How to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada?

NordVPN is the best VPN to watch Game of Thrones in Canada. NordVPN’s fast connection speeds mean you won’t have to wait forever for your streaming content to play.

The seventh season of the most popular TV show of the recent years recently finished airing.

It was full of incredible plot twists and significant deaths as it is the shows signature way of telling a story.

We might still be very far from the next season, but that won’t stop fans from imagining all sorts of scenarios and preparing for what’s surely going to be an epic final season.

GoT characters

If you’re a fan and have an HBO subscription, then you most likely watched every new episode this year on its premiere day.

There is no experience more fulfilling than being able to talk about the show and discuss conspiracy theories the same night they’re out, not to mention that staying up to date is the best way to avoid all the spoilers that saturate the internet after a new episode is aired.

However, if you live in Canada, then you must have realized by now that even if you have a subscription, it is not possible to live stream Game of Thrones on the HBO’s streaming service, HBO Go.

The reason is that the channel restricts the show’s live stream to everyone outside the US, which is something some people might find ironic given the way the show’s filmed and cast.

This can be particularly frustrating if you’re not home to watch the show or if you just want to plan a GoT night in a place different from your house where they don’t have TV or an HBO subscription to watch it.

Still, you shouldn’t despair over this fact. Maybe you’ve heard this before, but bypassing the channel’s geo-restriction is fairly easy with the right tools at your disposal.

The most common way of doing it is by adopting a Virtual Private Network service with servers in the US.

And if you haven’t heard of them before, then we have all the details you should know so you can learn how to watch Game of Thrones in Canada without any restrictions.

More on VPNs

Virtual Private Networks, also referred to as VPNs, are basically a huge network of servers that allow you reroute your internet traffic and hide it from government eavesdroppers and hackers who might be spying on you.

Since some of these servers are located in countries different from yours, then you can also fool websites into thinking you’re accessing from the location of this servers. This last particular feature is the one that actually allows you to unblock your subscription’s full potential and watch Game of Thrones in Canada.

Even though it all may sound a bit technical, using a VPN is fairly simple if you hire the right service. The real problem about VPNs is actually choosing between all the options that are available online, which takes us to the next point.

What’s the Best VPN to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada

There is no definitive answer as to which is the best VPN of them all.

Different VPN services focus on different things, so each of them is good in a different aspect. Now, since our objective is to bypass geo-restrictions to have access to media streaming services that require fast connection speeds to function properly, then these should be the aspects we should focus on.

A good VPN to watch Game of Thrones in Canada will provide you with a big network, look for a provider that lets you connect to many countries, so geo-restrictions don’t become an issue.

You’ll also want to look fast connections speeds and unlimited bandwidth on the server side, otherwise, you’ll end up losing a lot of time in load screens and will probably ruin the experience of watching the premiere of the show.

Keep in mind that VPNs are a tool originally designed to protect a users’ privacy online, so you shouldn’t forget about this side of the service just because it is not your main objective.

Bad VPN providers will leak your information to eavesdroppers or sell it to advertisers so you should always stay alert. The most secure VPNs will count with strong encryption protocols, DNS leak protection and zero-log policies that ensure their users’ are protected at all times.

If you want to save some time in your search for a good VPN provider, we recommend you take a look at NordVPN, which we’ve found to be a very competent service provider with all the features we’ve listed and much more.

Now that you know everything you need about VPNs, then you can proceed to use them to watch the show of ice and fire, Game of Thrones.

Set Up Process to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada​

Here, we’ve managed to reduce the process required to watch Game of Thrones in Canada to 7 simple steps:

  • Pick a VPN provider for Canada with multiplatform support and optimized for streaming services.
  • Choose a subscription plan, most of them are divided in monthly, quarterly and yearly formats.
  • Fill any registration details you’re asked and sign up on the website.
  • Download the VPN client from the site and proceed to install it on all the devices where you plan to live stream Game of Thrones.
  • Launch the VPN app and sign in on all devices.
  • Choose the US as the country you want to connect to and establish PPTP as your preferred protocol, then hit the ‘Connect’ button or switch.
  • Stream the show using HBO Go or get a subscription to HBO Now using the VPN and watch it from there.


HBO Now is the channel’s platform dedicated solely to stream the media giant’s content. It is only available as an app for streaming hubs such as Apple TV and Roku or from mobile apps in the iOS and Android operative systems.

The main downside of it is that you can’t register for its service unless you’re located in the US, but as we’ve seen, this restriction is easy to bypass with the use of a VPN. The process is the same as with HBO Go after you’ve turned the VPN on, then you should be able to register on the platform without much trouble.

They are another way of live streaming Game of Thrones the day it comes out, and a good option if you don’t want to register for a full HBO subscription. Plus, it has access to more content and a free one-month trial, so giving it a shot is not a bad idea at all.

VPNs Full Potential

We’ve already said this, but VPNs are tools designed for a lot more than just watching a TV show on its premiere night.

Their true objective is to provide you with the means to protect your online privacy from the people who are always on the hunt for it.

While this might sound somewhat paranoid, the truth is that in the recent years it has been made very clear that government surveillance agencies and hackers are always taking advantage of most internet users’ lack of interest in the subject of security.

On top of this, big companies like Facebook and Google are permanently trying to track every click we make on almost every website we visit with the goal of selling our information to advertisers.

VPNs are pretty much the only tool that a regular internet has to take a stance against this invasive practices. If you plan on adopting a VPN service for streaming media, then you should also try to get the most of it and use it in your everyday navigation if you don’t want to end up being a product or a victim.

Remember that your privacy is one of your most valuable assets and you’re the only one who is responsible for its protection.

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