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How to Get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye Discount?

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You can get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye discount by clicking this special deals link and making the discounted payment.

Like a well-timed XP boost in your favorite RPG, you can use the savings it offers on NordVPN’s long-term plans to level up your digital life with safer browsing.

Here’s how NordVPN protects Jacksepticeye from the lurking dangers of the Internet and how it can help you to do the same.

How to Get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye Discount?

Here are the steps to follow to get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye discount code:

  1. Visit the official NordVPN website by clicking this deals link and “Get NordVPN.”
  2. Choose a subscription plan and click the button beneath it. Keep in mind the 2-year plan offers the highest savings.
NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Create an account by filling out your email address. Choose a payment method.
nordvpn account creation and payment
  1. The Jacksepticeye discount code will automatically apply in the order summary with the discounted final subscription price.
  2. Complete the payment.
After this, you can download and install the NordVPN app on your favorite devices and tune in anytime to watch Jacksepticeye conquer games like FNAF and God of War!

How to Get NordVPN Jacksepticeye Discount as Existing User?

If you have an existing subscription to NordVPN, you can apply the Jacksepticeye discount by following these steps:

  1. As with the previous tutorial, click the deals link, “Get NordVPN,” and choose your preferred plan.
  2. On the NordVPN Checkout page, click on “Already have Nord Account? Log in.”
nordvpn checkout page
  1. Enter your account credentials and log in.
nordvpn account log in
  1. Double-check your chosen payment plan and click “Continue to payment.”
nordvpn payment plan checkout
  1. Make the payment and purchase your discounted subscription!
nordvpn payment with discount

This will stack on top of your existing subscription, extending your overall active NordVPN plan date.

What Does Jacksepticeye Use NordVPN For?

Jacksepticeye uses NordVPN to unlock the vast content catalog available exclusively to U.S. viewers on Netflix and other streaming services. 

This also includes accessing online movie stores with geo-blocks for region-specific offerings.

netflix romantic latin american movies

For instance, when stranded in America due to COVID-related travel restrictions, he took advantage of NordVPN to virtually reunite with his UK friends by using Netflix watch parties to stream content.

Jacksepticeye also personally invites viewers to check his geo-restricted documentary “How Did We Get Here?” using NordVPN.

mini tv using nordvpn

Finally, being a well-known YouTube gamer, he uses NordVPN’s huge server library to connect to countries where games are released earlier than in the UK

This grants him access to new titles ahead of time, giving him a competitive edge over other YouTube gamers.

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Should You Get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye Discount?

You should get the NordVPN Jacksepticeye discount. The coupon gives you the double benefit of massive savings and a big server network to stream and game securely.

Are you ready to start unblocking the forbidden fruit of geo-restricted content? 

Apply the NordVPN Jacksepticeye discount today!

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