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Does Private Internet Access Work With Twitch?

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Private Internet Access works with Twitch.

Use the VPN to bypass Twitch.tv geo-restrictions and stream popular channels like Ninja and Rubius from anywhere. Plus, PIA MACE can block certain Twitch ads on your free account.

Read on to explore how Private Internet Access can be used to secure Twitch for creators and watchers alike.

How to Unblock Twitch With Private Internet Access?

Connect to one of PIA’s servers spanning 91 countries to unblock Twitch. 

The setup is similar for all Twitch devices, but I’ll use my Windows OS for the following demo:

  1. Get PIA at this sweetened deal.
  2. Select a plan.
Private Internet Access Plans & Price
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  1. Choose a payment method.
  2. Complete all details to purchase a subscription and activate an account.
  3. Log in to PIA and download the app.
private internet access app downloads
  1. Launch the app and connect to a server where Twitch is approved. I chose UK Southampton, which gave me VPN speeds fast enough to upload my Twitch game stream so it wasn’t a choppy, pixelated mess.
private internet access uk server
  1. Optional: Click the settings menu and “Privacy” to enable PIA MACE if you want to watch Twitch for free without ads. However, note that PIA Mace can cause issues with Twitch (more on this below).
private internet access mace
  1. Go to twitch.tv.
  2. Start streaming or chatting with your mates. For example, I live-streamed Yogscast’s latest upload of YogsCinema2 – Take My Barrels without interference from my ISP.
streaming twitch using private internet access uk server
  1. Alternatively, click “Sign Up” to chat, subscribe to channels, or access Twitch Turbo. Remember to change your verification option to “Email” before activating your account.
twitch turbo sign up over pia

At this point, I switched to a local PIA South African server for faster VPN speeds. 

My Twitch account remained intact, and I could follow channels and join chats without issues.

See my addition to the chat stream below.

twitch chat stream

I also compared my normal connection speed with my VPN speed. 

There was only a 9% drop when connected to the SA VPN server. This ensured the chat feed ran smoothly, and I wasn’t left in the dark when Shotzzy shared impressive strategies in his Call of Duty grand finals.

PIA and Twitch Streaming Issues: 5 Fixes

Issues like Twitch’s chat feature disconnecting while using PIA are seemingly common. Several uploaders also complained of frame drops while using the VPN.

A quick browser and PIA refresh can solve these problems and others. 

However, if the issues persist, try one or more of the following troubleshooting methods.

Disable PIA Mace

The latest PIA Mace update blocks some Twitch ads without disabling access to the site. But adblockers are known to disrupt viewing and chatting, and a new Twitch update may cause conflict with this setting. Disable PIA Mace to rule it out as an issue.

In my experience, PIA doesn’t block video ads on Twitch, making it a futile tool for me. For example:

twitch ad on private internet access mace

Switch Servers

PIA servers can get blocked by Twitch or slow down due to congestion. 

Switch servers in Twitch-friendly locations until you find one that works. 

It also helps to stick to servers close to you, as they give faster speeds.

PIA also has streaming-optimized servers that can be found by entering “streaming” in the VPN search bar. In my experience, these can perform better than local or nearby servers.

private internet access streaming optimized servers

Purchase PIA Dedicated IP

Add a PIA dedicated IP to your Twitch subscription by purchasing the best deal, $180 for 3 years! Then, connect to a personal server in Twitch-friendly locations like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. This server is less likely to be blocked by Twitch for erratic (suspicious) activity and will offer faster streaming speeds.

Update the PIA App

Ensure you’re using the latest version of PIA so that the software is robust enough to bypass any new Twitch bans. Plus, refresh your app and internet browser to clear interfering cache.

Use PIA Browser Extension

If you want to block ads but PIA MACE is interfering with Twitch streams, another solution is to install the VPN’s Chrome browser extension, where ad-block can be enabled. Similarly, this helps eliminate other OS interferences.

This setup also encourages faster Twitch speeds since both applications are web-based, i.e., the connection between your VPN and Twitch stream is shorter.

If these don’t work and you’ve tried Incognito Mode, use PIA’s live chat to ask support for a custom solution.

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Get Private Internet Access for Twitch and Stream Anywhere

The above shows you how to use PIA with Twitch to bypass country and intranet bans so you can stay in tune with gaming, music, cooking, and more!

I also appreciate that PIA has fast speeds, so I don’t miss important strategies during live streams of games like League of Legends. 

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