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How to Choose and Set Up a VPN for Online Games?

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Easy-to-Use VPN for Online Gaming
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The gaming industry is in constant change, and that is something you can take for granted.

Many would agree that the most significant change that it has suffered in the last decade and perhaps in its whole history came with the arrival of internet-enabled gaming.

The internet has played a major role in every aspect of the industry’s latest innovation, positively and negatively.

And while it has provided gamers with the ability to play with people from any place on the planet and also has let developers improve their games after they’ve hit the market, the current state of online gaming is still weak in many aspects.

It is incredible that so many people still have to struggle with region locks and geo-restrictions in this era of infinite interconnectivity. A lot of gamers still have to deal with delayed releases of content or complete bans of certain games because of their location.

Some others are unable to play with people from certain countries because the games multiplayer has divided its user base into regions.

These are all very unfair situations, but they are not the end of the world and much less an unbeatable obstacle.

In fact, they can be easily overcome by just adopting a Virtual Private Network to play online, but what exactly are they?

Understanding VPNs

VPNs are, in simple words, a bunch of servers provided by a company to which you can connect to and, this way, hide and disguise your internet traffic.

With the help of VPNs, your internet traffic gets encrypted, and before reaching the gaming servers, it passes through a node in the network located in a place you choose.

By the time the game servers receive the requests, they’ll have the location info about the VPN server and not yours, allowing you to fool them into thinking you’re connecting from the VPN server location.

This is an effective way of bypassing all geo-restrictions and play as if you were sitting in a South Korean internet café waiting to be set up in a match with the world champions of your favorite game.

Connecting to a VPN takes only four simple steps, so try not to get lost:

How to Choose and Set Up Correctly?

1. Pick the Right Provider

Focus on finding a VPN provider for gaming that always puts privacy first and once you’ve managed to pick a few, then start looking for the one with the fastest speeds since this is crucial for a stable gaming session, you don’t want to end up lagging because of a bad choice.

We recommend NordVPN or Surfshark as a reliable VPN provider for gaming.

2. Install the Client

Every VPN provider has designed its own client software to help the user interact with all the features they provide.

Here you’ll most likely find menus that let you pick the type of encryption you want to use and the server you want to connect to as well as many other options that depend on the provider you picked.

3. Pick a Server Location

This is a crucial step if your plan is to bypass geo-restrictions.

You have to know you’re choosing a server located in the country from which you want to receive the content.

Otherwise, you’ll end up in the same situation you started.

You might also check the other configurations to see if everything is set up as you want it.

4. Switch It On and Enjoy

Most modern VPN clients feature a button or a switch that starts the connection with the server. It is the main function of it, so it should be very obvious.

Once you’ve found it and set everything up, you’re free to hit the button and begin your new gaming experience.If you followed every step, then you should be ready to get the most out of every game you play from now, so don’t wait any longer and start playing.

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