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How to Get the NordVPN Nakkida Discount?

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You can get the NordVPN Nakkida discount using its coupon code, which automatically applies on clicking the discount link. The NordVPN Nakkida discount offers up to 65% off and is available for one and two-year plans.

Stick around for the step-by-step process to unlock the NordVPN Nakkida discount, why Nakkida endorses NordVPN, and an alternative deal.

Easy Steps to Get the NordVPN Nakkida Discount

You can secure the biggest NordVPN Nakkida discounts by closing the two-year deals. Follow these steps:

  1. Click this NordVPN Nakkida coupon link.
  2. Click “Get the Deal.”
get the nordvpn deal
  1. Pick a package. I recommend the 2-year plan for the best savings.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Enter your email and select a payment option.
nordvpn payment options
  1. Provide checkout details.
adding nakkida coupon code on nordvpn
  1. Create a password.
creating password on nordvpn

Why Does Nakkida Use NordVPN?

Nakkida uses NordVPN to secure her internet connection and ensure seamless gaming performance. She also loves the provider’s reliable unblocking and vast device compatibility.

Here’s a comprehensive look into why she and I share the same passion for NordVPN.

Blocks Ads

NordVPN’s Threat Protection helps you avoid intrusive ads, accidental malware downloads, and third-party tracking.

enable threat protection lite on nordvpn

So, you can avoid displayed and background ads to play games like Minecraft without losing too much bandwidth, battery, or CPU power.

Mac and Windows users can access Threat Protection’s functionality while unconnected to the VPN’s server. However, you’ll need to connect to a server to enjoy its Lite version on Android, Chrome, Linux, Edge, Firefox, or iOS.


NordVPN’s DDoS protection conceals my real IP, ensuring streams don’t end abruptly or lobbies go offline during GTA Twitch streams.

I also love NordVPN’s split tunneling as it lowers my data usage since I can choose which apps stay protected and which don’t need a VPN.

locating security features on nordvpn

Moreover, the provider’s NordLynx protocol adopts dual Network Address Translation, rerouting your traffic twice for enhanced protection.

Besides NordVPN’s excellent security features, there’s also a kill switch cushioning you from info leaks during poor connections. Plus, a Dark Web Monitor alerts you to data breaches before they become an issue.

Unlimited Bandwidth for Six Simultaneous Connections

NordVPN offers Nakkida lag-free Windows PC gaming while her partner casts Netflix’s Ink Master from iPhone to Android TV via Apple AirPlay.

You can also use this VPN on up to six devices concurrently, including MacOS, iOS, and Linux. Hence, it’s an adequate solution for most households.

Since all plans have unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about interruptions while executing combo attacks in GTA or streaming Shadow & Bone in 4K.

Fast Speeds

A 30% speed drop is standard when connected to a VPN. But with NordVPN, I only lost 4% at peak performance!

From its high-speed NordLynx protocol to a vast server catalog (5700+ in 60 countries), NordVPN offers an excellent arsenal for stutter-free streams.

So, you can always find a reliable server if your first connection isn’t quick.

nordvpn specialty servers

Not to mention, NordVPN is superb at combating bandwidth throttling.

In fact, I connected and had no issues crushing opponents in Asphalt 9 with my Jaguar C-X75 during peak usage hours when my ISP usually throttled connections.

Unblocks Geo-Restricted Content

I’ve cleared Lost Ark guild quests in Belgium with no qualms, despite the game’s unavailability in the country. And if you’d rather play other geo-locked games like Blade & Soul, Ragnarok Online 2, or Wayward Souls, NordVPN’s got your back.

Likewise, NordVPN unlocks numerous streaming platforms like:

Risk-Free Trial

All NordVPN packages have a 30-day money-back guarantee, including the one-month plans that don’t feature the Nakkida discount. Hence, there isn’t a reason not to use the NordVPN 2-year Nakkida discount. After all, you can claim a refund if unsatisfied.

To do so, cancel auto-renewal within the refund window and chat with support about compensation.

Is There a Better Offer Than the NordVPN Nakkida Discount?

Looking to save even more? Try NordVPN’s 3-year discount, a much better offer than the NordVPN Nakkida discount. Unfortunately, I couldn’t lock this deal down with the Plus and Complete packages.

invalid cybersecurity coupon code on nordvpn

However, I checked out with the Standard option and got 60% off.

adding us as tax country on nordvpn

And while you get the same discount, the final price differs based on your location’s sales tax.

adding kenya as tax country on nordvpn
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Is the NordVPN Nakkida Discount Worth It?

The NordVPN Nakkida discount is worth it, as it offers incredible features and up to 65% off. Unlike the 3-year offer, the NordVPN Nakkida discount is compatible with Plus and Complete plans. Therefore, you can access 1TB of cloud storage, password management, data breach scanning, and advanced security, absent with the 3-year deal.

Besides, this discount is ideal for gamers and movie streamers: it lets you access all NordVPN features like fast speeds, ad-blocking, and geo-blocked content.

So, grab the 2-year NordVPN Nakkida discount and enjoy quality VPN services before the offer expires.

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