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Does NordVPN Work With Pandora?

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NordVPN works excellently with Pandora as its speedy NordLynx protocol offers rapid speeds to seamlessly switch between unblocked music playlists.

The provider’s 1900+ US servers in 16 cities let you quickly find an IP for uninterrupted enjoyment of SZA radio, the Distractible podcast, and Today’s Hits playlist for hours.

Additionally, you can get a US Dedicated IP to reduce the chances of buffering or landing on a blacklisted IP server.

Join me in setting up NordVPN for the best Pandora experience from anywhere.

How to Listen on Pandora With NordVPN?

Follow these steps to listen to your favorite music, albums, playlists and other audio content on Pandora with NordVPN:

  1. Get NordVPN. Try these enormous discounts.
  2. Download the NordVPN app for your mobile or PC.
  3. Launch the VPN app and log in.
  4. Search for “United States” and click the first result to connect to the fastest location.
selecting us server on nordvpn
  1. Sign up/sign in to your Pandora account and listen to top songs like Meghan Trainor’s Me Too, hit stations like Today’s Hits, and popular podcasts like Dateline NBC.

Can I Use NordVPN's Specialty Servers With Pandora?

You can use all of NordVPN’s specialty server types in the US for Pandora.

These include:

Though my first Double VPN connection (Canada-USA) didn’t access Pandora, I connected to a different one and crooned to Ed Sheeran’s Eyes Closed uninterrupted.

streaming pandora with nordvpn on canada-us server

On the other hand, Dedicated IP, P2P, and obfuscated servers let me laugh at Bob’s unlucky streak (worsened by the coin flips) on Distractible on my first attempt.

streaming pandora with nordvpn on us server

Moreover, I switched between podcasts, stations, and playlists with all server categories without problems.

However, I couldn’t search and instantly play a song while listening to an album/playlist/station with any of NordVPN’s servers on my free Pandora account. This only paused the current music or requested me to watch an ad, which I couldn’t despite Threat Protection being off.

pandora error while using nordvpn on us server

The fastest workaround was to “Start Station from Song” by clicking the menu icon next to a searched title.

selecting start station from song on pandora

What’s the Fastest NordVPN US Server for Pandora?

I tested different NordVPN server types to determine the fastest for Pandora.

Hence, the likeliest to ensure uninterrupted music streaming. Here’s a summary of their speeds and how long it took to switch between songs or podcast episodes:

IP Type Download/Upload Speed Ping Average Buffering Time Between Songs/Episodes
Real IP (Nairobi location) 4.25/4.68 134 Pandora unsupported
Double VPN (Canada-United States) 3.40/1.98 357 Four seconds
Obfuscated 3.60/1.75 398 Four seconds
P2P 4.08/1.97 434 Three seconds
Dedicated IP 4.53/2.06 375 One second
Regular 4.10/3.60 496 Two seconds

Despite the speed differences, all servers were lag-free once a song or podcast started playing. The only distinction was the duration it took from one song to another.

I skipped a bunch of mumble rappers, sparing just a second between songs, to enjoy Nicki’s Only verse with my dedicated IP: the best NordVPN US server for Pandora.

streaming pandora using nordvpn dedicated ip on us server

Additionally, NordLynx is the best protocol for Pandora. In fact, I only needed two seconds to ditch Bruno’s Unorthodox Jukebox for 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole on regular US servers over this protocol.

streaming pandora with nordvpn on us server
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NordVPN blocks video ads on Pandora’s free plan, whether Threat Protection is on or not. However, you’ll still get audio ads.

Get Your Groove on With NordVPN and Pandora

Ready to find out what’s the craze about the Thumbs Up Hundred?

Choose from NordVPN’s 1900+ regular, P2P, Double VPN, or obfuscated servers to connect to Pandora and find out.

However, I recommend a US Dedicated IP paired with NordLynx to discover what Eilish was made for or escape from reality on Pandora Fables without mid-session lags.

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