  1. Or click the shown server location to expand the PIA app and access the complete server list.
pia server locations
  1. Launch FFXIV and securely travel through Ishgard while growing your EXP and participating in the latest FATE train free of ISP throttling.
playing ffxiv with pia on australia server

How to Set up PIA for FFXIV on Console?

Unblock the title anywhere and access low ping servers on FFXIV by installing PIA on gaming consoles (PS4, PS5). I’ll use the virtual router method on my PS4 using a Windows PC.

Follow these steps:

  1. Grab a PIA subscription (discounts here).
  2. Download the PIA Windows app.
  3. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot on your Windows PC.
mobile hotspot settings on windows
  1. Turn on “Mobile hotspot” and click “Edit” to change the network name and password.
mobile hotspot properties on windows
  1. Click “Advanced network settings.”
advanced network settings on windows
  1. Click “More network adapter options” and ensure the green light under “Wi-Fi” is on.
more network adapter options on windows
  1. Right-click “PIA” and select “Properties.”
pia properties on windows
  1. Under “Sharing,” tick “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” and click “OK.”
internet connection sharing settings on windows
  1. Go to Settings on your PS4 and connect to the hotspot you’ve just created.
  2. Open PIA and connect to an appropriate server.
  3. You can now securely play PVP matches, tour the Wolves Den, and unlock alliance trials on your PS4.
playing ffxiv with pia on tokyo server

Alternatively, you can set up Private Internet Access on a router if you don’t fancy the virtual router method.

Here are my top PIA-compatible routers that PIA directly supports for FFXIV.

  • DD-WRT
  • Pfsense
  • LEDE
  • Asus-WRT
  • Asus-WRT Merlin

What’s the Best PIA Server for FFXIV?

PIA offers numerous servers in 80+ countries to unblock the title anywhere and enjoy faster speeds on FFXIV. Thus, the best PIA server for FFXIV depends on your gaming needs.

Connect to the lowest ping PIA server for a fast FFXIV game, free of disconnection or unstable gaming issues when connecting to a local Data Center in your region. Alternatively, click “Choose Automatically” to connect to the best VPN-determined server for a smooth FFXIV experience.

I played in the fast-paced Dragonsong War Quests while connected to PIA’s VPN-determined Singapore server, free of speed drops or connection issues.

Alternatively, connect to a low-ping PIA server nearest the physical location of your preferred FFXIV international Data Center to reduce lags and glitches.

For example, I toured the Moogle and Ragnarok FFXIV worlds in the European Chaos Data Centre on PIA’s Portugal and Spain servers while in Kenya, which reduced game lag and speed drop issues.

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Using the PIA port forwarding feature will improve speeds and game stability on FFXIV. To port forward on PIA, go to Settings > Network > Request Port Forwarding and connect to a PIA server that supports port forwarding.

Upgrade Your FFXIV Experience

PIA offers low ping servers, unblocks the title from anywhere, and offers port forwarding for fast and lag-free FFXIV sessions across all the different Data Centers.

Further, PIA offers the speedy WireGuard protocol and unlimited simultaneous connections to secure all your devices while playing FFXIV.

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