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Does NordVPN Have Servers in Houston? (+ Alternatives)

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NordVPN doesn’t offer servers in Houston.

So, you can’t get a Houston IP address from the VPN service provider for public Wi-Fi security at Jack in the Box, Burger King, Motel 6 Pasadena, or anywhere else in Houston without losing access to local content.

If you’re okay with NordVPN servers in other Texas regions, the VPN service provider has a reliable Dallas server for Texan IPs.

However, suppose you need a Houston IP address to get skill-based matchmaking against gaming opponents in the region, unblock local content, or for other reasons. 

In that case, you can try the NordVPN alternatives below.

Top 3 NordVPN Alternatives With Houston Server

NordVPN might not offer you a Houston IP address, but other reliable VPN service providers do.

Here are the top three I tested with efficient Houston servers.

Surfshark – Houston IPs + Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

surfshark connected to houston server
Surfshark unblocks KHOU 11 over Houston server

Surfshark offers the Houston IP address you’re looking for. 

Furthermore, it has a Houston P2P server to which you can connect for faster online gaming, streaming local content like KHOU 11, or getting public Wi-Fi security at the local Motel 6.

In fact, you can set up Surfshark’s public Wi-Fi security to automatically trigger and connect specifically to the Houston server whenever your device picks up an untrusted network. That way, you’re always protected and don’t lose access to local content.

surfshark multihop connection

You can even create a multi-hop connection for free using this Houston server, ensuring better security. So, when using the internet, trackers will only see your entry IP address but won’t know the exit Houston IP you’re surfing the web on.

Finally, it provides a leg up on NordVPN by being more affordable and offering unlimited simultaneous connections.

That beats the six concurrent connections you get with NordVPN, ensuring you can cover ALL your smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other internet-enabled devices from a single VPN subscription.

Grab my discounts below to save more on an affordable VPN subscription and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PureVPN – Houston Servers + Port Forwarding

purevpn connected to houston server
PureVPN unblocks FOX 26 Houston via its Houston server

PureVPN has Houston servers granting you a local IP address, but these servers do more than that.

For instance, you can connect to its Houston port forwarding server to get remote local access to your devices back home (in Houston). These servers also make it possible to securely download torrents faster without AT&T, Verizon, other ISPs, your network admin, or copyright snoops ever finding out.

The best thing about this server is that it also enables you to seed torrents securely, something Surfshark lacks.

However, it doesn’t have P2P servers in Houston or the rest of the United States. 

So, you can’t depend on this server for heavy torrenting activities. 

In that case, switch to Surfshark.

Besides the Houston server, PureVPN still offers ten simultaneous device connections. This is four more than you get with NordVPN, ensuring better device coverage.

Did I mention that PureVPN’s more affordable too?

IPVanish – 50+ Houston Servers + Unlimited Connections

ipvanish connected to houston server
IPVanish unblocks KHOU 11 news over Houston server

IPVanish offers 50+ Houston servers. Hence, you never have to worry about server overcrowding when connected to this server. After all, IPVanish will automatically assign you the one with the lightest load for optimal performance.

Like Surfshark, IPVanish also grants you unlimited simultaneous device connections. You never have to worry about disconnecting some devices to use others with the Houston IP address.

Speaking of, IPVanish doesn’t limit how many of your devices can stay on the same Houston server at once. So, connect as many units to this server to create a mesh network, streamline IPs across your devices, or for any other purpose.

Ready to test IPVanish? Grab the IPVanish discounts below.

How to Connect to a Houston Server on NordVPN Alternatives?

You can get a Houston IP address on any of the reliable NordVPN alternatives by connecting via the steps below:

  1. Get a reliable VPN with Houston servers. I recommend Surfshark (discounts here).
  2. Download and install the VPN app for your preferred device. I’ll get the Surfshark PC app for this demonstration.
get started with surfshark
  1. Log in to the account using your email and password combination.
  2. Choose a reliable protocol. I recommend WireGuard for the Houston server for speed and security. Go through Settings > VPN settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
surfshark protocols
  1. Enable the VPN kill switch. Go through Settings > VPN settings > Kill Switch to toggle it.
surfshark kill switch
  1. Return to the VPN page and search for Houston.
surfshark houston servers
  1. Optional: Type “P2P” in the search bar to bring up the Houston P2P server.
surfshark p2p servers
  1. Click the server to connect.
  2. Test for leaks. I recommend using www.ipleak.net to see that you’re now assigned the Houston IP address.
  3. Enjoy the local Houston web, unlock KHOU 11 anywhere, get public Wi-Fi security at Lowe’s and Texas City Museum, or connect to gaming peers in the Texas city.
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Enjoy Your Houston IP Address

NordVPN might not have a Houston IP server, but you can still get a Texas IP address via its Dallas server.

But if you’re particular about the city, try any of the reliable alternatives suggested above.

My top alternative is Surfshark, and you can get it cheaper with these discounts.

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