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How to Set Up Private Internet Access for Apex Legends?

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To set up Private Internet Access for Apex Legends, install the PIA app on your computer and connect to a location closest to any Apex Legends server.

Thus, you get a lower ping to outmaneuver your opponents in the Kings Canyon easily!

If you’re playing on a console, you can also set up PIA on your PC as a virtual router with a hotspot. Read on to learn the details!

How to Set Up PIA for Apex Legends on PC?

Follow this stepwise guide to set up PIA for Apex Legends on PC:

  1. Buy a PIA subscription.
  2. Download and install the PIA app on your PC. I’ll use a Windows computer for this guide.
pia app download for windows
  1. Launch the PIA app and log in with your account credentials.
pia app log in
  1. Click the three vertical dots on the top right and click “Settings” from the dropdown.
pia app settings
  1. From the Settings page, click “Privacy” and tick the box beside “VPN Kill Switch” to stay secure if Wattson’s strategic fences inadvertently disrupt your VPN.
pia vpn kill switch
  1. Click “VPN Server” to select your preferred server location. For optimal performance, choose a server nearest to your physical location or closer to an Apex Legends server. I’ll connect to the Czech Republic server.
pia czech republic server
  1. Click the connect button to establish a VPN connection.
pia connect button
  1. Launch Apex Legends and start playing. With PIA, your online battles in Apex Legends become as fortified as Gibraltar’s shield, ensuring a secure and seamless gaming experience.
apex legends using pia czech republic server

How to Set Up PIA for Apex Legends on Console? (Windows Virtual Router)

You can play Apex Legends on your console with PIA by using your Windows PC as a virtual router and routing your console traffic through the PIA VPN connection.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for PIA. Enjoy these amazing PIA discounts! I recommend the PIA multiyear plan to save more.
  2. Download and install the PIA app on your Windows PC.
  3. Launch the PIA app on your computer and log in with your account credentials (email and password).
pia app log in
  1. Click “VPN Server” to choose your preferred location. For improved speed, select a server nearest to your physical location. You can also connect to Apex Legends server locations like Sydney or Singapore. I chose the Canada-Toronto server for this instance.
pia connected to toronto server
  1. To turn your Windows Computer into a virtual router, open Settings on your PC.
pc settings
  1. Click the “Network & Internet” settings.
pc network and internet settings
  1. On the left sidebar, select “Mobile Hotspot.”
pc mobile hotspot
  1. Toggle the Mobile Hotspot button to turn it on.
pc mobile hotspot button
  1. Click “Edit” under the network session to configure your hotspot settings.
hotspot settings edit
  1. Set a name for your hotspot in the “Network name” field. This is the network your console will connect to.
network name
  1. Create a password for your hotspot in the “Network password” field.
network password
  1. Under the “Network band,” choose your preferred frequency band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Then click “Save” to save your settings.
network band
  1. On your console, go to Network Settings or Network Setup. Set the network connection to use the Wi-Fi hotspot you set up above.
  2. Launch Apex Legends and enjoy anonymously channeling Pathfinder’s curiosity without DDoS attacks.
playing apex legends

What PIA Server Reduces Ping for Apex Legends?

There are no specific PIA servers recommended for Apex Legends. 

However, you can choose a server closest to Apex Legends server locations, such as servers in the US or Amsterdam, for optimal performance.

I used PIA’s Netherlands, Frankfurt, and Singapore servers with Apex Legends and the WireGuard protocol to test this.

I got the best result with the Netherlands server, with a ping of 40ms. 

My gameplay felt fluid with minimal delay when I battled Revenant in Skulltown.

The Singapore server was more distant from my physical location and had the highest latency during the Final Ring Showdown combat with a ping of 40ms.

apex legends using pia singapore server

Another way to reduce ping for Apex Legends while using Private Internet Access is to modify the settings of the PIA app. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the PIA app and click the three vertical dots at the right. Click Settings.
pia settings
  1. Click Protocols from the left-side menu.
pia protocols tab
  1. From the “WireGuard Protocol” tab, click the dropdown under “MTU” and select “Small Packets.” This helps optimize your connection and reduce ping so you can navigate Kings Canyon with minimal latency.
pia small packets
  1. Connect to your preferred PIA server location.
pia sydney server
  1. Launch Apex Legends and savor smoother gaming sessions with lower pings to snipe targets as accurately as Bloodhound tracks enemies.
apex legends using pia berlin server

How to Find the Best PIA Protocol for Apex Legends?

For the best experience, I recommend the WireGuard protocol because it offers better speed than OpenVPN, especially since Apex Legends is a fast-paced game. 

However, I tested both protocols and shared my results below.

Here’s how to choose the best PIA protocol for Apex Legends.

  1. Connect and Compare protocols. Click “Settings.”
pia app settings option
  1. Select “Protocols.” I also activated the Kill Switch to protect my High-Octane Firefight gameplay data in case of a VPN drop.
pia openvpn protocols
  1. I chose the OpenVPN protocol for the first test using Speedtest.com. I got a ping time of 40 ms, and I noticed my shots weren’t accurately registered during the 3v3 Clutch Showdown in Artillery.
pia openvpn speed test
  1. I also tested the WireGuard with the FrankFurt server and got a ping time of 25 ms. I fought intense battles in Skulltown without any stutters. This is why WireGuard is the best PIA protocol for Apex Legends.
apex legends frankfurt server
Interesting Reads:


PIA offers DDoS protection that stops Apex Legends DDoS attacks. 

Considering the subpar “DDoS Protection” Apex Legends introduced for certain lobbies, PIA’s DDoS protection is a reliable alternative since it’s automatically activated on any server, and any player is protected.

PIA port forwarding might not reduce your ping while playing Apex Legends.

This is because Apex Legends servers use specific ports to improve ping and latency, but players must use a VPN that allows them to choose which ports to forward.

Unfortunately, PIA doesn’t let you change ports. You can also only forward one port at a time.


Private Internet Access improves your security and reduces ping, so you can enjoy playing Apex Legends. Plus, with servers in 84 countries, you can access all game modes, including Ranked Play and Arenas, for an elevated gaming experience.

So grab our time-limited discount and enjoy Apex Legends using PIA.

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