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Does Surfshark Work With PayPal?

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Surfshark works with PayPal, letting you enjoy secure transactions anywhere. 

It also accepts PayPal as a payment method.

Plus, its 3200+ servers, including four Dedicated IP locations, let you easily set up a PayPal account in Los Angeles, Johannesburg, London, and many other places.

Moreover, Surfshark’s OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) protocol is packaged with Camouflage Mode to hide your VPN usage from PayPal.

Follow through for MUST-KNOW tips when using Surfshark with PayPal.

How to Use PayPal With Surfshark?

Setting up Surfshark for PayPal employs the same approach, whether using mobile or PC. So, get your preferred device (I’ll use a PC) and follow these steps to use PayPal with Surfshark:

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark. Grab these COLOSSAL DISCOUNTS while they last.
  2. Download, run, and log in to the Surfshark app.
  3. Click Settings and select “VPN Settings” to toggle on the kill switch. This protects your financial information on PayPal from breaches if connectivity issues arise.
  4. Scroll down and choose a protocol. I recommend OpenVPN to hide your VPN use from PayPal with Camouflage Mode.
surfshark kill switch enabled
  1. Connect to a server in a PayPal-permitted region, like the Netherlands. Use servers within the country where you created your PayPal account if accessing an existing account.
  2. Test for leaks (www.ipleak.net).
surfshark ipleak test on netherlands server
  1. That’s it! Log into PayPal and settle your bills.
access paypal with surfshark on netherlands server

Can I Sign Up for PayPal With Surfshark From a Restricted Country?

You can sign up for PayPal with Surfshark from a restricted country by connecting to a server in a region where the institution is available.

However, PayPal requires mobile verification, so you’ll need a phone number in your chosen country.

In fact, I tried setting up an account with a Frankfurt server while touring Bandingilo National Park, switching my country to Kenya, as I needed German credentials.

Sadly, I couldn’t submit my details, with the site processing for 5+ minutes before requesting a restart.

paypal sign up error on surfshark

While you may bypass this with free online SMS generators, many offer temporary, shared phone numbers. This is problematic since PayPal can ask you to verify your number after creating an account.

Fortunately, I have safer workarounds that may help you set up a PayPal account with Surfshark from a restricted country.

Ask a Friend

First, request to use a friend or relative’s phone number within a PayPal-supported country with Surfshark servers. However, this won’t work if they already use the number with PayPal.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Alternatively, try paid virtual phone numbers. You can get one from cheap providers with free trials like Hushed. But these won’t always work at first.

In fact, I tried six USA numbers before landing on one that supports PayPal (the institution detects and blocks virtual numbers).

Contact PayPal

Is Surfshark’s security over public WiFi your primary concern within a restricted country? You may access the payment system faster with local Surfshark servers by contacting PayPal if you have a permanent residence in a permitted country.

Afterward, you’ll need to upload verification credentials.

paypal business account restricted reddit post

Are Surfshark's Shared IP Addresses Safe for Paypal?

Surfshark’s shared IP addresses might be unsafe for PayPal, especially with WireGuard, as the service bans users it detects using a VPN.

paypal vpn policies

Fortunately, Surfshark features Camouflage Mode that automatically activates upon a successful OpenVPN connection. This feature masks the data packets that help PayPal identify VPN use.

Additionally, Camouflage Mode is vital in countries like China, where using VPNs is a crime, but you want to access your US-created PayPal account with a New Jersey server.

But if you want to be extra cautious, I recommend getting a Surfshark dedicated IP

That way, you avoid the risk of PayPal freezing your funds due to VPN server hopping, leading to countless captchas or account closure.

paypal account suspended for vpn use reddit post

For instance, I saved $425 from a six-month holdup by stating that I needed to secure my account from predators on Hollywood Bowl’s Boingo Wi-Fi.

Can I Pay for Surfshark With PayPal?

You can pay for Surfshark with PayPal by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Surfshark website and click “Get the Best VPN” or “Get VPN Deal.”
  2. Click “Get Started” to select a plan. Try the bi-annual deals so you don’t miss extra months and get the biggest discounts.
  1. Provide your email, then click “Pay With PayPal.”
pay for surfshark with paypal
  1. Insert your PayPal email and click “Next.”
paypal email sign in
  1. Provide your password and click “Log In” to complete the transaction.
paypal log in

Will Surfshark Refund Me Fully if I Paid With PayPal?

Surfshark will refund you fully if you paid with PayPal, provided you cancel within 30 days of purchasing. Alternatively, you can use PayPal’s dispute resolution center to claim a refund within 180 days of payment.

The latter is the best option if you don’t want a back-and-forth with customer support.

paypal helps control surfshark renewal reddit post

But the fastest way to get a refund is through Surfshark’s live chat. 

Still, you won’t get refunded for a third cancellation on the same email by contacting customer support.

Fortunately, you can try PayPal’s dispute resolution if you paid with this option. 

But ensure you provide all the details you can to prove Surfshark didn’t serve you as needed.

paypal dispute resolution system reddit post
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Use PayPal With Surfshark for Fewer Worries

Want to access an existing PayPal account? Try Shurfshark’s static IPs in numerous PayPal-supported locations, like the UK and South Africa.

But for the safest VPN use with the facility, get a Dedicated IP and use OpenVPN’s obfuscation in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or London.

And if you don’t have Surfshark yet, get started with these SIZZLING DISCOUNTS and cancel up to 180 days after purchase with PayPal.

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