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Does Private Internet Access Work in Russia?

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Private Internet Access works in Russia, allowing you to unblock geo-blocked content platforms like Netflix US, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Even though PIA lacks Russian servers, it has robust security protocols that safeguard your online anonymity from Roskomnadzor. This VPN service also prevents ISP throttling from providers like Rostelecom, Mercury Broadband, and Beeline.

You should, however, note that PIA may sometimes experience issues in Russia due to the changing internet restrictions in the country, but it generally works.

How to Set up PIA on PC and Mobile in Russia?

Private Internet Access has Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS apps. 

So, connecting to a server on a phone or PC is relatively easy.

Below is a step-by-step guide to set up PIA on PC and Mobile:

  1. Purchase your preferred Private Internet Access subscription package. Grab this HUGE discount to save.
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  1. Download and install the PIA app compatible with your OS. For this guide, we’ll use Windows PC.
pia vpn apps
  1. Open the VPN app, then log in with your PIA credentials.
pia log in
  1. Check that the Kill Switch is on to prevent accidental exposure. Go through Settings > Privacy to toggle “VPN Kill Switch” ON.
pia vpn kill switch
  1. Access the PIA server list.
pia uk london streaming server
  1. Choose a server location and wait for the connection to be established. I connected to the New York Server.
  2. Once connected, you can safely and anonymously surf the internet, stream HD movies and TV shows on platforms like BBC iPlayer, and enjoy seamless online gaming.
access pandora with pia on new work server

How to Set up PIA on Smart TV and Gaming Consoles in Russia?

PIA VPN has a smart DNS feature that makes setting up the service on your smart TV easier. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up PIA on your smart TV using the smart DNS feature:

  1. Get a PIA account. Grab this exclusive discount for huge savings.
  2. Log in to the web app account with your credentials.
pia web account
  1. Next, click Smart DNS > Add New Device.
pia smart dns tab
  1. Access the device list and select your device.
pia smart dns devices
  1. Choose the Smart DNS location you want to use.
pia smart dns locations
  1. Go to “Get Your Smart DNS” and copy your issued Smart DNS address.
get pia smart dns
  1. Update the network settings on your smart TV or gaming console with the PIA Smart DNS address.
  2. Restart the TV/game for the changes to take effect.
  3. Unblock content available in your chosen Smart DNS location faster from Russia.

You can also set PIA up on your router, which is connected to your smart TV or gaming console. PIA supports a variety of router firmware and manufacturers, including:

The router setup method ensures you get the VPN encryption, which Smart DNS doesn’t provide, on top of the unblocking.

Can I Get a Russian IP Address With PIA?

No, you can’t get a Russian IP address with PIA.

Private Internet Access terminated its commercial operations in Russia after authorities confiscated several servers for violating new Internet surveillance laws.

However, if you need a Russian IP address while abroad or in the country, you can try PureVPN (get discounts), which has a virtual quantum-resistant server to get you a local IP address in the country.

Does PIA's Port Forwarding Work in Russia?

PIA is one of the few VPN services that allow port forwarding on any device. 

Here’s how to configure it:

  1. First, turn off your VPN connection.
  2. Go through Settings > Network and toggle “Request Port Forwarding” ON.
request pia port forwarding
  1. Choose a server location that allows port forwarding, then connect to it. Once connected, an automated port assignment will take place.
pia network options
  1. Set up the assigned port in your router, game, torrenting client, or anywhere else you want to use it.

Do You Need PIA's Obfuscation in Russia?

You may need PIA’s obfuscation in Russia to access outlawed media outlets and social media sites, including Instagram and X (Twitter).

The steps below will show you how to set it up:

  1. Open your PIA app.
  2. Go through Settings > Protocols, and choose “OpenVPN.” That’s the only PIA protocol supporting obfuscation.
pia protocols
  1. Click “Multi-Hop,” then toggle “Multi-hop and Obfuscation” ON.
pia multi-hop and obfuscation
  1. Leave the selection on “Shadowsocks.”
  2. Connect to any PIA server to enjoy the extra security and stronger unblocking in Russia.

PIA Not Working in Russia? 5 Effective Fixes

Recently, PIA hasn’t been working optimally in Russia, and support confirmed that this is happening due to the government crackdown on VPNs. 

If you’re facing the same problems, here are five effective fixes you should try: 

Test Multiple Servers

Try multiple servers to find one that works. Someone in a recent Reddit thread had luck with a Slovakia server. Another user mentioned buying a dedicated IP address in Switzerland worked.

Switch Protocols

Try OpenVPN, as it’s better suited to restrictive networks than WireGuard. 

To change protocols, go through Settings > Protocols > OpenVPN.

pia protocols

Once done, connect to your desired server location.

Enable Multi-Hop

PIA’s Multi-Hop masks your VPN usage, making it difficult for Russian ISPs to know you’re using a VPN. You can follow the obfuscation guide above to enable this feature.

Update the App

Check that you’re using the latest update of the app. Some users in Russia updated to the most recent version, and it helped.

Speak With Customer Support

If all of the above fixes fail, contact PIA via the live chat panel on its website. 

But if you can’t access the PIA website in Russia, contact customer support by email (support@privateinternetaccess.com).

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You can pay for PIA in Russia using cryptocurrency and Qiwi, which was recently introduced as a payment option for the region.

Secure Your Online Activity in Russia With PIA

Whether you’re in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or Irkutsk, PIA is an excellent option for unblocking international content like Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix US. 

Additionally, its obfuscation capabilities help you hide your online activities from Russian ISPs like MTS, TeleSeratout, Rostelecom, and Beeline.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a PIA subscription and secure your online activity today!

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